November 8, 2012

Fancy Flea 2012

Saturday I attended the Fancy Flea, there were 310 vendors loaded with all the things we love

Twice a year the Fancy Flea is held in Lakeland Florida.  I was a vendor last April, but Saturday I just enjoyed the day shopping and drooling

Paris Rags always has the cutest booth

I don't remember who's booth this was, but I loved these pumpkins

Loved this dress

How cute are these robes made with vintage table cloths and chenille bed spreads

This was a pretty booth

Isn't this a cute entrance to this vendors space "Chic to Antiques"

It was all about burlap at Heart Vintage Designs

I don't know about you, but I get so inspired when I go to these events!

On another note, incase you are keeping track ....Today marks the 17 day count down to my son's wedding...Shut the door, I get nervous, just typing that.  My usually tidy little house has become wedding central, there is bins filled with rehearsal dinner and wedding decor everywhere.  I'll post soon about the final projects and preparations...I can't believe it is almost here....Take a breath...Slow deep breaths!

Happy Creating!
Crazy Carol


camp and cottage living said...

Oh my, it will be wedding day in a blink of an eye!! How exciting.
I would've loved to have attended
the flea market-so many goodies.
I really like those robes especially.

Amy Jo said...

Oh I am just kicking myself for not going now!!! Oh well it is what it is... I am glad you had fun!

Amy Jo

pogonip said...

I envy you the excitement of your countdown! It's such an exciting time, Carol, for your whole family. You've done so much with your DIL and I know it'll be wonderful.

Seeing those pumpkins reminds me that I bought velvet last year so I'd better get busy before Turkey Day passes and make me some more squishy squashes. :)

Anonymous said...

so exciting! What beautiful photos as well, we have nothing like this around here, I wish I was closer I would love to visit your shop!

The Pink Geranium said...

I am so jealous that you got to go this flea market!!! What fun that would of been..and with a name like "Fancy Flea" it had to be fun!


Chris said...

The fair was a lot of fun, Carol. It just gets bigger and bigger. Glad you got a photo of those pumpkins!
Savor every moment of these days before the wedding....they go so fast!

KarenSue Farash said...

Can't believe we didn't see you!! Great pictures, I wish I had taken more. But I was too busy SHOPPING!!
Anyway, can't believe 17 day count down is here. Your right, breath and ENJOY it. Your house will be back in order soon and you will miss the mess. Remember to breath and slow down the weekend of the wedding, it's over soooo fast.
We will just have to do lunch after wedding so you can bring pictures..

Susan Erb said...

Crazy Carol,

Hope you get some time to relax between the hectic fun and creating! Enjoy it all, I have certainly enjoyed hearing all the is going to be just lovely.


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Just 17 more exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing all the don't work too hard and enjoy this very SPECIAL day:) Thanks for sharing the show...would love to make it there one day.


Kathy said...

Hi Carol~
Great phots of Fancy Flea! Wasn't it wonderful shopping and driving away with all the treasures instead of a trailer!!! It was a little bittersweet. Thinking of you as the "wedding" approaches~ wow, time flies by!!! We must get together soon, miss u!!!

Silvia said...

Oh dear I would be as poor as a Church mouse if I went to that market!! I love that green chenile gown and those Key necklaces...just beautiful.
You will have your hands full with this wedding...I bet it will be wonderful though

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It looks like a great day to walk around and do some shopping, Carol! I love that Paris Rags. When you posted about the Fancy Flea last time, I went looking for them online and bought a top! You must be so excited and nervous at the same time! While it is not a wedding, I am feeling anxious and nervous ~ my holiday market is in 10 days. I've got the typical first time stuff going through my head. Do I have enough, do I have too much, will people like my stuff? I can't wait until it's over!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Such a fun place--saw so many pretty things! I can feel the wedding excitement--have fun!

Pat C. said...

Thank you for thinking of us and taking so many great pics of the flea market! I love the silky robes and nighties at Paris Rags... I wouldn't wear them--cotton is my sleepwear fabric of choice, but I would periodically stroke them and say nice things to them.; )

Seventeen days??!! *eek* It's so exciting!


Gina said...

How I would love to visit the Fancy Flea!

I can't believe there is only 17 days left!! How exciting!


Looks like fun at the Flea!
It sounds like you need a "Spa" day!! Time to pamper yourself!
Been thinking about you and hoping it is all going as smooth as "butter"!


...wait...make that as smooth as frosting on the wedding cake...

Createology said...

Wow...thank you for sharing your day with photos. So much beauty and inspiration. Breathe and the wedding will be a dream come true.

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

It's exciting as the countdown begins for the wedding! I'm sure you have everything well in hand. I'm looking forward to tons of photos!

NanaDiana said...

Carol-What a great show! I love the stuff from that Paris Rags. Is that all used stuff or new? That and everything else here is just droolworthy.

Enjoy every moment of the wedding- when the last minute rolls around and everything that is supposed to get done didn't quite make it- relax and let it go and just savor every moment of the happy day. I've been through 4 of them myself! xo Diana

Wendi Galczik said...

Don't be nervous, your son is lucky to have such a creative Mom..
The Flea looks drool worthy for sure! Nothing like that around here..loved the pumpkins and the robes! Want!

Iprefervintage said...

We don't have anything llike that flea market around here. Looks like so much fun.

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

The fancy flea market is my kind of place. I love shopping at them.

It's now count down to your son's wedding. It's going to be wonderful Carol!!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Carol, WOW, yes it is very inspiring. Your pics are great and looks like you had a fun day. I could spend hours there.
I imagine you are on the count down time now to the wedding. It won't be long~~~~
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Betty@SouthernGrace said...

I bet you enjoyed it a lot more this year without all that work. How about those robes? People are so darn creative I'm ashamed. Count down to wedding!

First Night Design said...

What bliss your Saturday sounds! I love those pumpkins too. Do you know how they were made?

Shannon @ DoveNest28 said...

I went, with friends, to Fancy Flea for the first time, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We have been trying to find one of the Jewelry booths, and it is the booth in the last 2 photos you have. Do you happen to remember the name of the booth?

Jackie said...

I love the photos, thank for so much...much appreciated since I wasn't able to be there!

sweetjeanette said...

I so wanted to make it to the FF this year, but didn't make it. Too bad, if I had known, we could have met! I would have been a shopper also. Considering entering next year though. Who knows, maybe we'll be side by side vendors?! LOL

Portobello Road said...

i love the robes!! is that the paris rags sight?? how fun are they??
we cannot wait to see pictures of the big day !! i am so impressed that you started making all of the things for it so far in advance (i am sure you are so glad you did now)
the french flea looks amazing! thank you for the great photos!!!

Heart Vintage Design said...

Thanks for sharing my photo Carol. I used to wonder why people were so thankful for my photos but now I know. When you're running a booth, you can't get your own! I'm so happy for you and the wedding. Photos asap, please!

Paris Rags Romance said...

Thank you for posting pics of my clothing designs! I love your blog, hugs, Kimberly

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Great photos! I was there last year and loved it...maybe I'll catch the spring one. Thanks for sharing your pics...:)

Jann Olson said...

Hi Carol,
Oh how fun this show looks. I would have loved to have been there. Those robes are darling! Excited to see all that you have done for the wedding. Slow down and enjoy. Or just pass out after it's over. lol!

Kim said...

Stop by the Vintage Warehouse Lakeland for more vintage and vintage inspired shopping. We are open Tuesday Thursday and Saturday from 9-12. If you love the Fancy Flea we are sure you will like the warehouse.
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Carol thanks so much again for the wesome time spent with your especially when you have such little time left before your son's wedding!

Enjoy all the fun and excitement of the next 2 weeks and make lots of memories!

Came home to no gas and computer dead! Using hubby's but he doesn't have the programs I need to do my pictures for a post- darn! Hope to get one up soon!

bee blessed

Katherine Wolak said...

Oh girl, Im so excited for you!!!! And its so close too! wow!! Im sure its a hot mess though, with your beautiful stuff all over! :D The FF looks absolutely droolworthy indeed! And I know how much inspirations you can get! :)


Olivia said...

Hello sweetie!!!! What beautiful inspiring pictures!!!! Ohhh, I am so excited for you about the wedding! Big hugs,

Connie said...

Dear Carol . . . I know that this is going to be the prettiest wedding ever . . . I am surprised that Martha Stewart or Bride Magazine hasn't asked to do a photo shoot (or maybe they have and you are keeping it for a surprise). The way you have with making beautiful things and the bride loving these things . . .it is going to be amazing.
Please just remember that this is a day for you to enjoy. Sit back, that day, and let someone else do the work.

This Flea Market would be a delight to attend . . . they do things up right in Florida :)
I love those robes, especially the first one in the mint green.

Thank you for taking the time to take photos and write a post . . . we all know how busy you are at the moment. Take care and don't go burning your candle at both ends . . it is an easy thing to do.

God bless you.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Perfectly Printed said...

Looks like a fun flea market!! And your wedding is almost here!! Can't wait to see the photos!!


Maria Elena said...

What a beautiful flea market! Such great shops! Loved this post!

Connie@shabbyforsure said...

Hi Carol, I missed seeing you at the Fancy Flea. I was set up again and could hardly take a breath all day. This was my 3rd time to set up and I get busier each time! I love the pictures you took...Connie

Little Miss Maggie said...

The Fancy Flea looks like such a fun market place. I love shows that are only twice a year. The vendors go all out and bring the coolest stuff. Can't wait to see your final wedding goodies.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Sounds fun!
I love looking at everything in the pictures you post. I'm intrigued by the velvet pumpkins... are the stems genuine pumpkin stems? (dried, I suppose) or are they fake? I'm just so curious about them when I see them. The other thing...that vintage chrome and yellow formica dinette! I used to want one of those so badly...
I just have a farm table now...but in my Mid Century modern fantasy SELF... I have one of these YELLOW PLEASE!

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Carol,
I'm so happy for you and your family as you have prepared so diligently for this happy occasion.
I know you will be taking photos and I can hardly wait to read your wedding post.
Blessings and friendship,

Debbiedoo's said...

When is the wedding Carol? Coming up soon right? Boy this is a fancy fun looking flea!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Carol, I wish I had known you would be there! So sorry I missed meeting you. It was a fun market.