May 20, 2015

Lavender For The Polka Dot Flea

I have been a busy girl getting ready for the Polka Dot Flea

Remember when I showed you the flower cart I purchased? I asked if you thought fresh flowers would sell at the Polka Dot Flea

You mostly said "No"....  Many of you suggested dried lavender  Thank you, you're geniuses!...I loved the idea!

So, I ordered lavender...Lots of lavender

Then tore strips of lavender polka dot fabric and wrapped the bouquets and hot glued on a silk flower

I used a bushel basket from Barr Display (They have tons of different sizes and styles)

And made it look old and worn by using apple cider vinegar and steel wool...You can see a post on the method HERE

 A sign for the garden cart......"Lavender For Sale"

A little up date on the Polka Dot Flea...

It has taken off beyond my wildest imagination! The vendors are the "Best of the Best", many of them are "Legends" here in Florida and they are coming from as far away as New Jersey.  This is only my second annual Polka Dot Flea...Now, to be honest, being a show promoter is not easy, or for the faint of heart.  It is a lot of hard work and attention to detail...Being a little OCD is a great trait to have.  The success can also be attributed to the fact that this is the only air conditioned show in Orlando

I have been spending my time hanging posters in every establishment in Orlando and distributing 15,000 postcards.  Updating the Polka Dot Flea Facebook almost daily, the website, spending hours and hours corresponding with vendors, laying out the venue, hiring and scheduling staff, measuring and re-measuring the venue, booth layout...etc..etc..etc!

It's coming up soooo fast, but despite all of the work.....I am having more fun than a girl deserves!!!  I'm getting so excited, I just can't hide it!

Happy Creating!

April 22, 2015

Hollywood Regency Bathroom Reveal

Where have I been?....Finishing up my Hollywood Regency master bath remodel!

Remember my Hollywood Regency Bedroom redo HERE

Well, the 30 year old master bathroom wasn't cutting it.....Yep, one thing leads to another!

I was stunned at the price of bathroom vanities.  So, I bought this antique buffet for $200.  I love that it is higher than standard bathroom vanities.  Then I found the perfect silver and green vessel sink $99 and faucet

How about a free used toilet!

What....My friend that owns Adjectives Market opened up a second store that was previously occupied by a design store.  When he had to remove the toilet because it no longer met building codes he asked if I would like it?  Oh my gosh, it is an amazing  Kohler toilet with a great design and a double flush. I love FREE!  Yes, I bleached it first.

Glass shower doors and a blingy row of tiles in the shower upped the glam factor

Here's a little tip......Bathrooms are not remodeled frequently...Over my dead body will I ever redo this one again!  So, no matter how old you are when you do your remodel, you should take into consideration that you may age with this bathroom.  Towel bars can't be used for grab bars, but grab bars can be used for towel bars.  Grab bars have come a long way baby!  All of the bars in this shower are the newest and greatest decorator grab bars from Home Depot.  So, when I need them they will be there.....In the meantime they will hold towels.

I have always used one of these soap dispensers in my shower, $19 from Bed Bath and Beyond.   I hate a shower cluttered with bottles.

This looks like just a mirror, but.....

It is also a medicine cabinet....A big medicine cabinet...How fun is this to peek into someones medicine cabinet lol!

I love this wall shelf, I think it goes with the whole Hollywood regency/ art deco look.  I'm on the look out for some great nick naks for it...Silver...Mercury glass...The fun is in the hunt!

So, there you have it Bathroom done......Check!

So, whats next?  It's 7 weeks until the Polka Dot Flea, the show I started last year....That's keeping me busy!  

If you follow the Polka Dot Flea on Facebook you can see all of the happenings and the amazing vendors we have lined up!

Happy Creating!


April 2, 2015

Shabby Fabric Easter Wreath

Since I'm hosting my family for Easter dinner I wanted a wreath for my front door

I loved this fabric garland that I made and showed you on a previous post HERE  and thought it would transfer well to a door wreath

I used a wire wreath frame and tied torn fabric strips around it

Then hot glued on styrofoam eggs

And a bunch of bunnies I've had forever......I don't even know where I got them....Maybe an estate sale?

And there you have it, a wreath for my front door....Not great, but it will do!

I'll be busy this weekend preparing for Easter dinner....This is my family's traditional Easter menu, it's the same every year....It never changes. 

Honey spiral cut ham
Cheese potatoes
Caesars salad
Deviled eggs
Green bean casserole
Brown and serve rolls
mustard mayonnaise sauce for the ham

 I always find it interesting what other families prepare for their traditional Easter dinners.   My girlfriend was telling me that she always makes lamb shanks...Eww I say!

.......What's on your Easter dinner menu?

Happy Creating


March 25, 2015

The Entrance Display For The Polka Dot Flea

I would love to WOW the customers when they first walk into the air conditioned Polka Dot Flea Venue 
June 13-14  at the Central Florida Fairgrounds Orlando, Fl 

So many of you guessed it right on my last post..... I recreated the Polka Dot Flea poster...Ok, I tried to recreate the Polk Dot Flea poster

 I first built a sturdy stand that would fit over the back of the bike and covered the base with fake grass

  Then transformed drawers, boxes, and suitcases to look old

I drilled holes through everything so they would all stack on a strong sturdy plumbing pipe that screws into the wood base

The ceiling in the venue is about 40 feet high

This is what the shoppers will see first when they walk into the

It will stand over 15 feet high

I plan on adding a vintage dressed mannequin from our sponsor Barr Display to stand by the bike and fresh potted flowers around the bottom...In my vision.....It will look fabulous    

This will set the mood for a fun shopping day!

The best part.....I get to check something else off my Polka Dot Flea to do list!

Happy Creating

March 16, 2015

Building A Ticket Booth

With the Polka Dot Flea just 3 months away I have been busy checking projects off my To-Do list

Since the Flea will triple in size this year we  need to add a  second ticket booth

Since I wanted the new booth to match last years booth, I used more salvaged fence boards that I dry brushed with paint

For the "Ticket" sign, I used my jigsaw to cut the shape then did the letter graphics on my computer.  The words and graphics were done on 4 different sheets of paper that I printed out.  The graphics were then transferred to the board using the "Blender Pen" transfer method.  You can see this method HERE at Graphics Fairy

The ticket booth can be easily unassembled and reassembled at the show

It is a smaller version of this booth we built last year

You can see how last years booth was built here HERE

At last years Polka Dot Flea we had a line out the door until 1:30 in the afternoon....Hopefully a second booth will move the line faster this year

Ticket Booth Done....Check

Vendor Tags Done......Check

Next on my list.......The big display for the entrance of the Polka Dot Flea.   

 Last year I built this dock scene

So.....What am I building for the grand entrance display this year?  

The clue is in the poster......Can you guess?
Stay tuned

Happy Creating