November 29, 2011

Sending Christmas Post Cards and Ladies Champagne Brunch Invites

For the last few years I have sent Christmas Post Cards instead of regular cards.  I do it for a few reasons.  I can print them out with a short Christmas letter (No one wants to read one of those long letters) on the front.  And a very short, yet personal note to the recipient on the back, plus I save money on postage!

I print 4 to a sheet of card stock

I blurred out names and details so the blog stalking boggie men would not get me!

I use a postcard rubber stamp on the back, but you could just draw a line to divide where you are going to write a note and the address  

Then my personal note...Lord, I have the worst handwriting in the world!

I have 45 Cards ready to be mailed!  I feel like super women!!

I also printed and addressed 25 post card invites to my annual 

"Ladies only Champagne Holiday brunch"

This is way to fun!  Every year, my lady friends come over after church, dressed in their Sunday best and we have brunch, an ornament exchange, and tons of chit's a whirlwind 2 hours.   I started having it on Sundays years ago because everyone seemed to have so many commitments on Friday and Saturday during the Christmas season. It's a great way to stay connected with my girlfriends from all walks of life, it might be the only time we have been able to get together all year!

 Do you host any parties over the Holidays?

Happy Creating!

November 26, 2011

Vintage Book Candle Holder

I have so many old books so I thought....Hum, I wonder if I could make them into candles holders?  This might look good for holiday decorating?

I started by tracing around my candles

Then I clamped the book together leaving the back jacket out of the mix so I could cut through the pages, then glue the back cover to hold the candles in place

I used my jigsaw for the big hole and these red thingys on my drill to cut the smaller holes

Don't worry if they are not exactly perfect holes because you are going to cover them with sheet music or scrap paper

Now I mod podged around all of the pages and the back cover and used the old brick trick and let it dry

If you have a great looking book you could leave the book jacket on, but since mine was an old math book I pulled it off.   Then brought out my stamps and walnut ink and mod podged on a new top page, all of the details are on my post altering books

I think I'll do another one with a Christmas Theme

I put lace around the candles and tied a cord around the book

I know you will come up with great ways to alter this simple project and make it your own....I'm just the idea thrower!

Happy Creating!

November 22, 2011

The Yellow Box & Giving Thanks

This is a World War two ammunitions box that needed a little love

I started with a bright yellow box

When I sanded it I found blue paint under the yellow

I darkened it up a little with some brown gel stain

And added a water slide decal with a graphics from the Graphics Fairy.  I love decals because you can see the wood grain right through them.  

I priced it at $25 and put it my booth at Orange Tree Antiques

If you are an Orlando local, check out the Thanksgiving sale this weekend.  I will have 25% off in my booth

You're the best, you have enriched my life and I am so happy to be a member of this diverse and talented community.  Thank you for your comments and continued support.

Happy Creating!

November 18, 2011

How To Make a Hat Stand

This is a fun and easy project!  

Turning a styrofoam head into a hat stand

I started with a lamp base and a Styrofoam head used in a store for hat displays or wig holders

I got  the styrofoam head from Barr Display, they cost $12.00, this is the same place I got my dress form

I Covered the head with tissue paper from 7 Gypsies

I cut the tissue paper into squares and put the Mod Podge onto the head first and then laid the tissue on.  If you try to put the tissue down and the Mod Podge over it the tissue paper will tear 

I used some lace trim off an old lamp, ribbon and fan folded sheet music 

That I hot glued around the bottom

I topped her off with a matching fascinator

She will be great for displaying hats in my booth.  I would love to cover one with a flowered tissue paper, or even pretty flowered napkins...stay tuned!

My Mom thinks she looks gruesome, OK, next time I will cover her in floral paper LOL!  I'm just throwing out the idea not the paper

Happy Creating!

November 16, 2011

Going to the Shabby Flea

I had so much fun Saturday at
"The Shabby Flea"
This is a wonderful event held twice a year in the cute little historic town of Lakeland which is 1 hour south of Orlando

It is a mix of Shabby antiques, jewelry, primitives, Children's clothes, candles, there was even a booth selling Annie Sloan chalk paint

Paris Rags had the cutest altered clothes

I get so inspired when I go to fairs

You had to wait to get in this booth it was so crowded.  She had gorgeous and unique altered jewelry

I want this, isn't it gorgeous to put on a buffet!

My Friends Kathy And Sue from Suebees took the plunge and did their first fair

I've heard from a few people that have antiques booths and also do fairs, that a lot of money can be made at a fair compared to a booth. 
 I would love to hear your experience!

Doing an antique fair is something that is on my "Bucket list".  I have never done a fair of any type and I Sooo want to give it a whirl.  The Shabby Flea would be perfect because it is just one day from 10-4.  The lugging of product is what gives me pause.....Maybe I could sell feathers!  

Happy Creating!


November 14, 2011

On A Personal Note

I seldom do personal posts, but if a big personal event comes along....I just can't keep my mouth shut!

You ready?   Here goes.....

I'm going to be a MOTHER IN LAW!!!

The love of my life found the love of his life,

Baby boy got engaged and will be getting married in Orlando November 2012

How cool is this, I was taking these pictures as the sun was setting and rays of light fell directly on their hands.

They are sooo perfect for each other and it appears a divine power agrees!

OK, I can handle it......... let me hear the "Mother in Law Jokes"!

Happy Creating!

November 10, 2011

Dining Room Make Over With The Fabric I Became Obsessed With

I don't often see something that I can't live without, but when my friends Stacy And Sissie both posted this picture on their blogs...I simply had to have that fabric!

I lost my mind looking for it, I Googled all over the place, pink toile, angel toile, etc, etc,....Then there it was..I purchased it from Carousel Designs and took a sigh of relief when it was only $11.90 a yard, because I had to have it at any cost.

I wanted to use it to redo my dining room

I didn't totally hate the dining room as it was, but my....How should I say this..."Fluffier" friends, did not feel that the vintage folding chairs were sturdy enough

So, I found these chairs for $10 a piece at the antique store

And with a little love, heirloom white paint, and 2" foam cushions..... I have to add, that it took forever to work the corners of the cushions so I wouldn't have any creases or bunching of fabric...Hum, maybe 1" foam would have been OK!

My vision came to life...Don't you love it when that happens!

But, then I didn't love the window bench

So, with a little help from Billie

I decided to slip cover it

Then it all came together!

I have a small house in downtown Orlando, so we aren't talking a huge dining room here, but the antique table opens up and I have seated (Squeezed) 8 people in my little dining room.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I purchased the rug many years ago at Target, I wish I had bought two!  

My Mom thinks my dining room would be perfect if I would just paint that old chippy table LOL!

Baby boy is visiting from DC, so if I don't get back to you right away it's because I'm busy waiting on him hand and  foot...Something Mom's do when grown kids visit!

Happy Creating!