January 29, 2011

A Very Funny Custom Order

Meet the Timmy Doll!

Like many of you with online stores, I get a lot of custom orders.

When I got this call I said "You want me to make WHAT???"
Hang with me while I explain this special order.

Mike the soon to be groom 

Has been life long friends with Timmy

When Mike, the Groom, first met the soon to be Bride

He Explained that He and Timmy were best friends and a package deal.  

Throughout the courtship and engagement there was a lot of good natured kidding about.....Exactly what does a package deal mean???

The Bride said "That's Ok, but he is not coming on the Honeymoon!"

I think the bride will be surprised 

As she nestles into her honeymoon suite

Because the custom order was a Timmy Doll

The front

the back

The Groom, a huge jokester, is bringing The Timmy doll on the honeymoon!

The Timmy doll will make his first appearance on the honeymoon bed

And plans to join them in the car

And of course the Timmy Doll will be present for all of the romantic dinners

Here's wishing that they all live


January 26, 2011

Shabby Chandelier

Taking a very average thrift store light fixture and transforming it into the perfect romantic shabby chandelier to sell in my booth.

These light fixtures are easy to find

I gave it a spray of heirloom white.

 I usually cover the shades with fabric, but I found these perfect faux raw silk looking shades and decided all they needed was a little shabby rose treatment.

I used some paper flowers I found in the craft store bridal section then cut scraps of fabric and lace in oval shapes.

Here is the big tip.....get your hands wet/damp and then take the whole pile of fabrics, scrunch and roll it up in your hands

This will give you a pile of perfectly frayed and shabby fabrics.  I used the scissors and poke a hole in the center of the fabric pieces then pushed the wire stem from the paper rose through the pieces of fabric.

Of course we can't call it a chandelier until we hang some crystals

I used a jewelry making double cup connector and a dab of glue to attach the crystals, more on buying and attaching crystals HERE and HERE

I sell these in my booth for $50-$65 depending on how many arms, the shades, and how crazy I go with the crystals.  These are good sellers and usually go within a week.

Still Not sold UURRGHH!     
                             I hope your having a great week!
                   Happy Creating!


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January 23, 2011

My $2200.00 Cat

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled DIY programming to introduce you to Billie and Martin.
Billie did not cost $2200.00 that is what it cost to keep her alive, I will get to that in a minute.

Billie is a Ragdoll cat, if you are not familiar with the breed, they are called Ragdolls because of their easy going nature.   When you pick them up they go limp like ragdolls.  They are often called puppy cats, as they act more like puppies, following you around, greeting people at the door, and having no fear of anything.

As cute as she is, she is a chewer and that is what got her in trouble 5 years ago when she was just a little over a year old.  She was not eating and vomiting, 3 trips to the vet, lab tests, IV's, antibiotics,

Now we are into the 4th of July weekend and had to go to the emergency vet $$$$$$ only to discover she had something blocking her intestines.
She had surgery and the vet came out after and said "I usually have no idea what they have eaten, but by looking at the red nose this is a plastic mouse"

Yes, this is the plastic body and head of a toy mouse that came out of her intestines....Now. how in the world did she swallow that !!!  So, I did not start out to spend that kind of money, but my rule of thumb is, if my pets can be fixed and live full, happy lives, then I gotta do, what I gotta do to make them well.

My other love is Martin

Martin was rescued from the pound when he was 2, he is much smarter then Billie, but kind of a scardy cat around everyone but me.

Even though they are both fixed Martin loves Billie, sometimes a little to much, if you know what I mean! LOL


  Wishing you a PUUURRFECT Day!     

Next blog post, back to our regularly scheduled   DIY, Shabby, Rose, programming.

January 20, 2011

A Shabby Rose Stool

I had all intentions of covering this stool and selling it in my booth, but when I finished, I thought nope, it is staying right here!

Oh, look I got artsy, I tipped the camera and blurred the edges

It was just your standard $5.00 thrift store stool.

The first thing I did was went to my newly organized linen closet

If you had any thoughts of organizing your linen closet, don't put it off, do it now!  It is so fun to see all of the fabrics you have to choose from.

I decided to slip cover this one instead of upholster it because I was to lazy to paint the legs.  Just lay your fabric right side down over the stool and then pin it up the side and put a pin right at the top where you want the seam to end. 

I pin it loosely and then sew the seam on the inside of the pins closest to the stool, this will get you a nice tight fit.  Then just sew the trim and skirt on.

I used a Mary Rose fabric for the top, vintage trim, and a vintage damask table cloth on the bottom.  It is hard to see, but the damask was a really light pink.

When I finished, I brought it in and sat it next to my covered white chair and thought....This baby is not going anywhere!

 I love that it is a slip cover, I can take it off and throw it in the wash.....Cat hair!

Now, I have a deal with myself, if I bring something in I have to take something out. So, I am going to sell the stool that was originally in that spot.

So, which category do you fall into?

OCD - obsessively and compulsively need order and Hate clutter
 Hoarder - You hate to get rid of anything you make


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January 18, 2011

The Little Brown Table That Won't Sell

Anyone that has an online, brick and mortar store, or booth, knows what I am talking about.  You have a perfect item for sale and it just won't sell!

I have had this table in my booth for 8 months.  

Now, lets face it if we all knew what would sell we would all be millionaires, sometimes it just drives you crazy trying to figure it out. 

This is A picture of my booth in August
 See it there in the back, the brown table, now granted it does not go with the whole pink and white vibe, but everyone said, you can't paint it, this is a "Mersman"
A Mersman is a really good piece of vintage furniture and I guess it is a CRIME to paint it.........Well, Arrest me!
You are all going to have to visit me in jail!

I gave it the full shabby treatment

Vintage paper in the drawer and tassels

I left the feet with the original "Claws" and a little distressing and glaze to bring out the detail

I put it back in my booth today at Orange Tree
I had it originally priced at $125 because that is what the last "Mersman" table in the mall sold for.  Then I started the reductions $85 $65 $42....I called UNCLE!  
I took it home, painted it, polyurethaned it, lined the drawer, added a tassel and repriced it for $65.00

Will it sell???  How long do you think it will take......I suppose it is illegal to put money on this little bet?
I'll let you know!

Happy Selling