November 15, 2012

My Booth is ready for Christmas shoppers and meeting a blogger

My booth is almost ready for Christmas, I have just a few more things to add.  I have to admit, I cringe adding red and green to my pinks and whites but, Tis the season!  

I had help getting my booth ready for Christmas.  A fellow blogger from Colorado, Mary from Mary's Meanderings was visiting Orlando with her hubby who was here for a conference. While he was working hard, she spent the day playing with me!

She is soooo cute and sooo sweet, we had the perfect day.  It never fails, every time I meet a fellow blogger they are just as I imagined they would be from reading their blog.   She said I was more animated than I come across in my blog...Maybe I need to add more exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary brought me these cute little sweater pumpkins who have made a home on my mantle

Speaking of fellow bloggers, I won the perfect giveaway from Celestina Marie, she hand paints these...Oh yes, these ornaments have Carol written all over them!  Thank you, I love them!!!!!

Well, next week is the wedding week! 

My future DIL who lives in DC has been staying with me here in Orlando for four months while working on the Florida Senator's re-election campaign  (He won, she still has a job..yea!).  Instead of going back to DC for a week she was able to work in the Orlando senate office.  She is anxiously awaiting my son's arrival.  He will be driving from DC with my grand dog (Who I'm watching for a week while they are on their honeymoon) and will arrive in Orlando on Tuesday.  The rehearsal dinner is the day after Thanksgiving and then a morning wedding with a brunch reception on Saturday.    

 Monday I'll post some final wedding projects...Breath...Breath!

Happy Creating!


It's All Connected said...

The wedding is almost here! I can't wait for the pics. I don't think your booth will stay that full for long. How great that you had a bloggy buddy to help! ~ Maureen

Debbiedoo's said...

Hi Carol!~ Your booth looks so pretty and ready for Christmas. I love the sweater pumpkins too.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Carol, Your booth looks wonderful! Best of luck with the wedding..I know it will be fabulous and looking forward to seeing photos.

Createology said...

How wonderfully fun to meet and spend time with an admired blogger and have it turn out so well. Your booth looks fabulous and Mary looks like she enjoyed her visit. Celestina-Marie does such beautiful paintings. Breathe...Breathe...Breathe is just right. Blessings dear...

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your booth looks lovely, Carol! How nice that you got to meet Mary. I can't believe the wedding is upon you already! That went fast!

NanaDiana said...

Your booth is gorgeous- even with the red!;>) How fun to meet a blogger in person- that is so much fun.
I can't wait to see the wedding will be over in a heartbeat- xo Diana

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

the booth looks great, as always. How nice that you and Mary got to spend a day playing in your booth:) Enjoy every hour of next week, looking forward to seeing all the pics.


Ido said...

Your booth looks great! love that little rocking horse.

Wendi Galczik said...

Right..a holiday shop and a you aren't busy enough...I stand in awe of you...♥

Old Time Cindy said...

Can you get any busier? :) Take time to fully enjoy the wedding. Can't wait to see pictures!

Larain said...

Hey carol

By now you will be in panic mode. Remember have faith from what I have seen of your preparations the bride to be must be breathing a sigh of relief to have such a great MIL to be. All the best for the day and congrats to the bride & groom. One thing think of all the time you will have after the wedding. Have a wonderful day.

lvroftiques said...

Hi Carol!
Your booth space looks wonderful. And I'm so jealous that you got to hang out with Mary! Isn't she just the sweetest?! And a wedding too? How exciting! I look forward to hearing and seeing more about it. *winks* Vanna

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Take a deeeeep breath ! It will soon be all over but the shoutin' ... your booth looks fabulous. Umm, I'll start on mine tomorrow LOL
How great that you got to meet Mary, I love her blog. (())

fixitfaerie said...

Your booth looks great. How exciting. My sister in law got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving 21 years ago, seems like yesterday. But, anyways, it was a very busy and lovely weekend. Blessings Paula

Anonymous said...

Carol your shop was so fun to see and you know I loved getting to meet you! I think vivacious was the word I used for you- I am still trying to figure out how to make that come across in your blog- maybe making lots of videos!!!

Enjoy these next days and don't get so tuckered out that you can't enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

bee blessed

sissie said...

Hi Carol,
Your booth looks fabulous! I'm glad that you got to spend some time with a blogger bud.

I'm so excited for you and the big wedding.


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Yes, remember to breathe and count your blessings big and small!

Love your booth!

PS Thanks for coming by and celebrating with me! ♥


I love meeting bloggers!
I can't wait to see all the photos! It's going to be Wonderful!!!
May the Bride and Groom be Blessed on their wedding day!May their love grow forever!

p.s. I hope you wear waterproof mascara!!!

Melodee said...

how fun! I love the little pumpkins she brought you! ok, so when I visit FL I'll come see your booth, too! (one day!)

Debbie said...

I knew the wedding was right around the corner and was waiting for you to give us the scoop on last minute details. You must be so excited.

Make that... so excited!!!!!!!! (More exclamation points added)

I hope it all goes wonderfully, right down to the dog themed rehearsal dinner.

And your booth looks terrific all Christmasy.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have so much going on right now! But it's more fun that way, isn't it? And it's always great to meet a blog buddy! Love your booth and the special things you got from our sweetie Celestina! Enjoy your week!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your booth looks great--love those sweater pumpkins too!

Marilyn said...

Oh happy day! Enjoy EVERY minute of the last week before the wedding. Wish I could drop in and be one of the invisible people in attendance to see all the pretties you've worked on.♥♫

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Your title caught my eye because I have to go work on my booth this weekend and I have nothing ready! :0)

The pumpkin sweater thingys are pretty neat... thanks for sharing!

Congrats on your win!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Hi Carol~ I had to stop by after I was over at Mary's and see your pics from the visit. What fun I know you too both had! Now, you will have to come to Colorado and visit her place. Wouldn't that be fun if you could?! Hope you have a wonderful week as you celebrate in the marriage of your son and almost DIL. =0)

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

How fortunate you were to be able to meet a fellow blogger. I just wish it was me. I plan to see you at some point! Your booth looks beautiful! Red and pink can be great together.

Stampindamour said...

Carol - your booth looks FABULOUS!!!! I need to get in mine and stock it! I need to add some creativity to it too! Thanks for the inspiration!

-PaMeLa ;)

Jacqueline said...

Stopping in for a first visit to your blog. Your booth is so cute, I would shop in that little corner all day if I lived in your area.
I am Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland. I too have a booth, I sell vintage toys...only the very cute ones!
Happy Holidays from Washington!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

The exciting day is getting so close. Happy to hear you've been able to spend some quality time with your soon to be daughter in law. Those pumpkins Mary brought you are so sweet and so is she. Congrats on winning the sweet ornaments.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh, wow! The wedding is finally here?! So exciting, and I sure can't wait for the pictures! I just love the pumpkins and the painted ornaments! I am always so pleased to see all the wonderful talent out in blog land!! I love your booth and wish that some time I will be able to visit it! I would want to buy everything! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Wedding!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Carol, Your booth is fabulous.I sure want to come shop there. How wonderful that you got to meet sweet Mary. Isn't she a doll? Love her blog.
So sweet of you to share your giveaway win and the mention. You are so kind.

The wedding will be beautiful and I look forward to seeing pics too.
Try and stay calm!! It will be perfect!!Happy Thanksgiving too.

Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment for Ceekay.
hugs, CM

Celestina Marie said...

forgot to say, LOVE the sweater pumpkins from Mary. So yummy!!

SavannahGranny said...

Hi Carol!!! I have MIA for a while but I knew the wedding was soon. What a week of partying you have ahead. I can't wait to see how all the pretties you have created look, all put together.
How great it is to meet fellow bloggers, I know the two of you had a fabulous time. The sweater pumpkins are so adorable as well are your lovely ornaments. Yes, they just speak "Carol!".
I will be back at the blog after Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful time with family for all the celebrations.
Blessings, Ginger

Perfectly Printed said...

Your booth looks great! And how much fun to meet a fellow blogger! Happy Thanksgiving, and have a wonderful time with the wedding.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I heard from Mary how much she enjoyed your visit.

I will be thinking of this exciting time in your life all next week! Enjoy the moments.

Suziq1023 said...

I bet you're on cloud 9 with wedding anticipation! Instead of the red and green in your ooth, what about burgundy/gold or turquoise/silver? I shun the Santa red in my house - too glaring for my home and my taste.

Katherine Wolak said...

Love your booth my dear! So pretty and its always nice having friends around! Im in LOVE with your pumpkins, so christmasey!!!


Marlynne said...

Booths are so fun and so much work! Yours looks very inviting! My sister and I had 2 booths for several years> The Antique Mall closed so we stopped too.It was great fun decorating,and re-arranging. But my sister had the harder job of buying!

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for coming to visit me at Once Upon a Fairyland! Wink and a hug to my new found friend.

The Altered Bee said...

Love your spot! Very charming.

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Your booth is so festive! Love it! Can't wait to see all the wedding pictures!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

I would SO love to spend some time browsing through your booth...I'm sure I'd come away with a purchase or two.
Wow...four months with your future DIL. I'm sure you two have gotten to know each other really well. I think that is wonderful!
Yes...breathe! It's almost here.

Mad Maine said...

Love it! I am also envious of your ability to plug lamps into your booth. My antique market has a strict no electrical plug-in policy. It sure puts a damper over my unlit vintage ceramic trees, lol.

Little Miss Maggie said...

I bet the wedding was beautiful, Carol. Can't wait to see the photos.

Pat C. said...

Oh, Carol, your booth is gorgeous!♥ I'd hunker down in there and never leave!

Mary is adorable; I'm so glad that you got to spend some time with her. Love those pumpkins!


Donna O. said...

Hi Carol: I visited your booth for the first time today. Wow! What a treat! I must apologize though as I am the customer that bought several items, including the adorable blue table and totally messed up your displays. Please be warned--I'll be back to do further messing up! LOVE your work. Donna O.