October 31, 2010

Crochet Doily Pillows

I was making a crochet doily pillow for my booth and thought I would share how I make them.
Pillows have always been a big seller in my booth and one of my favorite things to make.  The sky is the limit on creativity!

Isn't this little girl darling, of course I got her from Graphic Fairies (I think we should have a Graphic Fairies appreciation day)

I will walk you through making this little french pillow.  Now, this is how I do it, I figured it out through trial and error.  I am sure there is many other ways.

I start with a plain vintage doily, never throw them out if they have a stain or a hole! Just throw them my way!!!

I downloaded and resized a Paris soap label (From Graphic Fairies)

Then copied it onto fabric, the tutorial is Here

Now, center your doily over the fabric image.

You need to leave the center of the doily intact in order to keep it's shape

Now, there are a few ways to center it.

Some images are easy to see though the fabric and you can just center it.

You could hold it up to the light.

You could put a pin in the center of the doily and match it to the center of your image.

I put mine over a flash light because the image was so light and I wanted to get the lettering centered.

Now, give the center of your doily a light spray of adhesive.
Be sure not to spray the crochet edge as it will gum up your needle.........Hum, wonder how I know this?

Sew right along the edge, on the crochet, as close as you can get without sewing into the fabric.. 

You know those awards they give for blog photography....I'm not getting one! 

Now, carefully cut away the doily center as close as you can get without cutting into the crochet.  

Here you have it, now lets put it on the pillow.

I found my heavy tan linen fabric, actually a shower curtain, at Ikea.  It was in the discount area for $1.50 because the hem was out, oh we love a deal!

Once again put a little temporary adhesive in the center of the doily then lay it on your pillow fabric and set your machine to a baste stitch.  Sew the outside of the doily.

You may have to occasionally leave the needle down and raise the presser foot as you sew, as it tends to bunch up.

So there you have it! I added vintage crochet down each side.

Don't limit yourself to pictures, you could use corresponding fabrics, putting the big rose in the center and using the smaller pattern for the pillow or you could insert a cross stitch or embroidered piece in the center of the doily

I will put these pillows in my booth and price this one at

This one for

I made this one was made out of a vintage table runner and I will price it for

 Whenever I read blogs I always wonder how much they charge for an item that they have posted about.  I find myself enlarging their pictures and standing on my head trying to read a price tag that is attached! LOL

If you follow my blog you have figured out, all of my secrets are out of the closet, The Polka Dot Closet that is!

Happy Creating!


October 24, 2010

MORE Holiday Ideas For your Booth or Home

Here is some more holiday ideas for your booth or home.  My last post I showed you some candles for my booth, here is a few more ideas.

As soon as Halloween is over I stock my booth and online store with Christmas products.

It all starts with a snowflake and then I add whatever will give the cute or pretty factor. 

I came across some vintage doll shoes and I love how cute they are on the snow flake.

You could add jewelry or clay roses to your snowflakes.

I have been busy making mosaic Christmas Trees and ornaments for my online store.

Even here in Florida, fireplace wood holders were a good seller in my booth last year.  This is not rocket science! Just a little idea, of course they needed a little shabby redo!

  I like to find wood holders with good bones, like pretty feet.

Add A little paint and ribbon.

I sell these in my booth for $15.00

Well, that's it, I have everything ready to stock my booth for Christmas.  

Happy Creating!


PS: Happy birthday baby boy!  I think as parents we should never pass up the opportunity to embarrass and humiliate our children! LOL

October 18, 2010

Holiday Candle Transformation For Your Booth or Home

These candles were a good seller in my booth last year, so I thought I would share the idea.

These plastic candle sticks are readily available this time of year in thrift stores. 

Quite a motley crew of ugly candle sticks, just waiting for a good scrubbing and some paint.

Here's the big tip!  These plastic candles are very light weight and flimsy.  To make them sturdy I filled them with grout.

A small box of grout cost $5-6

And covered it with felt

OK, let the fun begin!  Time to decorate any way you choose, in any color, with bling, lace, ribbon, or flowers.

How to make clay roses tutorial here

This is a fun and easy project.  I sold them in my booth last year for $6 -8 Each.  I forgot to add glitter, that would have looked good! 

 Any other ideas?

Happy Creating!!!


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October 12, 2010

More Fabric And Starch Projects

Last week I did a post on fabric and starch for a furniture cover and thought I would show you a few more projects.  This is a great way to cover plastic dress forms.

I have tried to sew a cover, but these dress forms have Barbie shapes and it is really difficult.  I just knew there had to be a better way!  Fabric and Starch!  It just molds around all of those curves.

As long as I was on a starching roll, I thought how about this little spice cabinet I was working on.  

Don't pass up a cabinet or mirror just because it has writing on it.  It scrapes off really easy with a razor blade.

 I backed the shelves with fabric, you could of course use spray adhesive, but I love that the fabric easily positions using starch.

That is the ceiling light, it is not in the cabinet!

My next project was a faux chalk board, it was not a real chalk board, it was paint.  I do like the sentiments though!

I painted it white and added cork board.

A little fabric dipped in starch, A post card and some push pins. 

It is all ready to go in my booth with the little spice rack.  I priced them both at $28.00 
 If you are ever interested in purchasing any items I post, I do ship. 

Happy Creating!

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