June 25, 2012

Heading To New York City To Meet Up With Our Foreign Exchange Student

I'm headed to the airport to spend some time in NY City with our foreign exchange student from Sweden.  

This story spans three decades.   

When my brother was a senior in high school my parents, through Rotary International, hosted Kristina from Sweden for her senior year of school here in the US.  As many of you who have hosted an exchange student know, having an exchange student for a year translates to a family member for life

The summer after my brother Mark and Kristina graduated from high school, my brother joined Kristina in Sweden and they back packed for a month throughout Europe.   

A few years later Kristina  got married and my parents were thrilled to be the special guests at her wedding in Sweden.  They were treated like royalty and it was one of the most memorable times of their lives.

Over the next many years, my brother Mark got married and had 3 children and Kristina also had 3 children.  Kristina and her family have visited the US twice and Marks family has traveled to Sweden to visit Kristina.

Then history repeated it's self 2 summers ago when Kristina and Marks oldest daughters backpacked together through out Europe just like Mark and Kristina had done 30 years earlier.

So when Kristina wrote a few months ago that her family was going to vacation in NY City this summer my Mom and I decided to hop a plane from Orlando and spend a few days with them.

The last time I was in NY was for New Years Eve in Times Square 1999.  
We plan on seeing some of the sights and a Broadway show......

...And I plan on sneaking away to the garment district, a short 15 minute walk from our hotel.  I'm dying to shop at "Mood" the fabric store from the show "Project Runway" and visiting some great trim and lace stores. 

 Like I need anymore fabric or trims.....Need and want, well they're two different things...Right!

So, you guy's "Hold down the fort" here in blog land (I bet the youngsters will have no idea what that means) and I'll be back soon with pictures of my adventures and hopefully, pictures of stores and purchases that'll make any DIY'er drool!

Happy Creating!


sissie said...

Hi Carol,
I think it's wonderful that you have stayed in touch with your excange student and made them a part of your family.

Have fun in New York and I bet you'll shop until you drop!!!


Tee said...

Wayyyy cool story!Have a blast!

Debbiedoo's said...

How fun Carol! What a neat history you have there! Enjoy your time. Wear comfy shoes...you walk a lot!

Jane said...

Hi Carol,
Have a wonderful time in NY! Shopping the garment district sounds like so much fun!
I really enjoyed this post. It was wonderful to read about a lifetime bond was formed between two families and has maintained over 3 decades.

Gina said...

What a great story! NYC is my favorite! Be safe & have fun!

Patty Patterson said...

My sister hosted an exchange student several years ago and he still vacations with them. They meet wherever they are vacationing and he join right in as one of the family.
Anyway - have a fun and safe trip.. drink lots of water and wear comfy shoes. (in other words - take care of yourself)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Carol, What a great story of your extended family in Sweden. I can so relate. My hubby and I with our son, also hosted for one year our exchange student daughter from Sweden in 1994/95
It was a fabulous time and a year filled with great memories to last a lifetime. I had 2 senior high schools at once and it was a crazy fun year.
So happy for you girls to spend time in NYC with someone so special. You are going to have a ball. And, yes, we will hold down the fort here till you get back. It will be a challenge, but we will try. LOL
Have fun and safe travels.

pipigirl said...

how cool to keep the links connected. what a special thing for your family. wellll, maybe you could pick up some "extra" wares at that store, and put some up for sale:) just a thought. have a great time. im sure you will. s

June said...

What a wonderful family story! Enjoy every minute of your NYC trip. If you have time visit the Tinsel Trading Company. It is filled with amazing vintage trims, buttons, and all kinds of inspiration.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

LOVE the friendship and love you have developed Have a great time in the Big Apple, I am drooling at the thought of a Mood visit can't wait to see what you return with .... (())

Chici said...

What a great story Carol. Puts meaning into the phrase "It's a small world afterall". I'm so envious of your planned trip to the garment district!! Can't wait to see your treasures and what you do with them! Lots of pics, please!

lynn said...

have a fun and safe trip, carol!

Marilyn said...

Oh, what fun!! My late husband's family had Rotary exchange students when he was in high school, so I know all about the connections you have! Hope your visits to the shops aren't too exciting because then you'll have to ship it all home!! ;D Can't wait to see what you find.♥♫

Createology said...

Safe travels and enjoy your reunion and NY City! What a wonderful way to enjoy one another. Blissful...

Sheilagh said...

Have a great time, looking forward to your tales of NY and your exchange student.

Maki said...

Hi, Carol sounds like a fun trip!
That photo of the fabric store looks as if you might need a week just to look through it.
It's great that your family has become such friends with the family from Sweden. That sounds just wonderful!
So good that you and your mom can both go. Enjoy!!!
Hugs, Maki

Sisters Treasures said...

What neat family connections you've all created. Have fun in NYC and by all means go fabric shopping and while you at (because I'm sure you'll have SO much time. lol)... go to one of those fabulous flea markets I've heard about in the city!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know you're having a ball...but you're missing all the rain! heehee! HAVE FUN!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

WOW!!!! What an amazing story -- just can't believe that the kids of the 'kids' backpacked together!! OH how I'd love to step inside MOOD! Have fun, fun, fun!

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Carol,

I bet your already in the city having a blast.


Perfectly Printed said...

So fun that you've have keep in touch over the years!! Have fun in NYC.


Debbie said...

I've clearly been AWOL since I'm just getting to this post this morning, and there's another post to go as well.

What a huge blessing you have with this relationship. It very literally changed your lives to have her in the family for that year! We had two German exchange students, but they weren't here that long. Still, we just loved it.

And I would definitely have to do MOOD too!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Carol,

Was your Dad a Rotarian? They probably hosted a GRSP student through Rotary. My husband is a long time member and here in our city we've supported lots of students since this great program was introduced. That builds Ambassadors for life.
I'm your newest follower.
Love to you,