May 28, 2013

Cabinet Door + Ornate Picture Frame = Edwardian Style Mirror

Many Months ago I bought an antique mirrored cabinet door at an estate sale which by itself was a great wall hanging. Then a friend gave me an Edwardian era, ornate picture frame.....Ah, I envisioned the marriage of both pieces

Here is the cabinet door with a gorgeous beveled mirror and the frame that was literally falling apart!

I cut the frame to fit the top and bottom of the mirror, then used wood glue and nailed it on with my nail gun.  The ornate gesso was literally falling off the mirror

So, I glued the pieces back on with E-6000 and then used epoxy putty to fill in multiple gaps and tried to match the pattern as best I could

I sprayed the whole frame with flat black paint and then brushed on Martha's crackle effect.  I don't do a lot of crackled finishes, but wanted to really age this piece 

When the crackle effect dried I painted a coat of heirloom white homemade chalk paint

Then went over the whole piece with Annie Sloan dark wax

I added the coat hooks because I thought it gave the piece more purpose

Then put the mirror in my booth at Orange Tree and priced it at $95...Does that seem to high?  No matter how long I do this I am always second guessing myself!

You know how I usually say in my cheery voice..."This was an easy project"...Well, this was NOT, Oh my gosh, in the end I love it but,........ I think I shall move onto an easier project lol!

Happy Creating

May 22, 2013

Bulletin Boards With Shabby Lace Pockets

Shabby Bulletin Boards

Adding pockets to a bulletin board is not only useful, but you get to have fun using up bits and pieces of lace and crochet doilies in the process!

The first thing I did was gathered up all of my lace and crocheted bits and pieces, buttons, and jewels

I painted a vintage frame with heirloom white paint and used foam board from the dollar store.  I cut two pieces of foam board to fit the frame then used adhesive spray to glue the two boards together, giving it a good thickness for a bulletin boare

I layered different crochet pieces and sewed the individual pieces together for the pockets

Then sewed the individual pieces onto cotton Osnaberg fabric I purchased from JoAnn's Fabric

I used spray adhesive again and glued the fabric to the poster board, then added buttons and glued buttons on top of push pins

The second one I made a little fancier with jewels, and bridal lace

I glued vintage earrings to push pins

Having pockets on the bulletin board comes in so handy for business cards and important pieces of paper that don't need to be pinned, but you don't want to lose

Just imagine how much fun you can have with this project and how many variations you can come up with....... There's no limitations to your creativity!


Happy Creating
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May 16, 2013

Lining A Picnic Basket And Using Gum paste Molds For Plaster Appliques

It has been a year since I've up cycled a picnic basket.  I'm tickled pink about this one lined in a Laura Ashley pink rose print

Here's the one I lined last year with a vintage blue table cloth

Before I show you my picnic basket I want to share two great giveaways I recently won. A beautiful hand painted cake server from Graceful Rose and a cute ball and button garland from Cutie Pie Cottage .....All in pink...They just scream Carol..THANK YOU!

Before I lined the picnic basket I actually had to refresh my memory by looking at the full tutorial I did last year...You can find it HERE..It's tough being blonde LOL!

I started with a thrift store picnic basket

And a $5.00 Laura Ashley plastic and flannel lined table cloth I found a while ago at TJ Max.  Just as an FYI, using a floral or pattered fabric will hide a multitude of sewing errors!

A plastic table cloth is perfect for lining a picnic basket so any spills can easily be wiped out

First I spray painted it with heirloom white paint

Then used plaster appliques I made in a Wilton gum paste mold..The full tutorial on making plaster appliques in gum paste molds is HERE

After attaching the plaster appliques with E-6000 glue I went over the whole basket with Annie Sloan dark wax that I mixed with clear Minwax so it was not quite as dark.  The wax gave a touch of  definition to the appliques and sealed the basket

OK, on to the inside.....The full lining tutorial is HERE

Pockets for silverware, napkins, salt and pepper, or condiments

I priced last years basket for $45 and it sold within a week in my booth at Orange Tree Antiques.  So I will price this years basket the same

So, there you have it Carols annual basket, doesn't it make you just want to go on a picnic? 

Happy Creating!

May 13, 2013

What Sells and What Doesn't: The Downton Abbey And Great Gatsby Influence

I'm a huge fan of Downton Abbey and I can't wait to see The Great Gatsby next week. 

How will the popularity of these 1920's shows affect what we sell?  

I was excited last week to read an article in my local newspaper The "Orlando Sentinel" entitled 
"Buying a bit of Downton" 

The article said Gareth Neame, Executive Producer of Downton Abbey told CNBC that the show is about to put out a large line of merchandise.  "We'll be working across an entire range of products coming out this year.  From fashion, apparel and home ware and furniture to wallpapers, beauty products and stationary".


The June 2013 issue of Romantic Homes has a drool worthy article entitled "A Downton Abbey Tea"

So, this brings me to the question, how will this affect what we sell in antique malls and other selling venues?

I am not the expert here so, I researched some decorating sites and asked a friend who is a decorator and another friend who is a decorator/antiques dealer.  Last year at a design conference my friend went to, Downton Abbey was a huge topic and everyone was in agreement that we are going to see new trends in decorating.  Home furnishings that have become very casual over the last decade will be trending to a more formal look inspired by Downton Abbey.

Here is some of the items that will be gaining in popularity...... Should we be looking for them as we treasure hunt to stock our booths and selling venues?

 Silver plate trays, tea sets, utensils, fancy spoons, forks, and serving pieces...Many of the contributors to my "What sells and what doesn't" series are already seeing increased sales of these items

Carved ornate frames with a gold finish 

Vintage Portrait pictures

Richly upholstered furniture and gilded finishes
I guess I had a jump on the gilded trend when I painted my entrance cabinet

For the dining room- Fancy china, tea cups, formal and monogramed napkins and table cloths.  For about 3 years I was not able to sell tea cups, but recently they are selling again.  I find they have to be priced between $10-$12

  Formal center pieces, candle holders, and ornate gold light fixtures.

Now, the fun part......... Apparel

Hats, hats, and more hats..Yea! I am already seeing this, I recently did a post on Altering vintage hats and I am thrilled that all but two have sold.  I would love if wearing hats came back into vogue

Large jewelry 

by Marty White Designs on Etsy

And gorgeous clothes from the 1920's 

I love Downton Abbey and I admit I'm seeing an increase in sales of some of the items listed above.  I have started incorporating silver into my home, but I would hate to see the "Shabby Look" trend out in favor of a more formal decor!

So.....Let me throw this out to you...Whether you are a Seller, Decorator, or just an Avid shopper...I would love to know what you are hearing and Seeing.  Is formal trending in?  Is shabby trending out?  

Happy Creating!