December 29, 2011

My Meanest Comment in 2011...But, Oh So Funny!!!

I wanted to end 2011 with a good laugh!

Last March I posted about a gun rack I transformed into a plate rack

I LIKED the way it turned out

Now, wait for it......You'll get a "Bang" out of this!

First I have to tell you, I had tons of Google hits on this post and I  think it was the Boys wearing camouflage  looking for a gun rack and one of them did not like what I did with a gun rack!

The comment came in as Anonymous....Surprise.  I didn't publish it, but I did save it just for you!

Here it is just as I received it bad spelling and all!!

Of all the things to do with a gun rack... Why would you 

turn it into little miss muffets` half assed attempt at 

decorariting an old ladies senior home! Forget the plates 

and load it with depends, cause the only person with taste 

that bad is going to need them!

on 7/6/11

Are you snorting with laughter?   

Now, I subscribe to the saying "If you don't have anything 

nice to say...Don't say anything at all"

But, I got the last laugh, I sold the plate rack to a   

20 something hip girl  

....And from what I could tell she was not wearing DEPENDS 


Old Ladies Senior Home 

Ok, so I had one bad comment, but I want to thank you for 

4721 Kind, sincere, and inspiring comments I received in


Happy New Years


Happy Creating!


December 27, 2011

Vintage Paper Covered Suitcase and Shelf

I had such a great Christmas. What a whirlwind of fun!
My last project before Christmas was to transform this train case screaming"Make me over"

This time I got my "paper" from Crafty Secrets an online craft store carrying vintage paper and art stamps.  They Sent me a CD to tryout filled with vintage patterns and extras.

You can use the graphics on the CD just as they are or you can put them in photoshop, alter the colors, and layer on extras, like I did with the rose...Complete with great instructions!

The color of this suitcase was in the ball park of the paper I choose

I simply printed the vintage pattern onto regular copy paper

Then Mod Podged it onto the suitcase.  One little tip is to brush the Mod Podge onto the suitcase and then lay the paper on top, if you get to heavy applying the Mod Podge, it may make the ink run...Bummer!

I finished the suitcase off by hot glueing (After trying many glues, hot glue was the only thing that did not bleed through and discolor the ribbon) ribbon over the seams and giving it a spray of Walnut ink for a little age.

I also used printed vintage paper from the CD on this cute little shelf

Both are headed to my booth at Orange Tree.  We are in season at the antique mall between snowbirds and tourist, I'm having a crazy time trying to keep my booth stocked, and loving every minute of it!!

Happy Creating!

You won't want to miss my post on Thursday.  I'm going to reveal my meanest comment (Hysterical) of 2011!

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December 22, 2011

Wishing You a Merry Christmas, This Picture Says It All

Babyboy is leaving tonight to drive 13 hours from DC to Orlando (Add a few grey hairs) to join us for Christmas.  Before I sign off for the holiday I wanted to share with you this email I received from a friend. 

So the story goes....This Nativity scene was erected in a church yard and during the evening some parishioners came across this scene

An abandoned dog was looking for a comfortable, protected place to sleep.  No one had the heart to send him away, so he was there all night, curled up in the comfort of baby Jesus' lap

To make it even sweeter, the dog breed is a shepherd

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas!


December 19, 2011

Collecting Vintage Wedding Dresses

I have a thing for wedding dresses. I love them......looking at them,touching, photographing,and only occasionally selling them

This is my newest purchase,it was $12.00. Theres a lot of lace and fabric on this dress for $12.00

I buy them thinking I will use the fabric, lace,or appliques for other projects, Occasionally I do...

....But, usually I don't

Believe it or not there's more

Lets keep this little obsession of mine a secret. It's a good thing the future DIL already has a dress because...

...I just couldn't possibly part with one of mine!

Happy Creating!

December 15, 2011

Vintage Bottle Labels

I'm in love with vintage bottles...Along with wedding dresses, fabric, lace, buttons, etc. etc.

I picked up a box of bottles at auction

And added water slide decals on these seltzer bottles with graphics from Graphics Fairy

While the water slide decal was still wet I rubbed it to take some of the writing off, I love the translucent effect I get from the water slide decals

I'm thinking these look 100 years old...OK, Maybe 20 years old

I kept one to put in my linen cupboard

and put the other two in my booth at Orange Tree 

So, what's your weakness?? fabric,lace,bottles,buttons.........

Happy Creating!
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December 12, 2011

Ladies Only Champagne Holiday Brunch

Yesterday was sooo much fun, my annual 
"Ladies only champagne holiday brunch".  I had the candles lit and the tree dressed

I'm embarrassed by my minimal holiday decorating.  Some of your houses are literally jaw dropping, I had no idea how much decorating people did until I started blogging

That's it kids...YIKKES I hope I don't get kicked out of blog world!

Whats a good shabby tree without a princess crown.....See it right in the center of the tree?

On to the party......

My dress form was keeping watch over the champagne punch bowl

Of course there was coffee and tons of food....I didn't take a picture of the food.....geez!

One benefit of having a small house is when I have more than 15 guests it seems like a huge party because we're packed in like sardines!

Here's some of my guests.....Kelly, Eileen, and Liz

Luci and my Mom

Oh, I hate to tell you folks "Up North", but it was a gorgeous day here in Orlando so, I set the outside tables

Which gave me more room 

I hate pictures of myself, but I guess bloggers like to know who the person behind the blog is sooooooo....OK


 If I make the picture smaller it's not quite so bad!

Do you have any Christmas parties planned?


December 8, 2011

How To Make a Romantic Lace Covered Dress Form/Giveaway Winner

Before I show you how I made this lace covered dress form... 
I want to thank everyone that entered the dress form giveaway, goodness what a response! 
 We love our dress forms! OK time to announce the winner....Drum roll please....By Random number generator...CeeKay-Thinkin of Home!

I had a blast making this lace dress form.  This is where you pull out the good stuff, the vintage lace, appliques, and bling you have been saving

All you need is a glue gun

I'm inserting a public service announcement here. I purchased a low heat glue gun, it's fabulous, and your fingers will thank you! It 's all I use now, I can put my finger right in the glue and no burns!  I don't see any difference in the strength of the glue at all!

I laid the form on her back and covered her with lace, pulling the lace tight and hot glueing around the outside edge then adding a few dots of glue between the bust.

Now, it's time to have some fun.  

Glueing on the precious things I had been saving.  Look close, you will see a vintage lace collar down the sides, appliques I took off a vintage dress, pearls.....

...Circles of vintage lace I bunched together to formed a plunging V and topping it off with hand rolled silk flowers from a vintage veil along with pearls and a pin. I finished by adding a little skirt of vintage lace

That's it, you can do this!!  

Thank you again for your huge response to this giveaway and thank you Barr Display!

I think every girl deserves a dress form and this one (Undressed) is only $20.95 
Here's the details on ordering 

 I'd like to see a show of hands....Do you own a dress form, vintage, new, full, half, hanging...Any form?

Happy Creating!


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December 5, 2011

Dress Form Giveaway!!!

Drawing closed
I'm so excited to giveaway a dress form to one lucky follower to transform anyway you like!

 When I first posted this dress form covered with sheet music last May, I wrote in the post "Just so you know, Barr Display (the company that sells the dress forms) has no idea I exist"

Fast forward 7 months, they now know I exist! I received thousands of hits on that post,and the company that sells them "Barr Display" started receiving orders.
Julia their sweet Marketing Manager said We'd love to give YOU one to transform (The Lace One) and 
Give a dress form away To a follower to transform anyway they choose!!

If you don't win, you can purchase this dress form for only $20.95
This is two parts, the form and the base.
  The form can be used alone and has a swivel hanger.
The form is $8.98 
The base is $12.00
The form and base are #8020 and come in black and white. Put #8020 into the search box
The shipping is actual cost
Barr Display is the store. 

Barr Display also carrys everything you need for store displays

This Giveaway is closed

Good Luck!

Happy Creating!


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