June 27, 2011

Vintage WallPaper Covered Suitcase

This little suitcase just makes me want to take a trip

I found this little train case at a thrift store

Then I went to our favorite place the
 Graphics Fairy, I don't know how I would do projects without Karen!

There is a whole section on vintage wallpapers

I picked this one

I think using real wall paper would be difficult because it is so thick and all of the corners involved in covering the suitcase

I printed this out on plain typing paper

And gathered my supplies

Then Mod Podged the paper on and sprayed a little Walnut ink to age it.

I had to make a few cuts of paper around the handle but, I think it looks fine

I added the polka dot ribbon for two reasons:

I like polka dots....Hum guess why?

And I needed to cover the edges of the suitcase, I had messy edges, I hate messy!

I am going to put this in my booth at Orange Tree and price it at $38.00

I think this would be cute with Word graphics printed on the paper, or sheet music.

I know you'll figure out something fabulous, I'm just the idea thrower.

Happy Creating!

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June 24, 2011

It's A Really Big Day! In My Booth, What's Selling, and Whats Not

Finally it sold!

   I have blogged off and on about this little table that wouldn't sell.  I have had it for sale almost a  year!  

I posted in January about this little table, at that time I pulled it out of my booth and painted it white.  It has been in my booth since August!  It was a gorgeous little table and priced right, go figure!

The table finally sold to Sweet Josie a follower.  She drove an hour to Orlando to buy the Bird bench from this post and probably thought 
"Poor Carol she still has this table"!

Josie, thank you, I hope you enjoy the table and the bird bench.

I hope I don't have Creepy lady  for a year.  She has not sold yet and every time I go to my booth she is in a different spot, she is never where I left her.......CREEPY. 

She definitely needs a new home!

And finally I have had a ton of fun trying my hand at altering vintage clothes.  

The slip I altered and showed you HERE sold immediately to a college student. 

We have a private college close to the antique store and the young people are always shopping in the store.  They are interested in really old stuff like from the 1970's and 80's..........GROAN!

I was wondering for those of you that have booths, antique stores, or even antique shoppers, if you are seeing an increase in young people shopping for antiques?  

Happy Creating!


For those interested, we can continue the Casey Anthony conversation with comments HERE

June 22, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial, Too Close To Home!

The Casey Anthony trial is literally too close to home.  The Orlando court house is about a mile from my house.  

I grabbed my camera and a friend and went downtown today to have lunch and check it out

We ended up having lunch with Casey Anthony's Attorney Jose Baez!  Well kind of, you will just have to hold on and I will tell you the story

First, excuse the brief break from my regularly scheduled DIY posts.  Heck, I keep forgetting this is my blog and I have wanted to get your opinions  on this trial for a while.

Since this case started I have been riveted to every snippet of news I could get.  I have told my friends I feel like I am sequestered with the jury.  Living in Orlando everyone knows someone associated with the case.
I have a friend that worked with her as a nurse, and yet another friend who was on the Mock trial for Anthony featured on the 48 hours news show.  

All the major news stations have built temporary studios on scaffolding across the street from the court house

News trucks line the street

Me, waiting to host Court TV (Just kidding)

This is where Nancy Grace reports her "Bomb Shell" program from her studio on wheels

50 tickets for the trial are handed out each day at 4pm.  I was there at noon and 30 people were lined up.  I could have waited in line for a ticket to tomorrows trial, but it was 200 degrees in the shade today (Well almost)

We hung around as the trial let out at noon.  

Cindy and George Anthony leaving the courthouse.

The State Attorneys....Hum, I should have been quicker with the camera!

Casey Anthony's defense team

Here's two ladies that really enjoyed their time in court today, maybe the lady on the right is just upset because her pants are sticking in her crotch

After all of the excitement was over my girlfriend and I went across the street to have lunch.  The restaurant was loaded with local news personalities.  We were just finishing our lunch when my girlfriend who was staring at the door, started to make noises, I was looking at her like "What's the matter with you!"

Yep, you guessed it, 3 feet away from our table they seated the defense team.

So, we ordered dessert and stared while trying to eavesdrop.

This trial is the primary topic of conversation in Orlando.

I was wondering if there is a lot of news coverage on this trial where you live?  Did it make international news?

I would love to know if you think Casey Anthony is:

Guilty or Innocent?

Will she do jail time or walk?

What do you think happened to this sweet little angel, Caylee?



June 19, 2011

My Front Patio Transformation...... One Thing Leads to Another!

OK, how many of you have been down this road?  You take a few minutes out of your day to do one little thing and then one thing leads to another, and another, and another..

This is the story of how I got to this..

When I started with this?

It all began when I found out I was the lucky and excited winner of this enamel address sign from Debbiedoo's blog giveaway

I went out and put the sign over my mail box.  It looked mighty fine!  Then I noticed my mail box was looking a little worse for the wear!

So, I just spruce it up with a little paint 

Much better!

I stood back to admire my work and realized the front door was looking a little, well, black.  Not a problem, I just made a door hangy thing

Lookin better but, wait....Goodness I could not believe how much the chair covers had faded.

 Three years ago these chairs had bright pink flamingos on them. 

 Blame it on the blazing Florida sun!

OK, I got the chairs recovered, much better!

Oh no, look at this dreary little corner of the patio, wow those pillows have really faded

Then when I lifted that little wicker table the legs fell off LOL!   

I painted the planter with the mail box red paint and a new pillow

Ok, now we're getting somewhere!  

I need just a little somethin more

A little more red paint and a bright green watering can


I'm done!

I admit, this is not the biggest or the best transformation on the web

But, for me, a girl who's blog consists mainly of white and soft pink, using bright colors was a real stretch!

I swear to you, I was feeling the spirit of Debbiedoo and nothing but color would do!

Let me explain, Debbie's blog is full of color, in her house, out of her house, and even the colorful way she writes her blog

So Debbiedoo, this one's for you! 

Thank You!

Happy Creating

June 16, 2011

Garden bench with birds and Plaster Ornaments

Birds seem to be all the Rage and I hate to get left behind!

After I picked up this bench at the thrift store

I saw this post by my buddy Lynn at The Vintage Nest 

She hand painted the cutest bird on this table

With thoughts of birds flying around in my head I picked up this stencil at Hobby Lobby 

After painting the bench with heirloom white paint

TIP..When I have large pieces I don't use spray paint as it can get expensive.  I had a gallon of heirloom white paint mixed by matching the cap from heirloom white spray paint.  A gallon of paint goes a long way compared to a can of spray paint!

I Stenciled on my birds

With the birds done this bench was just screaming for some plaster appliques

You can find the whole tutorial HERE

Where did I get those fabulous metal pieces to make plaster molds?

Hobby Lobby!  They were 50% off in the knob section.  I think they were $1.50 and $2.00 and when I am done making plaster molds I still have some neat knobs!

I wasn't to sure If I was in love with this bench when I finished. 

  Humm "Maybe this was a bird brain idea"!

But, when I brought it to Orange Tree to put in my booth, the ladies at the register gave it a thumbs up. 

 I priced it at $45...Lets hope it FLYS out the door!

I just want to tell you once again that I am having more fun than a girl deserves. Your comments are way beyond kind! I had a comment on a recent post that said "Blogs are better than magazines" How true is that?  
Visiting your blogs I find a treasure trove of ideas. 

 Thank you for inspiring me!
Happy Creating


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