September 23, 2015

Progress On My Hollywood Regency Living Room Redo

I've been working hard on restyling my living room and dining room to reflect a hollywood regency style.

I've painted the living room, kitchen, dining room, and hallway with Sherwin Williams Mountain Air, it's a beautiful blue grey color

I also had crown molding installed.  The hollywood regency look screamed for the elegance of crown molding.  Since my ceilings are 8ft tall the molding is only 3 1/2 inches width.  I worried crown molding would make the ceiling look lower, but it actually made it look higher.  The cost for the living room, kitchen, dining room, and hallway was  $750 all inclusive, supplies and labor.  I thought it was a great price for the incredible impact it made.

I have removed every speck of pink from the room.

The cover on the dining room bench has been replaced 

The chairs have been reupholstered

Along with the valance in the kitchen

I could not find any fabric that I liked in my budget and then....Yea, I found a king sheet set at Tuesday Morning for $45 which saved me a ton of money and provided a ton of fabric

I recovered the ottoman in white denim

 Oh yea...I found the perfect rug...I will tell you that story in another post

I moved the TV to the entrance wall so it would not be immediately visible when you enter the house.  After a long hunt for a TV stand, in the end I repurposed the hall table by painting it white and trimming it with silver.  I pulled out the drawer and inserted the DVR

To cover the flowered wallpaper on the back of the china cabinet I used the same fabric and method I used on the headboard in my bedroom.  Fabric, foam board, and double stick tape.....You can read the tutorial HERE

I'll be back with more projects and the final reveal...Right now I'm removing 3 layers of fabric from my bar stools...yuk.

Oh yes, this had been a much bigger project than I had originally anticipated, I'm excited to show you the final results....Oh I'm loving it!

Happy Creating!

September 2, 2015

How To Make A Lighted Sign

If you want to make a 10 foot lighted sign...Then you've tuned into the right blog!

I have a friend that will be a vendor at the next Polka Dot Flea June 2016.   I thought it would be fun to make a lighted sign for her booth and I love to try something new

She's calling her booth "The Pantry" since she will be selling Pyrex and all things kitchen.  I started by picking a font then projecting the letters onto a piece of plywood with my "EZ Tracer", the full tutorial is HERE

Each letter was  cut out with my Ryobi jigsaw

Indulge me while a gush here a moment...I've always used electric jigsaws, NEVER a battery operated one....It was amazing!  I was cutting around the letter curves like I was pushing a pencil...It cut like butter and I didn't have to stop and move a pesky cord every 2 seconds....Amazing!!!

Next I drilled a ton of holes to push a string of Christmas lights through the back of the letters

I screwed a 1 X 2  board on to 1 X 6 board.....

........Then drilled screws through the front of each letter to attach them to the anchor board, yikkes what a crummy picture!    

I painted the letters and used a little dark wax and sanding to give them a distressed look 

This portion of the sign was made using the same transfer method explained HERE on a previous post

When the sign was finished it measured almost 10 feet long

I photographed under my awning where it was a little darker so you could see the lights

Using Ryobi power tools with their interchangeable batteries made this project soooo easy.  I had no idea you could get so much power from a battery operated tool and not having to mess with cords and extension cords meant I could use them anywhere.

For your convenience I have included this link to Ryobi Nation where you can find products, coupons, and projects 

So there you have it....I know it's rather primitive and rustic but, it was so fun to try something new and my friend loved it .  You will have to wait until the next Polka Dot Flea to see it in action.

Ok, now, back to work on redecorating my living room, it's coming together great.  Of course it has been more work than I originally anticipated...That's usually how it goes...Right?  I will be back soon with pictures

Happy Creating

This was a sponsored post for Ryobi but gushing my love for the products and the opinions given here are truly all mine

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