December 19, 2010

Ladies Only Champagne Holiday Brunch

For many years I have hosted a 
"Ladies Only Champagne Holiday Brunch"

Besides deviled eggs and a meat tray the buffet includes sausage cheese balls and cheesy hash brown potatoes.  It is something that Julia Childs would approve of, it includes a stick of butter, 2# of cheese, and a pint of whipping cream poured over the top.

I fit 20 people into my little house (That's Billie the cat on the back of the couch)

I made petite fours for the first and last time...Can we say pain in the butt!

And the guest of honor.....Mimosa's

We eat and then do an ornament exchange, it is so much fun to get together with just the girls at this special time of year.

Mommy and me

You know the song, "All though it's been said many times, many ways"......Well, indulge me as I thank you, I had no idea when I started blogging 7 months ago the wonderful people I would meet.  The support and friendship was not something I was prepared for.  It is not that the people in my life don't love and support me, it's that they don't get my shabby, romantic, crafting, world like you do.  I have learned so much, from such generous bloggers.  I feel so intimately tied to your cats, dogs, kids, booths, online stores, craft projects, health, and happiness.  You have enriched my life

So,  "All though it's been said many times, many ways"
Merry Christmas to you! 


December 15, 2010

O.K. I'm admitting it, I do very LITTLE Holiday decorating.

The Secret is out of the Polka Dot Closet, I barely decorate for Christmas.  At the risk of being expelled from the blogging world I am confessing.  I love seeing all of your fabulously decorated houses.

The only decorations I have are on my mantle. 

And my $15.00 thrift store tree that I was thrilled to find last March.  

 I purchased it completely decorated with florescent pink ornaments and a few light pink ornaments.  I donated most of the ornaments, but kept the princess crowns.

I did not realize I was such a minimalist until I started reading everyones blogs.  I thought the amount of decorating I did was normal

Next to the fire place is a thrift store sled  and firewood holder that I painted.

That's it, that's all I have, Oh, there is a wreath on the front door

  Your houses are beautifully decorated, I love looking at them.  They could all be in magazines. 

This is my first Christmas as a blogger and I honestly thought the amount of decorating I did was normal 

So, here is my questions, am I the only one that keeps decorating to a minimum?  

Am I in the minority or the majority?

Can I still belong to the sisterhood of blogging?


December 13, 2010

My Christmas Gifts Are Made

I am finished with my Christmas gifts!  

Give a girl 3 yards of burlap and stand back, it's a burlap bonanza!

I made burlap Christmas stockings for the family, unlike me they all have their homes decorated from Crate and Barrel, so the burlap is perfect.

I couldn't forget stockings for nephews Cory and Robby

And my granddog Dora, She is so sweet, but only a grandma could think she was cute!

I wrapped up one of my mosaic christmas trees in a bag for my brothers family

I had to blur out the name so the internet monsters wouldn't get me

I monogramed gift bags to put my nieces gifts in, polka dots of course!

I made bags for my hostess gifts

I imported the clip art from Graphic fairies and then put their names over the image before I printed them

Oh and a little gift for me! 
 I did this tutorial on the candles I made for my booth, they completely sold out in 2 weeks, even the ugly gold one!

I finally got around to making mine

Mine is all rhinestone and glitter!

I hope you are all done with your Christmas gifts!

Let the party begin!


December 9, 2010

My 17 hour Amtrak Train Ride

I just returned from my first long distance train ride from Orlando to DC, 17 hours.  I went to visit Baby Boy who moved to DC in August and won't be able to make it home for Christmas.  I went with my Mom.
 You will be happy to know that I didn't have to "Throw Momma from the train".  Since I had never been on a train, I thought it would be a fun adventure.  We upgrade to a "Roomette".

When we were escorted to our seats I asked when we were going to the Roomette?  The attendant said "This is the roomette"!  Yes folks, this is it!  It measured 3 X 6, with 2 seats facing each other, but hold onto your hats!  There is a sink, toilet, and top bunk in here also.

To the left of the seat is the toilet and sink closed

Here they are open

So much for privacy!

Now you have to close the sink and toilet because those are the steps you use to get to the top bunk when it is pulled down to sleep.

When the top bunk is pulled down to sleep there is no longer enough head room to sit in the seats, which fold together to make the bottom bunk.

Actually it did not seem as small on the way home since the initial shock had worn off as to the size of the "Roomette".

Included in the price of the "Roomette" was free meals, coffee, juices, and water.

Here's the dining car

The menu

My Dinner Choice

The food was really good and was included in the price.  This was a NY strip steak with all of the accompaniments.

All in all riding the train was really enjoyable.  Now I know why babies liked to be rocked.  It was really relaxing!

Would I do it again?  Not over night, probably just a day trip. 

  It was wonderful seeing Baby Boy and I loved DC.  We took in all of the sights and tours.  Since Baby Boys girlfriend works for a Senator, we had a private tour of the capital, saw the Senators office, and watched the senate in session.

One little problem!!

My luggage did not show up!!  I saw it go on the train, but it didn't come off.  Now, there is a lot worse things that could happen in life, but I sure would like:
The new warm weather clothes I bought for the trip

Christmas ornaments I bought for friends, and family at the Smithsonian

4 pairs of Mom's shoes (4 pairs!)

Christmas presents from my son

2 yards of the most gorgeous rose print fabric I purchased at a little fabric boutique

The fabulous sweater outfit I bought the cat sitter (My brother)

Etc., etc.

I will let you know if it shows up.  It has only been one day, 

Where in the world could it be??
Update: My bag showed up and everything was there but, YEWW, someone had went through everything, even my dirty underwear bag.  The ornaments were out of there boxes along with the gifts, but everything else was there.  I guess they were looking for better things like electronics and jewelry...Sorry!

Happy Travels

Joining Decor To Adore Wayfaring Wednesday

December 1, 2010

Thrift Store Coat for the Long Train Ride

I live in Orlando and I am headed to DC On Saturday so, I needed a winter coat.

We are going to visit Baby Boy who moved to DC in August, I miss him soooo much!  His girlfriend transferred there and works for the Senate.  He's finishing his degree in intelligence.  It is not a degree in how to be smart, I wish there was such a thing!  

  My Mom and I are taking the Amtrak from Orlando to DC.  So, I needed a coat.  I just could not pay big bucks for one as I seldom need one here in Orlando.  I got this little plain Jane at the thrift store for $5.00.

The coat is probably from the 50's, it had great vintage buttons, but it was definitely lacking something.

I found this great trim at Hobby Lobby

I hand stitched it round collar

Then rolled some into a circle and put a vintage pin in the middle

Now it looks like a real 50's coat!

Neither my Mom or I have ever taken a train and thought it would be a fun adventure.  It is a 17 hour overnight trip, so we got a "Roomette", as they call it.  I imagine most walk in closets are much bigger, but it does have a TOILET...Ya Hoo!

I'll take pictures of the "Roomette" and report back.  See you in a week!

Have any of you taken a long train ride?  I would love any tips or advise.


November 28, 2010

Starched Doily Christmas Tree

No skill involved, just dip a doily in liquid starch and lay it over a styrofoam cone and you have A Shabby Romantic Christmas tree.

I wondered if I could starch doilies and make a Christmas tree?  Halfway through I was not to sure, but I liked it in the end.

Grab one of those styrofoam cones and take the label off, leave the plastic on.

Dip your doily in starch 

And lay it over your cone and let it dry, it will take about 24 hours.

I tried one with a lace doily, but it just did not have enough interest.

When the lace dried I ended up putting it under my crocheted doily like a crinoline.  I also added a second crochet doily on the top.

Now, let the fun start!  I hot glued some pearls from a necklace

And added a vintage pin and some old lace and tulle to the top

I hot glued the styrofoam to a candle holder and then added some vintage jewelry on that

So, there you have it! It is sitting on my fire place mantel

About halfway through I thought it looked a little like a grandma craft, but once I started decorating with the beads instead of flowers, I was kind of digging it.

You guy's are way to nice, but since I am asking and I promise you won't hurt my feelings, do you think it is a thumbs up or a thumbs down?


I linking up with "Metamorphosis Monday" 

November 25, 2010

Creating Vintage Charm

Oh I am so excited to be in the Holiday issue of 

I did a tutorial on using clay roses for Holiday Ornaments

This is such a great magazine loaded with tutorials, luscious pictures, and Holiday cut-outs 

 Take advantage of our 25% Off Holiday Sale from 12 pm November 26th through December 31st. So you get your copy for $8.75
Offer valid on any issue you purchase and any quantity under the amount of 20 copies. 

Just click on the magazine Above to go to the site to order.  You will see a button when you get there to get published, submit your fabulous ideas for the next issue.