February 27, 2012

Bulletin Board Redo

I had this frame, or architectural piece...Heck, I don't know what to call it?

I think maybe it was a dresser mirror frame?

It had some nice decorative details

I did a LOT of sanding then painted and gathered up some supplies

I stenciled the chandelier on the cork

Then added some plaster roses along the top..tutorial on making plaster appliques HERE

I went into my stash of polymer clay knobs.  Tutorial on making clay knobs HERE

And added 4 of the Paris knobs

So there you have it, nothing earth shattering, just something to add to my ever growing stash .......

....To bring to the "Fancy Flea"

Join me Friday, I am going to do a tour of my home for Debbiedoos blog

I took TONS of pictures to get a few good ones......To light.....To dark...

...Move the dead Cat..I'm working to get the pictures just right!

Happy Creating!

February 23, 2012

How To Make A Lace Applique Out Of Clay

I found this great umbrella stand in the shape of a shopping bag.  It's made out of a solid heavy metal and had great bones, it just needed a little lovin!

It was a great pewter color  

I dry brushed on a little white paint and then gave it a light sanding  (It seems I always have a cat nosing their way into the picture!)

It needed a little something on the front.  I got in my head that I wanted to add a lace applique and I decided to try to make it out of clay...I never know if my ideas will work, but I have to give it a try, and sometimes I get lucky!

I rolled out some oven bake polymer clay, but you could use air dry clay.  I used a rolling pin that I first dusted with talcum/bath powder.  Then I dusted the top of the rolled out clay with powder before.......

......I rolled a dress applique right down into the clay

I pulled up the applique and then cut around the design with a sharp knife, it cuts really easy

I baked the clay on my craft cookie sheet (I keep one just for crafts, I don't know why...OCD?)

Then did a little dry brush of white paint on the applique and attached it with E-6000 glue

This was really easy and I will definitely try it again...My head is already spinning with ideas!  I will tempt fate next time and try to roll it a little thinner.  I bet it would look really cute on a drawer front?

Just throwing out ideas...You take it from here!

 Happy Crafting!

February 20, 2012

Vintage Suitcases

It seems there is not a suitcase in sight and then suddenly I have more suitcases than I know what to do with!  
Oops they are piling up!
The Polka dot and travel sticker ones have already sold in my booth.......Next up
Some pink paint and water slide decals with graphics from Graphics Fairy......

I love these round suitcases, more paint and decals.  Taping over the handles is necessary, because the paint will get sticky and never dry on these rubber handles.  Then I tape the rest of the hardware and spray a coat of primer followed by one or 2 coats of spray paint
I finish with two coats of wipe on poly acrylic to make them durable and scratch resistant
I price them between $25-$32,I always have a couple in my booth.
These two cuties I made for the "Fancy Flea" in April in Lakeland Florida

I am in Fancy Flea high gear preparations!! I am having trouble keeping merchandise in the antiques booth and refinishing product for the Flea...Oh, what a great problem to have! 

They will be great for transporting and displaying merchandise and of course they will be for sale! 

Happy Creating!

February 16, 2012

Making a hat stand out of a paper towel holder

Here's an easy, inexpensive, way to make a  hat stand

In April I'm doing my first show the "Fancy Flea" in Orlando and I have a bunch of hats I plan on fancying up to sell

 I was trying to think of an attractive way to display them.  Then, while walking through the thrift store I spotted a wooden paper towel holder...Eureka...Hat Stand! 

I unscrewed the extra peg, filled the hole with wood putty, and painted the stand.  I bought a 5" styrofoam ball from the craft store (They come in half balls, but they cost the same as a whole ball) and cut it in half.  I scooped out a little styrofoam so it would fit snugly on top and pinned the fabric on.

I attached the styrofoam on the stand with E-6000 and hot glue then added a little vintage lace

The flowers are off nick nacks, the tutorial is HERE.  I pick the nick nacks up cheap at thrift stores when some of the flowers are cracked or chipped, but still some good flowers left. I chip them off and attach them with E-6000 glue.

I know not everyone is a shabby lover, so here is another version.  I covered this one with vintage sheet music

Then Stamped the fabric and added vintage trim

Now I have an attractive way to display my hats!

I'm keeping my eyes open for more paper towel holders that are longing to be made into a  hat stand! 

Happy Crafting!

February 14, 2012

Wrapping up the Dress Form Ball and the Winner!

Poor Lady Anita Man is so exhausted, I found her resting on a garden bench!

The Dress Form Ball was a total success!!  I thought maybe 25 people would link up their forms.  No, there wasn't 25.......There was 107!...Faint, I'm going to faint!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.  
To those that linked their fabulous dress forms and those who left comments

Speaking of comments.....Chosen from the comments by Random.org the winner of the dress form from Barr Display is.....
...Aledia from "Plum Perfect"........Congratulations!

Now a little housekeeping
The doorman has informed me a few articles were left behind and need to be claimed....Geez, who would leave just one shoe...Crazy?

And about Lady Anita Man, Say "Anita Man" 3 times quick...groan!

Get ready for the 2013
 2nd Annual

Well, that wraps it up....Unless someone can tell me how to get rid of lingering guests!

Thank You for making the Dress Form Ball a HUGE success!

Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Creating!

February 6, 2012

The Dress Form Linky Party, Starts Now! And a Dress Form Giveaway!

Lady Anita Man Cordially invites you to....

Everyone is welcome!  Link up as many dress forms as you like, old or new posts, any dress form, big or small.  The party is open for linking all week through the 14th

If you want to continue to have a ball, I would love for you to follow The Polka Dot Closet

 If you think your readers would like to join in the fun, please link back to the party!

Barr Display has generously offered to give a dress form to
One commenter chosen by Random.org

One comment only please

The Drawing will be February 14...SWEET!

Details on ordering this $21.00 dress form are available on the post

The party has started so, please grab a glass of champagne and
 Join Lady Anita Man and the other guests in the gardens

The party will run through February 14

Thank you so much for coming, please mingle with the other guests.
I hope you have a Ball !

Email followers, click on the title of this post and you will be taken to the blog to see all of the dress forms
 If you need help linking up your dress form post please email me, using the button up in the upper left hand corner of this blog

Preparations For Tomorrows Dress Form Linky Party

There is flurry of excitement here at my estate for Tomorrows
"Dress Form Ball"
The Staff is busy preparing the garden tents

While the Gardeners are grooming the grounds

Carriages have been sent to pick up guests

The orchestra is warming up

And the kitchen staff is busy preparing the food

While your hostess "Lady Anita Man" is busy in the gardens overseeing the final preparations

She did want me to tell you all
Not to be late for  
Dress Form Ball!

Happy Creating!
For my email readers, I don't want you to miss the ball! Tomorrow when you receive my emailed post, click on the title "Dress Form Linky Party", this will take you to my blog to see all of the dress forms.  Once there you will see dress form thumbnail pictures, when you click on a picture, you will be taken to that guests blog to read and see more pictures of her dress form.  The party will be going on until the 14th so, be sure to check back later in the week to see those that have shown up fashionably late

If you would like help linking up your dress form post email me, the button is in the top left