February 28, 2018

The 5th Annual Polka Dot Flea!

How is it possible that we are already doing the 5th annual Polka Dot Flea?

We are honored to earn the distinction of being one of 
"America's Top Flea Markets and Vintage Shows"

...In Flea Market Style Magazine

Yep, there we are!!!

Oh My Gosh....How cool is that!?

Polka Dot Flea www.polkadotflea.com 
Friday and Saturday 9-4, June 8-9, 2018
Indoors/air conditioned
Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando, Florida 
Now accepting vendor applications

I hope to see you at this years show, be sure to find me and say hi.  I love my blogger friends!

Happy Creating!

May 26, 2017

The 4th annual Polka Dot Flea is just 2 weeks away!!

We are at warp speed here at the Polka Dot Flea headquarters
Honored to have so many amazing vendors from as far away as Texas.....In my wildest dreams I never thought the little show I started 4 years ago would would evolve into the show it is today!

Thank you for all of the support and encouragement from the blogging community!

Who will I be seeing at the Polka Dot Flea?

Happy Creating

February 25, 2017

The 2017 Polka Dot Flea!

Polka Dot Flea 2017

It's that time again for the 4th annual Polka Dot Flea!

Friday and Saturday June 9-10
Central Florida Fairgrounds
Orlando, Florida
And the best part.......It's indoors and air conditioned!

We are really excited for this years Polka Dot Flea
Last year was so sad as the second day of the show was the day of the Pulse Night Club shootings, you can read my post about the experience HERE 

The 2017 Polka Dot Flea will be our best event yet, and help show that we in Orlando are committed to doing the things we love to do by remaining #OrlandoStrong.

We have the best local vendors, and this year they are coming from as far away as Texas!

Here's some of our vendors from last year........I don't know about you, but I can never see to many booths with yummy merchandise and over the top gorgeous displays 

 This is a fun festive show, a gathering of friends and like minded people. Come see the "Best of the best vendors", indoors and air conditioned and complete with fun Fair food....

....I say Eat...Shop...Eat

We need your Help to make this the best year yet!!!  To put 2016 behind us, and show that we in Orlando are committed to doing the things we love to do!!


So....Who's gathering up their friends and making a road trip to the 

2017 Polka Dot Flea??

Happy Creating!

Vendor applications accepted HERE We can still accommodate non-electric requests but, there is only 6 of the coveted electric booths left that will be given on a "first come basis"

October 27, 2016

Hollywood Regency Bathroom Redo

Hollywood Regency Bathroom Redo

Slowly over the last 2 years I have been redecorating my house from one end to the other.  

Next up.....The guest bathroom

When I bought the house 11 years ago, it had the original 1984 blue bathroom.  
When I moved in I redid it to reflect the shabby cottage look I had in the rest of the house. 

I just finished giving it ANOTHER make over

I kept all of the fixtures, removed the wallpaper (What a pain) and painted the walls "Cement Grey" 

Then it was just a matter of glamming it up....A fancy 
Bed Bath and Beyond shower curtain

I used the same shelf........

.......And added some fancy new hand towels

And a blinged up soap dispenser

The total investment was $150 and sweat equity

Not a huge change, but not a huge investment either!
The same bathroom 3 ways.  Reflecting my ever evolving taste in decorating
Next up.....The office, I am almost finished and will show you soon.
Happy Creating!

July 2, 2016

Photos of the Polka Dot Flea

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my last post about the Orlando Tragedy.  

As Orlando continues to pull together, I wanted to share pictures from the Polka Dot Flea on Saturday June 11th.

We try to keep a diversity of vendors...True antiques, guy stuff, bohemian, jewelry, artsy.....Big stuff, little stuff....Something for everyone!

I'll be quiet so you can enjoy the booths of our fabulous vendors.  

At 9am sharp we opened the doors.....
..... And the shopping commenced!

Saturday was such a fun day!  Sunday we had a dark cloud.

Vintage Finds Magazine Published pictures of the Polka Dot Flea in their June/July issue and asked us to include a paragraph....This really sums up the show.

"Orlando and Beyond,

The Polka Dot Flea is only as successful as our "best of the best" vendors and shoppers. Thank you for giving us another amazing Saturday, and being present Sunday as we all learned together the breadth of the tragedy that unfolded the night before.  Every year, we strive to be better than the last, but next year will definitely have special meaning.  The Polka Dot Flea will strive to make 2017 our best event yet, and help show that we in Orlando are committed to doing the things we love to do by remaining #OrlandoStrong.  Thank you again to all of our vendors and lovers of all things vintage, upcycled, rusty, shabby, and otherwise.  You are the soul of the Polka Dot Flea and we appreciate each and every one of you!"
Carol Turner and Bradley Turner

Happy Creating

Thank you to our amazing photographer!!
Tammy Thomas Images 818.486.5518