March 31, 2011

Painting Lacy Metal Picture Fames

I know painting metal picture frames is not rocket science, or a blow your mind idea. 

 I am just sharing little tidbits of what sells well in my antiques booth, as well as adding a touch of romance to your home.

I see these gold metal frames all the time at thrift stores and estate sales.  I never pass them up.

I give them a coat of white primer and then heirloom white spray paint

I think these frames were popular in the 40's and 50's. 

Check out the raised rose design on this mat!

I was lucky enough to find a 1983 Avon calendar book at an antique fair.  Every page had a rose picture which I carefully cut out. 

And framed

I painted and framed 10 pictures and 9 of them sold in a week

When we had a sale at my antique store 2 weeks ago I met Josie a blog follower, that was soooo fun!

She bought this Norman Rockwell print I found at an estate sale.  

So there you have it,

Turning a frame from gold to white
makes them a lacy delight

Oh, tell me I didn't just write that!

Just throwing ideas your way

Happy Creating


The Vintage Vagablonde said...

I thought i was the only one addicted to these.....I always tell people they r from the 70s....i might have to google that and see.

I usuallyleave mine gold but i have painted one pink and put a rose pic in it. It sold to one of my blog friends who has an antique store.
I m finding it harder and harder to locate the ones with the pretty scrolls.

I think I may b the only one left in blogland who doesnt paint much and rarely do I paint white. I might b the odd duck~lol

ShabbyESP said...

Hi Carol,
I do want to come by your shop I just have been so busy first with the cruise then I was sick and now moving. Maybe by the middle of April I should be settled in the new place.
Love those frames I have some old frames like that what a great idea!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

. said...

I love all those rose pictures! That calendar was a lucky find. :)

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

This is a wonderful idea!....Please throw more of your ideas our way!!!

Debbiedoos said...

Loves it! I like how the white shows all the detail so much better than the gold. Say hi to my son, he will be arriving in Orlando by dinner time. I hear you have rain right now but suppose to let up.

Shabby Soul said...

I just painted some frames like this - but they were 4x6 size! I had never seen any that small but they are super cute painted. I know this is a "DUH" moment - but I never thought of putting a picture in them. I was just gonna sell the frames. May I ask how much you sell them for?

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You are very kind to share such a great idea/project. Thank you.
- Joy

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

I love these types of frames too ~ I don't find them very often, but when I do I snatch them up :) And I too paint them white; makes them feel like your pictures are framed in pretty lace. I am so looking forward to the warmer weather and the start of "Garage sale" time, so I can find lots of treasures waiting for me to bring them home :) Hubby will just LOVE that, lol :)

Have a great up-coming weekend!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Elyse said...

beautiful, simple idea! the best kind.


Unknown said...

That's so funny..I have a few of these frames and have been thinking of doing this. I already have been shabbing up old wooden frames and selling them. Sometimes you just need someone else to say it. Thanks! Hope you didn't get any damage from this storm we are having. I was on a plane this morning going to Montana and got off and came home..I think it was a good choice..

Teri Coleman said...

Great post! I am inspired! I can't believe you cut out all those pics by hand including the thorns! I don't think I have the eyesight for such close work but maybe it's just lack of patience! I have to say it's blogs like yours that has got me thinking about vintage and reworking old things to suit this modern shabby chic market! I can't wait to have my own home and put some of these ideas to good use! Thanks for sharing! Love Teri xxx

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Carol they look wonderful!! Heirloom white is my new favorite color for spray paint, I just did the same thing to some frames in my bedroom. Stop by for a peek. Martina

E said...

I LOVE these ... a nice twist on my experience which is spraying everything gold ! Years ago I had a Christmas business and when the merchandise was slow to sell I'd spray it gold and it would fly out the door !! :) If it ever gets warm here I'm in the yard with the spray paint. E in TN

Mary said...

Hi Carol,
What a very pretty blog you have! I am your newest follower. Looking foward to stopping in to see you :)
The frames came out lovely...great job.
I too cannot pass up a pretty old frame.

laxsupermom said...

They're so pretty in that soft white. Love the embossed mat! Thanks for sharing.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Great idea Carol. I can definitely see how they would sell better when they're white. The prints you used really pop now.

Vicki said...

I see these at garage sales all the time. Great reminder.

Gina said...

Those frames are so pretty! My mom has tons of them, all gold of course, but I may have to steal some & paint them. They look so much better in white!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Carol,
I nearly tripped hurrying to get over here. I get so excited when I see you have a new post!
I love what you've done with these frames. I must confess, I have been passing them up.
Now, I bet you I start buying them up!

So pretty. You have the best ideas!


Me said...

That Norman Rockwell print is still my fave! I loved everything at your booth! I've gotten so many compliments on my new heart wreath also. I only wish I had room to bring that round end table home too. Thanks for having me at your sale--definitely worth the 3-hour drive haha! I will have to check out The Barn in Lake Alfred soon. Stay dry in this crazy FL rain!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Great advice! They look fabulous and oh so sweet!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Okay so you win the prize for two seriously brilliant ideas in one post. Awesome!

Olivia said...

Oh these are my favorite too! I paint mine pink sometimes, your rose prints are gorgeous! I told my husband about your comment, he thought it was pretty good! Have a blessed weekend.

Unknown said...

Carol, these are so pretty, thanks for more inspiration.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

You and your darling blog are just chalk full of ideas!! And this one is a simple but fantastic idea!!

I usually sell these frames at our church flea market for 25 - 50 cents each!! i think i will be adding them to my mounting tab!


Laurie Brown said...

I gather old picture frames, too, but rarely find ones as nice as yours. Sometimes after painting them I give them a light antiquing, because most of the stuff in my house is old. And I have that same Avon calender with the roses! I love those prints!

Scarlett said...

Great idea, they looks fabulous! Thanks for your lovely comment - you can get the CK Napkins from ebay - thats where i buy mine as they are cheaper :o) Scarlett x

Ginger said...

Who knew? I have a couple of those old gold frames which are about to become white. Thank you for the heads up!!
Happy Weekend.


Hi Carol,
Great idea!!! I think your Mom brought the warm weather to MN! Hooray!
deb said...

What a transformation! They certainly look much better white.

Ruffles n Raspberries said...

Love all the frames, and what luck finding the book of roses!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

I love those old frames too Carol and buy them when I see them. I just painted one white and made a chalkboard insert. Goes to the shop this week. I also did another one that I am using as the menu board at the wedding party. :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Lovely transformations! I love frames!

awal.ny said...

I think the frames look so much nicer in white.

sandi collins said...

my high school grad pics went in frames like these on 1963.i guess they stayed around a long time or had hit the clearance table. girl, you are such an inspiration.

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

That really and truly turned out SO very pretty. I love how the white paint brings out the scrolly swirly details.

Aj Ruthie said...

WOW, they are gorgeous - the white paint really makes the flowers and designs "pop." I love them!

I was googling blogs for spray paint picture frame inspiration (I have a few in need of transformation), this blog entry definitely inspires!!