November 26, 2012

The Rehearsal Dinner

It's official, my son is a married man!  

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night and the wedding Saturday morning

Oh I have so much to show you, I'll start with the rehearsal dinner and then later in the week I'll show you the wedding

Let me do a quick recap ...Just incase you haven't been hanging on every blog post for the last year lol!

I hosted the rehearsal dinner at 903 Mills Market, a little cafe around the corner from my house in downtown Orlando.   It's where my son and his wife (OK, that's weird, "Wife", OMG my son has a wife!) hung out when they were dating, and where I eat at least once a week

The restaurant closed at 5pm and as the sun was setting I set up for the 6pm dinner, the weather was perfect!

I made the tablecloths then used lace table toppers and vintage book center pieces...The tutorial is Here

We did appetizers in vintage cigar boxes, the little match boxes say "Bradley and Alicia, the perfect match" and are filled with Valentine conversation hearts

Remember the suitcase table I made..Tutorial HERE..It was a cigar bar for the "Boys"

My vintage lace covered pole lamp was used for lighting and coffee sacks for pillows on the bench, it was quite a hit!

We had a fabulous guitar player.  When I did the Fancy Flea in Lakeland last April, I went for dinner with friends the night before at a local restaurant and Brian was playing, I hired him on the spot for the rehearsal dinner.

I brought my dress form "Miss Anita Man" (Say that fast) as added decor...(I hate the pic, but love my dress)

I hinged some old shutters for pics of the lovebirds

And the puppy bar was enjoyed by all of my furry guests

The food was fabulous!  The owners of 903 Mills Market are from Rome and their pasta is out of this world! 

 I made the buffet table cover from lace curtains and hung lace curtains on a pole as a back drop.

The centerpiece was my table top dress form covered with vintage sheet music..Tutorial HERE...

I had 40 guests

And SOOOO much fun!

Oh lord, who's lap is my Mom sitting on now?  I've got to watch her every minute!......Anyway, It was the perfect night before the big day

 I'll be back with wedding pictures soon!

Thank you for all of your comments and encouragement..... You have enhanced this wedding journey more than you can possibly know!

Happy Crafting!


Anita said...

Wow this is all amazing...I love your cigar bar...Most of us hate pictures of ourselves. I think it messes with our delusion that we still look like we did 25 years ago...Believe me when I say you look beautiful in this picture! All of your hard work and effort has paid off..Congrats...You are now a MIL

Teresa said...

So Happy for you and for Them.
Everything so Amazing. You might not like picture but I cpouldn't get over how happy and blessed you looked. Will check the dress later, though I'm sure it was perfect.
Best way to welcome a new daughter, if you ask me ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Oh Carol I just knew with your creative touch the rehearsal dinner would be splendid and a great hit with all the guests!! What great, unexpected touches like the doggy and cigar bar and those darling little match boxes. Love all the music pages used to bring it all together and the touches of lace.

It was fun getting to see that little cafe in person while I spent time with you and then see the transformation.

Your lace dress by the way was fabulous and I think that picture is great-

So are you exhausted and just relaxing now or going 100 mph getting your house back in order!?

Goodness can you believe it is actually over? What's the big project now?

Trying to get my house Christmasy for this years 4 parties that will be here. We provide just the house for 2 of them so that makes it easier on me to not have to do the food and entertaining too,

bee blessed

Mad Maine said...


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Well done my friend!!! It all looked outstanding. Love the idea of using the cigar boxes for the chips and the cigar bar has such a fun look. You looked like you were having a great time:) Looking forward to seeing more.


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Carol, WOW the best rehearsal dinner ever. Love all your great touches and the cigar box holding the chips is marvelous.
You look gorgeous too by the way and love seeing your mom having such a great time. I can only imagiine how wonderful the wedding was. Congrats to you son and DILove, best wishes always.
Thanks for sharing. I am sure you need to take a rest. Have a slow week, maybe??
Hugs, CM

Chris said...

Lovely, lovely!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, what a beautiful event!They were a lucky couple to have a mum like you!!! You are soooo talented!

kristiB said...

You did a Fantastic job, Carol! Love how everything turned out, and by the way- You look Beautiful!!! Love the dress, and you photograph very well!!! How wonderful for you and your family :)

pogonip said...

I can feel your joy and happiness right thru my monitor!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Ah Carol, you have created the BEST, most creative event. The memories and the photos I know will be treasured always. so now I want to get married again and YOU to create the event ! Love it all (())

Original Inspirations said...

I absolutely love all the little details and the ambiance you achieved. What a special evening to remember forever. Can't wait to see the wedding blogs.

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

Yes, I have been hanging on every blog post!!! lol This is just fabulous. You did a stupendous job on that rehearsal dinner. I love your use of lace.....the cigar boxes are just wonderful and I love that your dress forms were able to attend. What fun!

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I forgot to add, you look so cute!

Little Miss Maggie said...

What a fun night! I'm sure your creativity had a lot to do with it too, Carol. You are amazing. Congratulations to the bride and groom. Your son looks like one happy man.

Connie said...

Your party looked absolutely perfect, so relaxed and comfortable. All of your hard work with the decor really shows and the vintage touches were all so wonderful. I'll be back for the wedding photos . . . P.S. your dress is lovely and the gal wearing it . . . well, she looks great and I might add is a very thoughtful and caring lady. You're the tops!
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Anonymous said...

Add mine to your compliments list!!! It looks like a wonderful party and a creative success. You look wonderful in your lace dress. And you look like a fab MIL, too!

I bet the dress form gave you lots of interesting comments from the attendees! Not something one sees every day!!LOL

Well done, dahling........

Debbie said...

Well I for one HAVE been hanging on every post. I love the way it all came together! I had missed the suitcase tutorial so I have already clicked to see that. I think it was fabulous for the cigars.

Carol, everything was just plain perfect to me, and I can not wait to see the wedding post. I love a creative person with an eye to detail and clearly your new DIL is just like you in that area.

Congratulations, btw!

Createology said...

The smiles on everyone's faces proves what a wonderful time was had by all. Every detail of your decor is wonderful and made this a truly unique event for your special moment of family bliss. Well done dear...

Nancy said...

So awesome, Carol! Your decorations are by far the neatest and prettiest I've ever seen for a rehearsal dinner. You are one talented lady!

Can't wait to see wedding pics!


stefanie said...

oh!!! you did such a beautiful job!!!! it looks sooooo perfect!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Just beautiful, Carol! And that includes you! LOL at your Mom. It sounds like it was a ball and that everyone had a good time.

Egretta Wells blog said...

Wow, you did an amazing job. Everything was so personal and special!

lynn said...

just fabulous, carol! love your dress--that's a great pic!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I bet it feels so good and satisfying to be done with such a big event! Everything looks perfect! I am so in love with that lamp--how sweet and feminine. I loved the dinner--now can't wait to see the wedding!

sissie said...

Hi Carol,
First of all I want to tell you that you look radiant. The dress is so pretty but it's you that makes it so!
Love all the decorations and the wonderful job that you have done.
What a lucky DIL and son to have someone like you. You can just see the love and pride that you put into making their special event unforgettable.


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

This looks perfect, right down to the smallest style for sure. I love all your clever vintage touches. The candle holder books are such a fun idea. Looking forward to seeing the wedding pics Miss Mother-in-Law

hopeandjoyhome said...

Fabulous Carol! So much coolness. I would have to take a week long nap to recover from the festivities!

Marilyn said...

Big "sigh" expelled from out west. With an "AHHHH..." Thanks for sharing. Things looked fabulous!♥♫

Patty Patterson said...

Such a romantic looking dinner. And what a beautiful dress. Can't wait to see the wedding.

Pat C. said...

Oh, Carol, how perfect everything looks--including you! The guests all appear to be having the time of their lives--especially, er, your mom... and your dress forms!; )

I bet the cafe is going to want to hire you as their stylist for future events!

Congratulations on planning a night that all in attendance will remember for a long time to come.♥


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Carol, I know you worked hard on the decor and the result is beautiful! Congrats to the bride and groom. Now you should go get some well deserved rest!

Heart Vintage Design said...

Wow, what a rehearsal dinner! I can't wait to see the other posts you'll be posting soon!


Oh, Carol!!!
You should be a wedding planner! It's all so awesome!!! Loved seeing the photos and all your hard work turned out PERFECT!!!!

Gina said...

Oh Carol, I see a career as a wedding planner in your future! So many beautiful & creative ideas!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Congratulations Mom, you are such a creative soul. You inspire me and help me dream I get to do this one day.
Hope you take a long rest sweetie, you so earned it.

Roxanne Reinhart said...

Love seeing your pics of the rehearsal dinner. Can't wait for the wedding pics. I love everything you did for this.

Stampindamour said...

Carol - it's been many long months of planning & all came together and LOOKS so fabulous!!! WOW!!! Love all of the amazing details!!!

Can't wait to see the wedding photos!

BTW - "Miss Anita Man" ->LMAO!!! {I said it FAST!}


L!ND$EY said...

I have a teeny tiny bit of rehearsal dinner envy right now...I'm not sure if my heart will be able to hold up when you post the wedding photos! Btw- you look gorgeous in your lace dress :)

Maureen Wyatt said...

I so enjoyed myself at the rehearsal dinner! Well, vicariously at least. You look wonderful and like you were having the time of your life!

Vintage Belles said...

Just wanted to say congratulations to the young couple. Carol, you are an amazing woman and a wonderful mum and now mum in law!

Cannot wait to see piccies of the bride and groom.

Betty@SouthernGrace said... and your dress are beautiful! And your eye for detail. Wow~ seriously, you need your own TV show! Can't wait to see the wedding!

camp and cottage living said...

Congrats to you all!!
The rehearsal dinner decor was so unique. Exactly what I would've expected from you! I bet you received a lot of positive comments. I know my husband really would've gone for that cigar bar you created.
It looks like everyone was having a great time.
I like your dress too. But I really love your hair-so cute!
I can't wait to see the wedding photos.

fixitfaerie said...

Hi Carol- WOW! You did a fabulous job on the rehearsal dinner. Your decorations all came together, fabulously.I like how you used the cigar boxes for chips, so cute. You looked better in your dress than I did. I thought my dress was pretty, but I looked fat. I felt like Hyacinth on pbs/Keeping up Appearances.
Blessings Paula usk

fixitfaerie said...

Hi Carol- WOW! You did a fabulous job on the rehearsal dinner. Your decorations all came together, fabulously.I like how you used the cigar boxes for chips, so cute. You looked better in your dress than I did. I thought my dress was pretty, but I looked fat. I felt like Hyacinth on pbs/Keeping up Appearances.
Blessings Paula usk

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

Carol....I read this with a big smile on my face! Your enthusiasm and joy is shining through this whole post. You made an already special night an even more special one with all your creative touches!!!!

Katherine Wolak said...

What a loving and special ceremony! This is absolutely stunning and done in such a creative way! :D


Susan Erb said...


It all came together so beautifully. What wonderful memories they will have...and stop worrying about pictures of yourself - you look fabulous! And the lace toppers on the round tables...will they end up in your shop? If so, could you give me first crack at them? Gorgeous!

Now go put your feet up!


SavannahGranny said...

Carol, I have always known that you have an adorable personality. Now I know you look adorable as well. You looked sooo lovely. Was that you wedding dress, at the rehearsal dinner? I am assuming that is DIL's wedding dress in the last pic.
You did such a fantastic job. You mom is so cute. My kids have to keep an eye on me as well. When you pass a certain age you can get away with heavy flirting. LOL
Waiting for the Wedding Post.
Blessings, Ginger

Kathy said...

Omgoodness Carol!!!!!! LOVE the cigar bar, LOVE the puppy bar, LOVE the pics of the lovebirds! Did I mention I LOVE all your wonderful touches that I'm sure made everything so very special! Can't wait to see the wedding pictures! AWESOME job girl!!!!!

Silvia said...

OH WOW WOW WOW!!! I can't wait to see the Wedding Pictures. You really really did an awesome Job and you yourself look wonderful

Rhissanna said...

Congratuations, to you and your son and his bride

! I can see all your hard work and creativity and love in this rehersal dinner. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress, you really have to find more events so that you can wear it again. It was really nice to see some of your treasures being used and how wonderful everything looked!

KarenSue Farash said...

I was there!! I kept going around the blog to see more!! It was beautiful from the street, it had a special glow. Everything looks amazing. You should be a wedding planner!!

Darlene said...

I'm just now getting caught up to reading about your son's wedding. Congratulations! This party was definitely a way to start the events. You looked beautiful and the party looked like a great time for everyone. You are so creative, those special little touches are memorable.

Florence Salmer said...

Carol, it's been so fun seeing all the wedding preparations! All the little vintage touches have been impressive & AMAZing! I follow you all the time, & am constantly impressed at your creativity!