July 21, 2014

Glamping Art

Mix a little Glam + Camping and you have "Glamping"!  

 I had a lot of fun this past week framing up these cute little vintage campers.......Glampers

 I bought this fun fabric a while back at a little quilting shop outside of Orlando......

....And hung onto it until.......Inspiration finally hit!!

I didn't want to waste the fabric by simply making a couple pillows.   So, I made the most of it by cutting out each camper and framing it.

I added a few do-dadas, decorative stitches, and vintage rick rack to make each one unique.

I love all of the vintage trailers that people are glamming up!

I plan on selling these at the next Polka Dot Flea.  Yep, there is going to be another one!  I will share the details on my next post. 

 Here's what I'm thinking....The Central Florida Fairgrounds has 600 camping spots available, many in a gorgeous tree lined area on a lake.  If I do a two day show (Details soon) how great would it be for Glampers to come spend the weekend right on the grounds and take in the Flea?  

And....Maybe... pick up a cute little framed Glamper at the show?

Happy Creating

July 8, 2014

Making Pillow Cases For The "Pillowcase Project"

How is it that I have been sewing my whole life and never made a pillowcase?

I follow a great blog called "Kelley Highway" and she is collecting pillowcases for the National Children's Hospital in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

Kelley has called this the "Pillowcase Project", you can read all about it HERE.  When I read the post, I knew I had to get onboard.

  Since I have a lot of polka dot fabric...Surprise...I decided thats what I would use to make my pillowcases.  I hope the kids like polka dots

Kelley and her husband are originally from Missouri and became Missionaries 15 years ago.   They now split their time between Manila and Guam and are serving several island regions in South East Asia and the South West Pacific including Australia.  This is why she calls her blog "Kelley Highway" ....She's always on the road.

I look forward to reading Kelley's blog....Instead of "Where's Waldo" I always wonder "Where's Kelley".  She takes her readers along on her mission work and freely shares the life lessons she's learned and the work she does.  She also blogs about her family, sewing, and crafting...Making it a delightful read.   

Although Kelleys life and mine are vastly different, I know, that if we ever meet we will talk until our jaws ache.

When I was looking online for a pillow case tutorial a friend told me to Google "Taco pillowcase"......LOL..... After a little looking I realized that she must have said "Burrito pillow case"....Yes, that's what it was...It's an easy to follow tutorial.

If you are not a seamstress but, feel inclined to contribute to the "Pillowcase Project", I'm sure the kids won't mind if the pillowcases are store bought!

Here's a quote from Kelley  "What a boost this would be if your readers would sew together a little kindness for these precious little people.  We all have so much, don’t we?"

Happy Crafting

June 29, 2014

Behind The Polka Dot Flea and Spring Cleaning In June

After all of the craziness leading up to the Polka Dot Flea I am just kicking back and loving it!

I have taken a total break from creative endeavors and turned my attention to doing my very late spring cleaning.  I've washed all of the furniture slip covers and all of the windows in the house.  Then I hand washed and polished all of my wood floors (Hands and Knees washing) and all of the baseboards.......Whew, it feels great to have it all done!

Ok, so lets get to what I did and didn't sell at the Polka Dot Flea.

  The first items to sell were the lace covered lamp shades and this cute vintage suitcase, both of these items I had on FB...So shoppers made a beeline to them

I was surprised that ALL of these shabby candle holders sold throughout the day.....They sure are an easy item to find and transform for all of you that have booths and do shows.....I'm certainly going to keep my eyes open for more!

I sold many tussie mussies, vintage slips, frames, vintage sewing patterns and teacup sets. Cups and saucers were hot then cooled off and are once again in demand.  I also sold all of my chairs.....

Now, what did not sell......My mosaic dress form....She did get a lot of attention though.

I didn't sell any of my stools.....Hum?

I only sold about 1/4 of my jewelry.  I've never made or sold jewelry, I think the prices were right so I am going to give them a another try at the next show.

Right now, even though I am SO EXCITED to do another show..... I am busy running the calculator and working with the fairgrounds to make sure it is financially feasible.  I want to triple the space and do a two day show but, at the same time not compromise on any of the details that made the first show such a huge success! 

Stay tuned....You will be the first to know!

In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying the summer like I am...Kicking back and having fun! 

Happy Creating!

June 16, 2014

Polka Dot Flea Part 4 Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

I love these action photo's of the all the shopping that went on at the Polka Dot Flea!

This just blows me away....I had no idea that the line was this long AFTER the doors opened!

What a fun day, I loved that everyone had such a good time....There was smiles all around!

 A huge thank you to our sponsor Barr Display for the adorable Polka Dot Flea Shopping bags!

And thank you to Lori Barbely Photography for these great action shots. 

I have one more post about the Polka Dot Flea.....Stay tuned!

Happy  Creating

June 13, 2014

Polka Dot Flea Part 3 MORE Booths

This is Part 3 of the amazing booths at the Polka Dot Flea photographed before the Flea opened.  See Part 1Part 2

As I was looking through the pictures I was kicking myself, there was so many great items I would have snapped up that I never saw but, I did get a few treasures!

Ok, I'm admittedly a little biased, but don't you think these are the most gorgeous booth set ups?

These amazing photo's are courtesy of Lori Barbely Photography.  Lori photographs weddings, engagements, portraits and events in Florida

My next post will be really fun, it's the action shots of the Polka Dot Flea in high gear.....Note; A lot of shopping going on!

Happy Creating!