August 30, 2012

Wedding Hangers For The Bride and Bridesmaids

Until my son got engaged I was totally out of the loop as to the latest wedding trends.  Something that is popular now is special hangers for for the bride and bridesmaids

Besides being a gift for the bridesmaids it's also used for pictures, the bride and her maids (That sounds funny) all hang their dresses up before the wedding for a photo

The future DIL and I had thrown around the idea of doing really fancy hangers like the ones I made HERE

But, then the she found white wooden hangers and another Idea was born..... 

We used frame graphics from the Graphics Fairy, photo shopped in a rose, and added their names

These were printed on water slide decals (The water slide tutorial is HERE) and finished with a bow.  The water slide decal makes it look like the graphic was painted right on the hanger

I have to ask the Mother's of the Groom, did it kind of freak you out a little the first time you saw in print "Mrs" with your name?  I never gave it any thought before we made these hangers.  It's kind of like OMG, my kid's getting married, and "She" gets my name LOL!

This weekend my Mom and I are heading from Orlando to Clearwater for the DIL's wedding shower, I'll take lots of pictures to share...Have a great holiday weekend.

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Bracelet corsages

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August 29, 2012

Fabric Flower Bracelet Corsages For The Usherettes

We're in high gear for my son's November wedding...Next on the list.....corsage bracelets for the usherettes

My son's two cousins who are in high school and college are going to be usherettes at the wedding.  My future DIL came up with the idea to make them corsage bracelets

Starting with two pink pearl bracelets 

We made the same fabric flowers used in the bride's and bridesmaids bouquets

The fabric flower tutorial is HERE

After stitching the flowers on the bracelets vintage earrings were hot glued in the center 

Now, to box them up real pretty I cut a section off a roll that fabric came on and used a cupcake box from Michael's Crafts

After covering the roll with fabric the bracelet was nestled in vintage tulle

Then the box was decorated with a ribbon bow and vintage jewels.... 
......OHHH, it turned out so cute...I want one!!

Now the usherettes will have cute little corsage bracelets that match the brides and bridesmaids bouquets 

Oh Ya, I'm in fabric flower heaven and having so much fun!

I have a drawing still going on for Eco Natural Soaps Here

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Bridesmaids bouquets
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August 27, 2012

Vintage Framed Paper Dolls

I love paper dolls, I've been selling them for a couple years in my antiques booth 

OK, I'm not being a bragger butt, I just want to give you a little history...Two years ago when I was a newbie blogger the editor of Romantic Homes Magazine left a comment on my blog that said "If you're ever interested in submitting something for the "Make it" section of The Romantic Homes Magazine, please contact me".  I freaked out, it was 11pm and I barely slept that night.  I thought.... what could I submit???  

 I had just finished framing some vintage paper dolls and thought...Why not, I'll submit this!

And four months later....I was published!  What a kick that was!

So, I have been framing and selling paper dolls in my antiques booth ever since

Along the way I have learned a couple things.  I found they sell better if they are under glass, my first ones weren't

I tried a lot of different adhesives and found the best way to adhere the fabric is with spray adhesive and, double sided scrap booking tape works best for the paper doll and clothes

Sorry, where was I......I price according to the size, frame, and subject matter.  I priced this smaller one at $28

And the larger ones at $36

I think these would be so cute in a nursery or little girls bedroom or a great way to preserve paper dolls you played with as a child

My Moms name is Mary Lou so I made this one for her bedroom, do you see the name "Mary Lou" on the dress tabs

I guess we're never to old to play with paper dolls, I have so much fun making these, picking out the perfect outfits, and of course I dress them to make sure the outfit fits or....Maybe I'm just playing paper dolls?

The winner of The Eco Natural Soap give away by random Number Generator is Pam @ Our Adventures In Home Improvement...Congratulations!

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Savvy Southern Style

August 21, 2012

Eco Natural Soap Giveaway

One of the great parts of blogging is getting to try new products 

I was contact by Eco Natural Soap asking if I would like to try some of their products which range from household cleaners to mineral make up.  

The whole Eco Natural Line is chemical free

They have a forever customer in me!!

I have been searching my whole adult, dry skinned life, for a product that could moisturize my skin....I found it!  

Now, this is me saying this....If you want to have skin that stays soft and moist all day, you have to get the Exotic butters skin balm.  

I am being totally honest here, you will be amazed!  Just a small amount goes a long way!!

All of the products where great, but another favorite was the "Key lime lip balm...Yum! 

And the "AM Moisturizer"

The nice folks at Eco Natural Soap would love to give one lucky reader, 2 soaps, one body balm, and a sample pack of mineral foundation, all of their choice.  

For a chance to win, visit Eco Natural Soap, then come back here and leave a comment letting me know what product you would choose if you won...That's it kids! 

Good Luck!  The Drawing will be by random number generator and closes at midnight Sunday
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August 20, 2012

The Ugly Side Table I Used To Pass Up

You can find these side tables at any thrift or estate sale and I always passed them up until I was looking for a bigger side table for by my couch and thought this might fit the bill

It had a lot of room on top which was what I was looking for and although I usually see them without the drawer I really wanted drawers to throw all of the TV remotes and dental floss in LOL!

It was not much of a looker, but I thought I would see if I could spiff it up

I used a grey paint I had Ace Hardware custom mix

Well, it didn't turn out to bad!  I will definitely pick another one up from time to time to sell in my booth.  

Unfortunately I didn't end up keeping this one because It was way to low when I put it next to my couch.  

So, here's my question......... are couches higher than they use to be  in the 50's and 60's? 

This one went into my booth and sold in a three days for $45.00. I'm still on the look out for the perfect side table for my couch.... It's always fun to be hunting for something!

Happy Creating!

August 16, 2012

Wedding Table Center Pieces

  My future DIL and I are full speed into wedding DIY projects.

It's just 3 1/2 months until my son's vintage themed wedding (The wedding is Thanksgiving weekend...Hello Thanksgiving is 3 1/2 months away!), first up table centerpieces

Here's how the vision came to life....... For a year we have been thrifting mirror trays, picture frames, and silver tea pots

The trays and frames are all different sizes and shapes, but they were all unified.......

By using the "Official" wedding color, Heirloom white

We printed table numbers on vintage sheet music and framed them

And here's the completed centerpiece....She LOVES it!  OOps, you see that little green votive on the tray, that's what will be used instead of the white votive

This is going to be a morning wedding with a brunch reception, so we think the teapots are perfect!

You may have noticed that I said my future DIL and I have been working on the wedding projects......Well, how can that be if she and my son live in DC and I'm in Orlando....News flash, she is staying with me until the wedding.....Why you ask?   Well, she works for the Senate in DC, but is in Florida working on the Senator's re-election campaign.  Since my house is less than a mile from the campaign headquarters this was the perfect place for her to stay and how great is it that she can work on wedding plans and projects while she's here...It's a win, win!   My baby boy is still in DC and will be  down to visit, but don't worry Dora (The Flower Girl) is keeping him company

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August 13, 2012

More Paper Towel Holder Hat Stands

I'm continually making hat stands for my booth at Orange Tree, I thought I would share my latest batch

These old paper towel holders are pretty easy to find at thrift stores and I'm sure they are thrilled to be given a new life all dolled up!

I did a full tutorial on making them HERE  The cliff notes are to take a paper towel holder and glue a half styrofoam ball on the top

It's so fun to pick paint colors

Then have fun choosing fabrics and do dads to dress them up

Of course this is my favorite because it's pink

These will go in my booth at Orange Tree, I price them at $25 and they've been a good seller......Just saying for all my friends that have antiques booths and online stores.

Plus....They are soooo fun to make!!

Happy Creating