October 24, 2010

MORE Holiday Ideas For your Booth or Home

Here is some more holiday ideas for your booth or home.  My last post I showed you some candles for my booth, here is a few more ideas.

As soon as Halloween is over I stock my booth and online store with Christmas products.

It all starts with a snowflake and then I add whatever will give the cute or pretty factor. 

I came across some vintage doll shoes and I love how cute they are on the snow flake.

You could add jewelry or clay roses to your snowflakes.

I have been busy making mosaic Christmas Trees and ornaments for my online store.

Even here in Florida, fireplace wood holders were a good seller in my booth last year.  This is not rocket science! Just a little idea, of course they needed a little shabby redo!

  I like to find wood holders with good bones, like pretty feet.

Add A little paint and ribbon.

I sell these in my booth for $15.00

Well, that's it, I have everything ready to stock my booth for Christmas.  

Happy Creating!


PS: Happy birthday baby boy!  I think as parents we should never pass up the opportunity to embarrass and humiliate our children! LOL


sissie said...

Hi Carol!
thanks for sharing all of these wonderful ideas. I love the baby shoe! I might have to borrow this one. Tomorrow I'm on the lookout for a fireplace wood holder!!!
Your son is so handsome. Happy Birthday to him!


La said...

Wonderful holiday ideas, Carol. Your son is adorable! Happy Birthday from Ohio! La

Graceful Rose said...

Carol, thanks once again for the great ideas. I love the mosaic Christmas tree! Happy b-day to your son!

Barbara Jean said...

Great ideas.
Thanks so much for sharing.


barbara jean

Happy birthday to that cutie.

Roselle said...

Carol: First, everything is just so beautiful. The mosiac tree and mosiac ornies are so unique and creative. I would like to say how refreshing it is to see someone sharing their ideas and talents. Admitidly, I go to blogs and have seen crafters/artists complaining about people copying their ideas. Meanwhile, they are creating something that 700 of us are creating and weren't the originator of the idea...anyway, I digress....I think it is very kind of you as you pay it forward and share your ideas and talents!
Lastly, your son is VERY handsome! Happy b'day to him and many more!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Very cute ! I make soap in little tubs with ducks in them and package them on a snowflake for Christmas.

Nancy said...

Great ideas! They are all so pretty. And happy birthday to your son. My son turned 22 today. Hard to believe they grow up so fast!


Linda said...

Love all your pretty and fun ideas! And love your happy birthday wishes to your son, too!

kelly said...

Carol, Wonderful Ideas again. Love them all.


Tina Eudora said...

Carol those are such wonderful ideas and I will definitely start looking at things in a whole new way thanks to you!
And yes I think embarrassing our children is the icing on the cake of being a mom, lol!
I posted all my sons school pictures in a Facebook album for his birthday.....but he actually loved it..:( Oh well back to the drawing board for next year!
Happy Birthday to your son and many more!
Tina xo

Ginger said...

Carol, thank you so much for your information. I had a booth about 15 years ago but mainly did wood crafts then. With this new shabby sort of booth I think it will be more fun and am excited to see how we do. I will refer to your blog a lot for new ideas and information. You are a sweetheart for sharing. Thanks a lot.

Barbara Jean said...

You were my 600th follower to sign up, and it is my 1002 post!
So, besides featuring you on my blog today, I am also thinking of what to do for a giveaway!

Thanks for having such a great place to show my friends.


barbara jean

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What pretty mosaics and cute ideas with the snow flakes.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Whoa! First I thought that was a picture of John Travolta! :) Hey Carol, You are cheap! You know that don't you? I mean...not you....but the stuff you sell in your booth. :) Wish I could come visit your booth! But I am a lucky lady to have snatched up one of your trees. I plan on putting it up the day after Thanksgiving...oh heck...may put it up sooner so all my Thanksgiving company for dinner can see it! xoxo

Debbie said...

Hi Carol...just wanted to say thanks for the kind words:) I love your mosaics..that is something I have always wanted to learn..perhaps someday. Oh tell your son Happy Birthday...if I did not already have a hunk of a Man, I would look twice at him:):)

CHERI said...

You are one talented lady! Your things are beautiful. I'm not that froo-froo but if I was I would definitely try some of this...or better yet buy from your store:) Thanks for your comment on my blog...so I'm OCD? Probably a little anyway:) Could be worse I guess!

Sandy Michelle said...

I agree; we are entitled to embarrass our children any time we want to ..lol! I love your mosaic Christmas trees!

Sandy xox

Betsy said...

Oh yes, a good embarrassment always does our children some good. Happy b'day to him...my oldest turns 23 next month, Yikes!
I just love what you've done with all these goodies. I've never seen the mosaic trees before, absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure you'll be selling out of everything. Beautiful!

Diann said...

Hi Carol!

Oh, all of your ideas are just to pretty! You have such a great eye for adding prettiness to our lives!

Rebecca said...

Oh girly...love your ideas! Beautiful! Now about your comment on your son...

I LOVE to embarrass my kids...mostly my son! But, I figure he deserves it! It's payback time in my opinion! hahahahha

Love to you~


Olivia said...

Thank you for the wonderful ideas! Your work is just gorgeous and I mean it! Your son is a cutie pie, Happy Bday to him. Hope you are having a beautiful day!

KarenSue said...

Hello Carol! First of all what great ideas. I love the log holder painted white with flowers.
Thank you so much for leaving me such good advise. I will be talking to the owners tomorrow. I have not been to Orange Tree Antiques but I will be soon.
What a cutie boy, to bad my daughter just moved to Jacksonville.
Enjoy your beautiful weather!
I'm a following you!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Carol, your creativity knocks me out. I love your creations they are gorgeous! Thanks for your kind words on my breast cancer post, I appreciate all the positive energy coming my way. On another note...LOVE YOUR CANDLESTICKS!!! My gosh, you are creative superwoman. Kudos!

Sarah said...

Wow, I just spend WAY too much time checking out your blog! Thanks for all these great ideas~ I'm definitely following you! :)

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Sarah said...

Ha! Thanks for checking out my blog. That's neat that you know that Dr. that I wrote about! Yes, 7 kids is a busy life...but I love it! They go to bed early and still take naps so I get lots of blogging time! Ha! Have a great night!


Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

What adorable ideas! I really like the mosaics! Thanks so very much for making an earlier stop by my place and commenting on the pink cakes. until later.... big hug!

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Carol, I'm trying to make my rounds catching up with everybody and it certainly is a slow process. My girl, you are one busy lady making so many different things all the time. My question to you how do you sleep at night? I mean your mind must be working around the clock. All the things you have done look fantastic.

You have one fine good looking son, and yes I think you did a great job achieving that.... I bet he got a kick out of it as much as I did. Your too much....LOL

Big Hugs*