March 29, 2012

A French Writing Desk

That's what I thought when I first spotted this in the thrift store....A French writing desk

Here's my subject, look at the bubbles, I was already in the process of giving this gem a bath!

OK, so here's how I made my vision a reality.  I used my electric spray painter and heirloom white paint in a satin finish.
Then I envisioned old post cards on the top, graphics courtesy of Graphics Fairy, printed on water slide decals

This was just begging for some old Paris knobs...My homemade polymer clay knobs stamped with Paris graphics

Now, I so believe in something being as beautiful on the inside as the outside, so I Mod Podged some 7 Gypsies Paris tissue paper in the drawers

And added a French water slide decal inside the top

I was almost done, but that bar across the bottom was bugging me

So, I made up some plaster appliques and added a little glaze over them so they would stand out

Ah, here it is my interpretation  of a French Writing Desk

Ok, a French Desk in front of my French doors...To much French for you?

I'm planning to bring this to the Fancy Flea, the show I'm doing in April.  Now, here is the good news and the good news...I am trying to keep my booth at Orange Tree Stocked at the same time I'm getting ready for the show....So, some of the things I thought I was bringing to the FF, are ending up in my booth.  No sympathy needed, I'm having way to much fun!

Happy Creating

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March 26, 2012

Decorated Easter Eggs

Here's a quick, but I admit a little .....Well, kitschy Easter craft

I used Bright colored plastic Easter eggs

Then I removed the lining from the napkin, cut the napkin in strips, and Mod Podged it on the plastic egg

I liked that you could still see the color of the plastic eggs through the napkin

I decorated each egg with coordinating ribbons, flowers, and jewelry and put them all in my plaster bunny

Move Martin!!

I better HOP along, I have some bigger projects to do!

Happy Creating!

The Winner Of The Electric Paint Sprayer

The winner of the Command Max electric paint sprayer is......

.........Before I announce the winner, my apologies to the first 40 people (That's when I caught the error) and email subscribers who commented, I published the wrong Facebook page for HomeRight/Command Max.

Don't worry everyone was entered in the drawing!

Note to self, always double check the Facebook link sent to you by the company.....GEEZ...(Said with a tad bit of sarcasm)!  

By Random Number....... The winner is.....Mary from Marmmies, Mammys, and More

Thank You Command Max
Congratulations Mary!

Happy Creating!

March 22, 2012

Electric Spray Painter Giveaway!!

Calling all DIYer's .........Throw your name in the hat to win this electric spray painter

In January I blogged about the best spray painter I had ever used.  At that time I said, "This is not a sponsored post" it wasn't!  Guess who read my blog post and offered to give one to a reader.

The Command Max people!  Get out of here!
Oh the power of blogging!!!
I want you to know they did not tell me what I had to write, this is just me telling you what I want!
So, I paid for my sprayer and you get a chance to get win one free!

I am going to gush over this product, not because it gets me a darn thing, but because I am totally in love with it!

I have now done 5 marathon paint sessions with my Command Max and I love it more every time I use it!

It is so easy to use, you fill the canister with paint then add a little water to dilute.  Now, they have this little viscosity funnel to use to see when the consistency of the paint is right.  I used it once and now I just eyeball it, we don't have time for that! LOL

You can turn the painting tip to a horizontal or Vertical spray

You can custom mix your colors...Love that, I have used up some of my oop's paints

Clean up is a snap!  You run water through the sprayer and then wash these 3 pieces from the tip!  It's so easy!

I have defeated the canned spray paint gods, and saved a ton of money!!

You can read my post from January with more pictures HERE
You can watch a video by Command Max HERE

OK, the best part...It is $69.95 (How many cans of spray paint is that) if you order it at Ace hardware.  I did my research when I bought mine and found out ACE was the best deal!  The cost on the command Max website is $89.99 and with shipping $102...Go to Ace!  See, they didn't tell me what to write

All you have to do is 
LIKE Home Right the makers of Command Max on Facebook...Click HERE
And leave a comment on this post
That's it folks!  Be sure there is a way I can get a hold of you!

The drawing will be by Random number  and Announced on Monday

I am so thrilled (OK, maybe a little jealous because I paid for mine...LOL) to give one of you a free paint sprayer!

This Giveaway has ended

Happy Creating!

March 19, 2012

A Sweet Little Curio Cabinet

This was a fun transformation, it might be way to sweet for some of you!

I found this great curio that needed just a little help. I almost forgot to take before pictures until after I had taped off the glass

I used heirloom white paint

And added a water slide decal on the inside of the glass.  Since it was on the inside, I had to reverse the image.  The graphic is from Graphics Fairy, I added the rose to the graphic.

The wallpaper is a vintage Laura Ashley

I think it looks like a little apothecary cabinet

This is headed to the Fancy Flea, the show I'm doing in April

Yep, so sweet it it could make your teeth hurt!

Happy Creating!

March 17, 2012

The most gorgeous sewing room I have ever seen

Brace yourself for some serious eye candy!!  I have never seen a sewing room that was this gorgeous!

Mark my words, this room will be all over blog world, magazines, and Pinterest

Introducing my friend.......

Ruby Jeans Sewing room ..........and fabulous blog

I am honored to call Angelina from Ruby Jeans a friend. 

Now, my son calls my blog friends my "Invisible Friends" as if I make them all up LOL!

But, Angelina really is a friend I have come to know and love through blogging.   I am continually amazed at her talent and I know you will be too!

Now run don't walk over to Ruby Jeans and feast your eyes on Her fabulous sewing room!

Happy Creating!

March 15, 2012

Altering Vintage Hats

It's so easy and fun to alter vintage hats 
 I sell a lot of hats in my booth at Orange Tree once I get them all fancied up!

The key, is to find plain hats that are inexpensive  
No one wants unadorned vintage hats......But me!

And now maybe you...With very little effort and skills you can fancy them all up!

I gather up my supplies, hat netting (Purchased from Jo-Annes Fabric), Various trims, velvet ribbon, and vintage jewelry.

I also use fabric flowers, the tutorial is HERE

I altered this plain white hat by removing the tattered vintage netting and reattaching it under a vintage earring...Easy!

I added one of my fabric flowers, netting, leaves and a vintage earring...This is one of my favorites

This pink hat had great bones, I added a fabric flower and vintage pearl pin

This is another of my favorite transformations.  I added ruffled trim around the top of the hat then added netting, a fabric flower, and rhinestone pin

Oh, I like this one too!   I hand stiched a shinny trim around the front rim and a black fabric flower

Here I added a velvet ribbon and vintage rhinestone buckle

Sometimes adding matching vintage pins is all a hat needs

The back of this cute vintage straw hat got a bow of vintage lace and a vintage earring

I usually price my hats between $15-$20.  There is so much you can add to plain vintage hats, I added some feather to a couple of them before I packed them up

I am taking all of these hats to the Fancy Flea, a show I'm doing April 28th in Lakeland florida

Oh, look what I found to transport my hats to the show....

...Fabulous vintage hat boxes I'm going to sell too

There you have it, a few ideas to get your wheels turning

It's easy and fun  

 Everyone can be a Hat Milliner!

Happy Creating!

Joining the party at BrambleBerry Cottage

March 12, 2012

Gesso and Paint Finish

Happy Monday!
 Did everyone survive the time change?  I love having extra daylight, but would rather fall back than spring ahead!

It hasn't been very sunny here in the sunshine state this weekend, so I have not been able to get any big painting  projects done, but did manage to get my gesso on!

I really like the old world finish of gesso

If you visit Rosemary at Villabarnes she has tons of gesso painting variations
Graphics from Graphics fairy

I sprayed the wood frames with Rust-Oleum Slate Blue and then brushed on a heavy coat of gesso (Available at all craft stores) and wiped it back off

  I finished with a light sanding

I've tried using gesso on flat surfaces, but like it best on ornate wood

 Have you tried gesso? 

Happy Creating!

March 8, 2012

A Little Blue Table

If at first you don't succeed, try again!

I found this little white table 

And painted it with an "Oops" green paint.  I know this happens to every one that sells furniture, you get bored with the same old transformations, so once in a while you try something different.  I thought I would do a lace pattern on top with a bronze spray.

Nope, I just wasn't feeling it, so I repainted the top

And copied some old post cards to lay under the glass.  This gives the buyer the option to remove them and at the same time gives them ideas, maybe they could put photo's under the glass

When trying to appeal to buyers I find it is best not to stray to far from the norm if I want a quick sale

I priced it at $38 and put it in my booth at Orange Tree Antiques.  It was a quick sale...But here is the crazy thing....The buyer didn't want the glass top..The nice thick green tinted glass.  So, I have a nice piece of glass for another project!   Crazy!

Happy Creating!