December 13, 2010

My Christmas Gifts Are Made

I am finished with my Christmas gifts!  

Give a girl 3 yards of burlap and stand back, it's a burlap bonanza!

I made burlap Christmas stockings for the family, unlike me they all have their homes decorated from Crate and Barrel, so the burlap is perfect.

I couldn't forget stockings for nephews Cory and Robby

And my granddog Dora, She is so sweet, but only a grandma could think she was cute!

I wrapped up one of my mosaic christmas trees in a bag for my brothers family

I had to blur out the name so the internet monsters wouldn't get me

I monogramed gift bags to put my nieces gifts in, polka dots of course!

I made bags for my hostess gifts

I imported the clip art from Graphic fairies and then put their names over the image before I printed them

Oh and a little gift for me! 
 I did this tutorial on the candles I made for my booth, they completely sold out in 2 weeks, even the ugly gold one!

I finally got around to making mine

Mine is all rhinestone and glitter!

I hope you are all done with your Christmas gifts!

Let the party begin!



Cozy Home Scenes said...

I'm not surprised all the candlesticks sold. I thought they were very pretty and unsual when you showed them the first time. I'm sure your family will love their handmade gifts for years to come!

Debbie said...

You are one busy lady! Those are fantastic gifts Carol, they are going to love them! Is your suitcase back yet?

La said...

You've been a busy little elf. Love the stockings. I'm sure everyone will be thrilled. Merry Christmas! La

Jane said...

Love the stockings you made! I have 4 yards of burlap that I found at the thrift store just waiting for a project. I want to make stockings for my stepson and his fiance so I had better get busy!!
Have a wonderful week.

Tina Eudora said...

Just wonderful Carol the stockings in burlap are gorgeous! All the candles look perfect to me!
What kind of printer do you use to print on fabric? I have never tried that but I would like to explore making some things that way in the new year.
Take care and have a super week....
Tina xo

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said... really got busy ! What special gifts you created ...

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Carol~You certainly have created such gorgeous gifts. You're ambitions are very inspiring. I'm afraid my lil' old glue gun could never master such a feat.

I've went back and read about your train experience with the "roomette!!!" My hubs and I have been tempted to take the train to So,Cal. Since we (frequently) travel the four hour train ride to Seattle to visit my son and DIL... we figured whats a few more hours to California. Well, my baby boy and hubs took a six hour test ride to my sons college. They didn't have a "roomette" needless to say it was the worst train ride ever! We're are sticking to the commuter train for the short trips for all extended traveling...we'll fly.
It's good to be back...hope you can stop by for a visit.
Sweet wishes,


I need you to come and help me! Darling stockings for All!
The "candles" that you made for yourself are so pretty!
I need a couple of stocking stuffers, wrap the gifts and get the cards in the mail!
We have shoveled out. Roads aren't plowed very well so that makes driving not so nice!
deb :)

Olivia said...

Oh your stockings are fabulous! I forgot to try the candle thing! Congrats on them all selling out. Also, I wanted to share with you I fluffed up some mini trees shabby fu fu style and thank goodness they all sold this weekend!!!!! Anyhoo, hope you have an excellent week thank you for visiting and I am glad you and momma had fun on the train, hope your luggage shows up!!!

Anonymous said...

You have been super busy. I really like the stockings.