September 29, 2011

Salt Shaker Snowmen & Snow Women

Whats a girl to do when she finds a whole bag of salt shakers at the thrift store?

She waits patiently, knowing that some fabulously talented blogger will inspire her!
 That blogger is Mamie Jane's.   Go take a look at her snowmen salt shaker's and while you're there, follow her! She is a crafting magician....I'm not just saying this to suck up to her because I copied her idea, I really mean it, this girl can make anything out of nothing!

Mamie Jane's does the whole tutorial

Here's my princess snowman, can you be a princess and a snowman?...I say equal rights for snow women!

I'm going to put them in my booth at Orange Tree after Halloween
and will probably price them between $5-$7

They're a little kitschy but, adorable, fun to make, and would be great little hostess gifts!

I can't believe I am getting Christmas projects done since the temperature here in Orlando has yet to leave the 90's, finally cooler weather is predicted this weekend, I am going to need my sweater if it gets in the 80's!

Happy Creating!

September 26, 2011

My First Auction

I just attended my very first auction. I loved it, and got some great things to put in my booth!

The weekend before I left to see my Baby Boy in DC (We had so much fun, why do they have to grow up and move away!)
 I went with a friend to my first auction, I was so nervous! 

 Twice I did just like in the movies where I unintentionally placed a bid, one time I was fanning myself and the other time I was scratching my nose!  Thankfully the bid went higher and I didn't have to buy anything I didn't want!

Here's my haul......

...2 fabulous little stools waiting for "Makeover magic"

A whole box of vintage cobbler shoe forms.   I was the only one that bid on these, I guess know one knows what DIYers can do with these!

Old books to alter, a couple are French and I will use those in a decoupage project

A box of assorted jars and glassware, they sometimes sell by the box, so you end up with a little of this and a little of that

An assortment of vintage linen

I love this chippy old scale complete with weights

My favorite purchase of the day was this old rubber stamp printing set, circa 1940's.  I might sell it, but I am looking forward to playing with it first!

I love the excitement of an auction and learned so much.  It took me awhile to figure it all out.  When the bid is $10 and the auctioneer says "Do I hear $15"  I didn't have to go to $15 I could bid $11.  I bet that's auction 101!!!  

 And if you want something, don't wait, get in and bid or it will be gone before you can blink an eye!

This was my first auction and I am soooo hooked, I think this is the first of many!

Happy Creating!

September 19, 2011

Holiday Candle Transformation

It's time to start making my holiday candles

Every year I sell out of my altered Christmas candles in my booth, so this year I thought I would start early.  I am going to do about 30 so, I got started on my first batch.  I don't know about you, but I seem to run out of creative energy if I try to do to much of one project at a time.

Here is the tutorial I wrote last year on making these candles

The one above was made with clay roses. Here is the tutorial for Making Clay Roses

I brought out my vintage bling and attached with my hot glue gun. The larger pins I attached with E-6000

I used the peel and stick rhinestones

After I spray paint my candles with regular acrylic paint I fill them with grout to give them a little weight.  I explain it here in last years tutorial

If I can get enough done I might put some in my online store

This one has a porcelain rose I chipped off a nick knack, the tutorial is here

I look for these candles all year as I am out at estate sales and thrift stores

Here is the one I made for myself last year

So, there you have it, my first batch of Christmas candles

I am heading out tomorrow to visit Baby Boy in DC, I haven't seem him for 9 months!  He is in his last year of intelligence studies and his Girlfriend works for the senate, (Don't tell anyone, but the girlfriend is getting promoted to fiance in the next couple of months)

Last year I took my Mom along and we went from Orlando to DC 17 hours via the Amtrak.  We got a sleeping room and had delusions of it being like the Orient Express.  It was no where near the Orient Express!!!

You can read all about it here.  You will be happy to know I did not "Throw Mama from the train"

This year, I'm flying.  I'll be staying in Old Town Alexandria, right on the main street loaded with cute little shops and boutiques for me to amuse myself while my son is working.  He'll be taking a couple of days off and we will see the sights of DC and get some good bonding time.

See you in a week!
Happy Creating!

September 15, 2011

Washable Fabric Stamping

Stamping on fabric is so much fun, and with the holidays coming up I know you will have tons of ideas

I had this set of white vintage napkins just screaming to be stamped

Now, if you are going to stamp on fabric, and you want it to be washable, you will need an ink pad made for fabric stamping

The ink pads I used are from Joggles, a fabulous online craft store

I used VersaCraft (chocolate and black) and Palette (Cognac)... they run $6-$8
These ink pads are multipurpose and can be used on fabric, paper, wood, clay, etc.

I love this chandelier doily and now I don't have to worry about washing it

Before I stamp on fabrics, I machine wash and dry them; this allows for shrinking and removes any sizing

I apply ink to the stamp before every stamping. I also do a practice run on a scrap of fabric because (And this is the scary part) once I stamp, that's it, no wiping it off and trying again!

After I stamp my fabric, I leave it dry for 2 hours and then heat set it (No steam)

I threw this little tote in the washer and dryer after stamping and it came out perfect!

In the following picture are two strips of sample stamping.  After I stamped the top strip, I let it dry for 2 hours then heat set it before machine washing and drying it.  The one on the bottom was not washed...Yea! There is no difference, no fading!

Even when I tea stained, washed, and dried this little tote...

...It survived just fine

Shoes on a shoe bag..I crack myself up!

The fabric I used on all of my projects is also from Joggles.   It's a luscious 100% cotton fabric called Southern Belle

I had a lot of questions about fabric stamping when I did my post on  "Stamping candles"

When I am stamping on something that won't be washed (Like the strips of fabric tied around my candles), I use regular stamp pads.  I stamp them, let them dry over night, and then heat set.  Be sure to check them for smudging as all ink pads are not the same. 

 I've decided as I replace ink pads I'll only buy "all-purpose" inks that work on fabrics.  This way, I won't have to worry about what 
pad to use with what project.

OK, there you have it...Stamp and wash!

I know you will think if tons of projects!  The Paris napkins are my favorite, oh, but I like the doily too...and the tote bag...and the shoe bag........ Have fun!
Happy Creating!

The ink pads and fabric were compliments of Joggles, but the opinions are all mine!

September 12, 2011

A Pink Vintage Box Transformed


I love this vintage pink quilted box, all she needed was a little dressing up!

I've never seen a quilted box this size or shape, so I am not sure what it was used for, but, oh it had possibilities!

I added vintage crochet lace and a muslin ruffle, then added a vintage paper rose I had been saving for just the right project

I wanted the inside to be just as pretty as the outside

I used one of our favorite graphics from the Graphics Fairy

OK, I am crazy about this I love, love, it!

I'm putting this cute box in my booth at Orange Tree.  Usually I tell you what I price my projects at but, this time I am stumped.  I love it so much I want to charge $100's of dollars LOL!

Realistically I will probably price it between $25-$45?  
Do you have any thoughts on pricing?

Happy Creating!


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September 8, 2011

Shabby Chandelier Makeover

I love when I find  ugly Italian chandeliers

No one else wants them and they are just screaming for a makeover

I really liked this pink one, but went with blue this time.  It proved to be a little more difficult...Note to self, don't use striped fabric!  I did not realize when I started that the dimensions of the top and bottom of the shade where different 

That meant I had to gather it.  I used a glue called Fabri-Tac, from any craft store.   In the end It turned out OK.

Some ruffles and heirloom white spray paint and I was finished

I sell these in my booth at Orange Tree for $65 and they never last long

Don't pass up these ugly lamps!

Happy Creating!


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