April 28, 2010

The Dremel, a wonderful tool for crafters

I just wanted to do a quick post on the Dremel.  Besides a glue gun this is a tool I could not live without.  I use it for drilling tiny holes for chandelier crystals, grinding the edges of vintage china for mosaics, sawing off screw heads,  sanding delicate objects, etc etc..  As you will see in the picture, you can get an inexpensive attachment kit to save money on brand name attachments.  I will refer to my Dremel in many posts, so I wanted you to know what I am referring to.  

Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

Also, I see you have a super duper deluxe dremel! I have a brand new one and need to start using it, little nervous about using tools, but I have to start sometime!

rachel (curly and crafty) said...

oh and remember eye protection with the dremel. it can spit out particles, etc. really fast.

rachel (curly and crafty) said...

hey carol! where'd you get that attachment kit, and who makes it? i need more attachments for sure.

also, for anyone looking to buy a dremel, DO NOT GET THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY ONE. it's worthless power-wise and the battery doesn't last long enough at all. get a corded one. much more power and you'll be glad for it if you use it at all.