February 7, 2016

Giving The Patio A Facelift

Finally we have some cooler weather in Orlando
 The perfect time to spruce up the patio

In all honesty, I seldom use the patio in the summer, it is just to hot. So, when the humidity and temps fall to the 70's like last week, it was perfect time to do some outdoor work

How embarrassing is this...

 ...Yep, my patio chairs....Falling apart

About every 3 years they totally disintegrate due to the Florida heat, humidity, and sun.

I cut out 6 plywood circles

And used a couple different outdoor fabrics to recover the 6 chairs

Blue is my new favorite color, inside and outside of my house. I now have a blue bedroom, blue living room, blue bathroom and .......Blue patio

I potted new flowers.  I was limited on the flower choices since there is not many plants that flower in the winter. 

A new faux flower center piece

And a fresh new pillow for the rocker

 The perfect place to sit and enjoy my afternoon cup of creme brulee coffee.

Happy Creating