September 26, 2014

Padding An Existing Headboard....It's Changeable, Not Permanent, And Won't Harm The Wood

When I did my Hollywood Regency Bedroom I was really stumped by what to do with the headboard of my bed.   After some  thought I came up with a way to make a padded headboard.....One that is not permanent, can be changed or removed and leaves the wood undamaged

I started with this beautiful ornate head and footboard I purchased at an antique store for $130.   I didn't use the footboard, I'll save that for another project.   I contemplated painting it white and then using a silver rub to highlight the scroll work, but the more I looked at it the more I liked the wood and it matched the brown tile on the floor.

But......It was to MUCH wood, so I thought a good compromise would be padding the headboard.....But in doing so I didn't want to ruin the wood.....So here's what I did

I made a pattern of the headboard using wrapping paper, the only paper I had on hand that was big enough to make a pattern

Then I got two pieces of foam board from the dollar store and taped them together with duct tape

Then laid the wrapping paper pattern on top of the foam board

And cut around it

Next I covered the foam board with batting

That I adhered with an all purpose spray and trimmed the batting close to the foam board

The final step was laying the fabric on top of the batting and adhering it with hot glue on the backside.   I cut slits to make it lay flat and tight at the curves

The final step was to attach the covered foam board to the wooden headboard using pieces of double stick tape

Then I stood back and admired a pretty good optical illusion..... 

....It looks like a real padded headboard

This would be a great way to change up any headboard ....Heck I could switch out the headboard for the seasons.  And if your headboard is square and not ornate and scrolly like mine it would be sooooo easy!

....The best part....No headboards were injured in this process.

Happy Creating!

September 14, 2014

Hollywood Regency Bedroom Reveal

I'm finally finished with my bedroom redo.  I was going for a Hollywood Regency look.  I'm not sure if I followed all the "Rules"of Hollywood Regency, but..... 

......I feel mighty glamorous lounging in my new bedroom!

Here's the before and after picture.  By putting the bed against the wall with the windows, the room seemed instantly bigger...Go figure!

I wanted to use wallpaper behind the bed....But, Holy cow have you priced wallpaper lately?  So, plan "B"...After painting all of the walls with Sherwin Williams Mountain Air paint

I found a much cheeper option to wallpaper...A stencil.  I was thrilled when I found this great Art Deco stencil from "Cutting Edge Stencil"

I really struggled to get good photos.  The room has very little natural light...Great for sleeping...Horrid for pictures!

Now I was on to the fun stuff..Decorating

I found the high chest of drawers at Vintage Living Market Place while on my East Coast of Florida road trip

I knew I wanted a starburst but, after no luck searching antique stores I found this one at Stein Mart.  I was thrilled to find this white lady bust at Ross for $9.99!

The little blue slipper chair was a yard sale find from many years ago.   It was $11.00 and the lady said her mother had brought it from France.  

I slip covered it for my living room and completely forgot what was underneath.... I was going to recover it for the bedroom and when I took the slipcover off....OMG...It was perfect!


The pole lamp in the corner was another Vintage Living Market Place find.  I couldn't resist since it came complete with some sparkly bling.

On the other wall is the broken china mosaic dress form I made....

.......I think it has found a perfect home

The throw on the end of the bed is from Ikea

The pillows are from Home goods

You can read about my lampshade hat box Here

I've had this dressing table for many years.  I finally got around to painting the jewelry chest

I'll do a blog post soon on the easy temporary padded headboard and the cheapest easiest way to make a drapery cornice board.

Well....I'm off.... I think I'll put on my silk pajamas, grab a martini and lounge in my bedroom!

Happy Creating

September 8, 2014

Making A Lamp Shade Out Of A Hatbox

Before I reveal my Hollywood Regency Bedroom, I want to show you a couple small transformations I've done for the room......First up.... Making a lampshade out of a hatbox
(You must use an LED lightbulb with a cardboard lampshade)

I found this great hatbox at Home Goods.....

 ......for $6.99.   It was just the right color and look I wanted for the bedroom

For the heck of it I put it on one of my lamps and....Eureka...It looked pretty good!

So....I glued the lid on and cut out the bottom of the box

Then cut a hole in the top for the crystal finial

Important....YOU MUST USE AN LED LIGHTBULB....OR YOU WILL BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!!!!   LEDs never get hot and are cool to the touch even after being on for hours.   This allows it to be used with a cardboard shade.   

Think of all the possibilities for using vintage hatboxes as lampshades

More to come!

Hum...think I should find a picture to put in the frame?

Happy Creating

Partying with My Salvaged Treasure Vintage Inspiration Party

September 2, 2014

More Florida East Coast Stores

On my last post I showed you a new Florida East Coast Store Vintage Living Marketplace...Well that was not the only store I visited on my Road Trip.

You will love these stores too!  First up is Vintage Soul in historic downtown Melbourne, Florida

Check out the vintage slips used as curtains in the dressing room

Keep that drool cloth out....My next stop was just down the road at Rehab Vintage Market  (I love the name) the market is located in A cute house filled with all the rehabbed treasures we love! 

I also visited Wildwood Antiques Mall in Melbourne....Oh my gosh, it was one of those huge malls that had what seemed like 100's of vendors.  I bought these cute lamps for my bedroom there

  I ran out of time to visit two stores, but will on my next visit....One is Vintage Venue a huge warehouse filled with vintage treasures and the other is just opening called East Coast Vintage

The Melbourne area of Florida has the best in vintage stores.......And all of these stores are in about a 10 mile radius.

I'm almost done with my Hollywood Regency bedroom...

Here's a sneak peak of the stencil I used on the wall....I will start showing my bedroom projects on my next post.

Happy Creating