December 19, 2015

Hot Chocolate And Cookies Christmas Party

Time to finish the Christmas decorating for the hot chocolate and cookies party

....One weekend every year the lake behind my house is decked out for the holidays with luminaries.  I host a hot chocolate and cookies party for friends and neighbors then we all walk the lake.....We'll get to that in a minute..First the decorating

I always put my Christmas decor in the same place every year...Since I just redid my living room, I had to figure out where everything goes in the new living room layout.  I also had to sort through my decorations picking the ones that would match with the new style.

My white tree has turned an antique white since it is stored in my hot Florida attic... I kind of like it's vintage coloring.

I made new Christmas stocking to reflect the Hollywood Regency look

Ok, now the hot chocolate and cookies party...I made a large crock pot of hot chocolate then put out some "holiday cheer" whip cream and marshmallows, for people to add to their hot chocolate

And some cookies and candies

It was 85 degrees the evening of the party so I turned the air down to make the house a little chilly.  Then the hot chocolate made sense lol!

We all took our drinks and walked around the lake

It was such a fun get together!

So that's it, a little Christmas decorating, a little party, and a little Holiday Cheer!

Happy Creating