October 27, 2016

Hollywood Regency Bathroom Redo

Hollywood Regency Bathroom Redo

Slowly over the last 2 years I have been redecorating my house from one end to the other.  

Next up.....The guest bathroom

When I bought the house 11 years ago, it had the original 1984 blue bathroom.  
When I moved in I redid it to reflect the shabby cottage look I had in the rest of the house. 

I just finished giving it ANOTHER make over

I kept all of the fixtures, removed the wallpaper (What a pain) and painted the walls "Cement Grey" 

Then it was just a matter of glamming it up....A fancy 
Bed Bath and Beyond shower curtain

I used the same shelf........

.......And added some fancy new hand towels

And a blinged up soap dispenser

The total investment was $150 and sweat equity

Not a huge change, but not a huge investment either!
The same bathroom 3 ways.  Reflecting my ever evolving taste in decorating
Next up.....The office, I am almost finished and will show you soon.
Happy Creating!