September 5, 2012

Travel Themed Wedding Shower

Last Sunday was my future DIL's wedding shower hosted by her Mom and Sister.  The whole shower had a travel theme that was kicked off by adorable invites that looked like luggage tags.

Just a note about the R. C. P. ....Or Really, Crummy, Pictures, a girl can't drag her tripod and SLR camera everywhere, sometimes she takes her shiny red pocket Kodak and horror's she use's flash...Sorry

Shower programs and gifts for the guests

The bride to be's Dad is a chef and he prepared fabulous food from around the world.....YUMMMM! (Trust me the empty pans got filled with food)

Beverages...Oh Ya, that's Sangria!

Here's the Bride, My Mom, and I  (Yuk, a couple times a year a blogger has to show her picture...It's a blogger law!  Thankfully the law does not say how large the picture has to be).  In case it escaped you, "The Polka Dot Closet" is wearing a polka dot dress...Groan!

The Future bride and Her Mother, the hostess of this fabulous shower

There was a huge surprise for everyone! My son is in DC and the shower was in Florida......Enter Technology!!! 
My Son surprised his bride to be by Skyping in from DC...

...To play an engagement version of the newlywed game.  

Here's how it worked, the bride's Mom and Sister sent my son questions about his his future bride, he wrote the answers down ahead of time and she had to guess what he would say. 

This question was "What food does your future bride like that you can't stand"?.  She answered the question and then he held his answer up to the computer screen......He got it right!

  This was so fun and it gave the shower guests he had not met a chance to get to know him

After she opened presents

We had coffee

And delicious Desserts.....

....And said our goodbyes, followed by "See you at the wedding"
Then Mom and I hit the road for the 2 hour trip from Clearwater back to Orlando.  It was the perfect shower and the perfect weekend!

Happy Creating


Teresa said...

So Happy for you. And them.
May the Laugh, Love and Hope present throughout the Celebration prevail in your Lives forever.
Be Blessed!

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

Looks like a fun time by all. And your photo...cute! Love your should use this photo for your profile pic.

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

What a lovely theme for a shower! How awesome! And love your polka dot dress :-)

It's All Connected said...

How clever is the Skype idea! Having a chef on the roster and all the cute travel decorations make this a really fun shower. ~ Maureen

Createology said...

Lovely shower and lots of international flair. You my dear look fabulous and I love the polka dot dress! Looks like a good time was had by all.

Katherine Wolak said...

That looks like such fun!!! Im in love with the decor and the wonderful food! :) The bride and groom are so cuuute and so is your dress! :)


Pam Lambky said...

You look wonderful in the polka dots! I'm sure your family adores you so much! Carol, You are fun!!! I wish I was there to sample all the great looking food, looks like you are a big part of the family with all you do. xoxo's Pam

Gina said...

What a beautiful shower! I love seeing all the pretty details. I think you, your Mom & future daughter in law look wonderful in that picture!

June said...

Carol, Thanks for sharing this fun event with us! You are such a good storyteller/photographer that you are making us feel like we are part of the festivities.
I techie in me loved the SKYPE part of the shower! Clever ideas, beautiful food and decorations and I'm sure ...lots of love!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Sounds like a great shower, Carol! I love that your son was able to be there via Skype. What a fun game, too! You look mahvelous darling in your polka dot dress! : )

Shabby chic Sandy said...

That shower looks like so much fun! Love that your son was able to play the game and I think you look terrific in your polka dot dress :)

Marilyn said...

Great theme!! Looks like there was an abundance of yummy food.♥♫

NanaDiana said...

Carol- What a wonderful, wonderful shower. I am so glad to see a picture of you and your Mom. It is fun to put faces to the names. How wonderful that your son was able to "be there", too. Blessings - xo Diana

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

Thanks for all the great photos. You looked so cute in your polka dot dress. My mouth watered at the sight of that sushi!!

marda said...

It looks like it was a wonderful party. You look great in your polka dots. It's all so exciting isn't it?

Celestina Marie said...

What a fabulous shower. I love all the decorations for the theme and you look marvelous, I love your pokla dot dress!! Gorgeous bride to be and her mother too.
The game sounds like it was fun and how great your son could make a skype appearance.
It won't be long now!!

The punch looks delicious.
XO Celestina Marie

Anonymous said...

Such fun and I recognized your signature pretty touches! You and the bride to be looked absolutely beautiful by the way. =)xoxo

romance-of-roses said...

Wow, this was wonderful. Enjoyed the invitations, food from around the world, lucky girl to have a chef for a dad, my goodness. Everything was exceptional. And I must say Mrs. Polka Dot takes a good picture, you look so very nice and attractive too.
BTW the bride to be is darling. Hugs, Lu

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Cute theme for a shower, and I love how your son was included in the game. The BIG DAY will be here soon.


Paula said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And the picture of you, your DIL to be and your mom is precious! Your dress is cute, polka dots and all!

Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!

camp and cottage living said...

I think you look adorable in your polka dot dress!
It looks looks like it was lots of fun too. I love the 'Newly Wed' game by Skype too. How innovative.
Your soon to be DIL appears to share your interest in crafting from the looks of one of her gifts.
That should make for some fun times together! What one doesn't come up with, the other will.

Dewdrop Gardens said...

What a unique shower! Love the Newlywed game part of it. Sounds like so much fun. And the food...oh wow...
Debbie :)

Katie said...

What a cute shower theme, and you look adorable in your polka dot dress! Silly girl... XoXo

kelly said...

It sounds like fun, Carol. Your photo of you looks fine.