January 22, 2015

I am so excited to unveil the poster for the 2015 

I love it!  Do you recognize the Vintage Bike?  It is the one I painted last year for the Polka Dot Flea.

My vision is to pile the bike up with vintage finds like on the poster, so when you walk into the Polka Dot Flea it will be the first thing you see......Ah..Lets see if I can do it, I will keep you posted.

For new blog readers you can read the complete story of how and why I started the Polka Dot Flea HERE.   

The cliff notes are; That after being rained out as a vendor I decided I wanted to be a vendor at an indoor/air conditioned show right in the heart of Orlando.  Since there was no such thing...I started The Polka Dot Flea last year in Orlando and it was a huge success.  

Last year I dipped my toes in with 40 vendors at a one day show.  

This year there will be 100+ vendors.....
..... In triple the space (21,000 sq ft) 

And the show will be 2 days...Yikkes, I am already working on it full time. 

It will once again feature the "Best of the Best" in friendly juried vendors with attractive, well thought out booths.  Since vendors are the heart of the show they are pampered, supported, and know they are appreciated.  It is a well organized event with plenty of Polka Dot Flea support staff.

You can see more pictures of last years event HERE.  

Interested in being a vendor at this years show?  

Thank you for all of your helpful input on my last post where I asked you "if I should sell fresh flowers at the Polka Dot Flea this year".  

Let me save that for the next post.

Happy Creating


January 13, 2015

Should I Have A Flower Cart At The Polka Dot Flea?

Would you buy flowers at a vintage sale?

These shots were taken inside my storage unit I use for the Polka Dot Flea....You are going to have to use your imagination with the clip art flowers and look past the mess

I've always wanted a flower cart so, when I saw one for sale at the Polka Dot Flea last year I bought it.   

My booth at the Flea will be by the front door Soooooo.....I was thinking, I have a wholesale florist near my house.....What if I sold flowers, people could grab a bouquet on the way out the door.

I found white garbage cans at the dollar store that would be perfect for holding the  water and bouquets.

I was all excited until I shared the idea with a girlfriend.....And she didn't quite get my vision.....So now I am second guessing myself....

If you were at a summer sale like the Polka Dot Flea (Indoors/ air conditioned), would you ever entertain the idea of buying a bouquet of flowers on your way out the door?  Or should I just use the cart as a display piece......Be honest!

Thank you.....I know you'll steer me in the right direction!

Happy Creating

January 7, 2015

Recycled Wicker Chairs

It's a New Year and New Projects! 

I upcycled two wicker chairs and made box cushions.....Box cushions were a first for me.  Doesn't it always seem that the thing you dread doing the most....Usually out of fear...Turns out the best?

I started with two wicker chairs from the Habitat Re-store that had great bones

I brush painted them with chalk paint...A little tedious.  Then after a light distressing I finished with first, clear Minwax, then clear wax mixed with a small amount of Annie Sloan dark wax....I did'nt want it too dark.

Time for the cushions.  I read everything I could on making box cushions before I started.  Since I wanted a vintage farm house look I chose to use drop cloth for the fabric.  I even put a zipper in!

......I didn't trust my sewing skills enough to put in welting around the seams.....CHICKEN lol!

One tip I picked up in my research was to cut the fabric the SAME size as the foam, that way when I sewed the seams the fabric was smaller than the foam making a nice tight fit.

The tutorial on the stenciled pillows is HERE

And there you have it......Two farm house chairs.

I've also been busy working on the Polka Dot Flea.  It is only 5 months away!  And crazy me....We are going to blow this thing out....Triple it in size and add a day.

Yohoo...I'm in high speed heading into the New Year!

Happy Creating

December 23, 2014

Just A Little Christmas Decorating

Quite literally..."Just A Little Christmas Decorating"

   Since I am not hosting Christmas this year (Yea), I didn't go crazy on decorating.

My Christmas Tree is my dress form.   I saw this great idea at Shabby Story  You have to jump over and see the fabulous shabby decorating Lynn did......Trust me...You'll be drooling

I think everyone needs a dress form, I have used it in soooo many ways.  This dress form is from Barr Display altered or unaltered.  If you would like to age it yourself you can see my tutorial HERE

psst: would someone straighten the candles on the mantle..lol

These blinged up vintage candles were always a big seller in my booth.  The tutorial on altering them is HERE and HERE

This is my $8 thrift store find...It was all put together with the ornaments in the vase and complete with a bow...Yea!

I am soooo looking forward to Christmas with my family this year...I think there has been more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas than last year, which makes it seem less rushed

I have had a ton of fun going to holiday parties and hosted a 
"Hot Chocolate and Cookies Party"  

 The second weekend in December every year, the lake behind my house has luminaries lit all the way around the walking path 

 So.... I invited friends to stop over and grab a hot chocolate....Baileys.....Kahlua (Yum).  We walked the lake then came back for cookies....So much fun!

So....This is it kids...I am signing off for 2014 and will talk to you all again in 2015

I'm wishing a Merry Christmas to all of you dear friends around the world.

 You have enriched my life more than you will ever know!

Happy Creating

December 21, 2014

A Gift From The Teacher

If you follow me on Facebook I shared that my son started teaching school this year.  He is teaching honors history.....He loves it!   I asked if he was going to give anything to the students for Christmas because.......I had an idea!

I really wanted to do something for the kids and I saw a version of this on Pinterest.  

It has hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a candy cane to stir

We wrote "Warm Winter Wishes" since some of his students are of different religious beliefs   

He has 117 students in his 6 classes so.....I made a trip to the dollar store and it was only $35 for the supplies for 132 bags......Some extra bags for the staff.

We got busy....Assembly line style....It really went quick

 He said they loved them...Once he gave them out to the first class news spread quick and the other classes were excited to get their hot chocolate kits.

I dug out his first day of kindergarden picture and put it next to his first day of teaching picture

Don't you love that he has a name tag around his neck in both pictures

Happy Creating