June 22, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial, Too Close To Home!

The Casey Anthony trial is literally too close to home.  The Orlando court house is about a mile from my house.  

I grabbed my camera and a friend and went downtown today to have lunch and check it out

We ended up having lunch with Casey Anthony's Attorney Jose Baez!  Well kind of, you will just have to hold on and I will tell you the story

First, excuse the brief break from my regularly scheduled DIY posts.  Heck, I keep forgetting this is my blog and I have wanted to get your opinions  on this trial for a while.

Since this case started I have been riveted to every snippet of news I could get.  I have told my friends I feel like I am sequestered with the jury.  Living in Orlando everyone knows someone associated with the case.
I have a friend that worked with her as a nurse, and yet another friend who was on the Mock trial for Anthony featured on the 48 hours news show.  

All the major news stations have built temporary studios on scaffolding across the street from the court house

News trucks line the street

Me, waiting to host Court TV (Just kidding)

This is where Nancy Grace reports her "Bomb Shell" program from her studio on wheels

50 tickets for the trial are handed out each day at 4pm.  I was there at noon and 30 people were lined up.  I could have waited in line for a ticket to tomorrows trial, but it was 200 degrees in the shade today (Well almost)

We hung around as the trial let out at noon.  

Cindy and George Anthony leaving the courthouse.

The State Attorneys....Hum, I should have been quicker with the camera!

Casey Anthony's defense team

Here's two ladies that really enjoyed their time in court today, maybe the lady on the right is just upset because her pants are sticking in her crotch

After all of the excitement was over my girlfriend and I went across the street to have lunch.  The restaurant was loaded with local news personalities.  We were just finishing our lunch when my girlfriend who was staring at the door, started to make noises, I was looking at her like "What's the matter with you!"

Yep, you guessed it, 3 feet away from our table they seated the defense team.

So, we ordered dessert and stared while trying to eavesdrop.

This trial is the primary topic of conversation in Orlando.

I was wondering if there is a lot of news coverage on this trial where you live?  Did it make international news?

I would love to know if you think Casey Anthony is:

Guilty or Innocent?

Will she do jail time or walk?

What do you think happened to this sweet little angel, Caylee?




Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with this trial ,, I guess I'm too many 1000 miles away,, but I think you make a great reporter,,give Nancy Grace a run for her money,

Maggie Massey said...

First off, Carol...I am a TOTAL court/trial junkie...second...that photo of the ladies coming out of court almost made me pee I was laughing so hard...third, I'm stumped. I do think Casey is a nut bag. I find it very hard to believe that she didn't have anything to do with her daughter's disappearance, if not her death...it's just too weird. I think she'll be put away...
I'm in Chicago - there is not any local news, we get just the little snippets they put on national news...but my Mom listens to the trial all day on the internet. When the kids aren't around I turn on CourtTV (I guess it's TruTv, now) and watch.
What do you think as far as her guilt/innocence goes???

Ashlea said...

Also in Chicago - I don't watch the coverage, but read about it in magazines and my grandma is a Nancy Grace junkie, so she keeps me up to date. Grandma is 100% convinced that Casey is a sociopath and that she killed Caylee.
I am a more glass-half-full kinda girl, but even I have my doubts that something very bad didn't happen to that little girl - that mama HAD to know something, if she didn't do it herself. :(

Karen said...

I'm as obsessed as you are. My girlfriends and I thought about going over and getting on line as we are close as well but... We thought even if we get tickets, we are such big mouths we'd get kicked out, lol.

I think Casey Anthony is guilty as sin. I don't buy the incest/sexual abuse, drowned in the pool theory for one second. Baez (aka Bozo) and the rest of the duh-fense team shouldn't have quit their day jobs at the circus.

Casey Anthony is a psychopath/sociopath/anti-personality disorder. Pick one. While I don't know if I believe in the death penalty, I can't wait until justice is served. I feel so sorry for her family. I can't wait to see what happens next.

What a neat experience for you!


Rebecca Nelson said...

I haven't been brave enough to post about this...

I believe Casey Anthony killed her daughter. I honestly believe she was routinely chloroforming her so she could go out and party and act as a 'free bird'. I do NOT believe she was abused by her brother or her father. It has killed me to see her parents suffer through this mess. Although I do believe there as some serious familial issues here I think they loved their daughter and son and tried to be good parents.

The one thing that constantly comes to my mind is this:

"If there but for the grace of God go I."

I pray for the Anthony's. Their lives will NEVER be the same and that is a terrible, terrible shame.

As far as the media coverage...

Well...it's over the top. I can't stand it. SHUT UP ALREADY!

:) Love you girl~


Anonymous said...

Hey Carol,
You are right in the thick of things there, aren't you? Yes, the trial has made national news and we hear about it in Iowa, however I haven't been paying attention. It's such a sad situation.

(loved the part about the ladies coming out of the trail!!!)

Nancy's Tidbits

Kim said...

I'm fascinated by all of the comments you've received so far. Some are downright hilarious! I'm sort of following and I do believe that Casey is guilty, but haven't been following enough to back that up with anything. Just a hunch I guess. I found it interesting that in the picture you showed of her parents leaving court they were smiling/laughing. What could possibly be so amusing?
Looking forward to the outcome.

Debbiedoos said...

Hi Carol...great post! I think Casey Anthony is a sociopath through and through. Guilty as can be. My Mom is glued to the TV 24-7...I can't even reach her on the phone, she does not accept my phone calls! That is how into she is. I feel terrible for the family. My heart aches when I see Caylee's precious, innocent face. I am hoping she gets JAIL for life, if she walks, that is another HORRIBLE day in our justice system.

Rosebud said...

I totally agree with Rebecca. I think she will get guilty but not death penalty. She will get life in prison. Which i would love. She can suffer like she did her daughter. Killing her would be letting her off to easy.
I can't stand her attorney. What a slime!
There, now you have my valuable opinion.
I live your site, by the way....hee


Hi Carol,
We get bits of the trail, not everyday. I believe she is quilty...and I can't image how horrible it was for the little girl..
Jail 4-ever!
Cool to see the defense team at the resturant..I wonder if they really like their job???

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Yes, the trial is big news all over the country I believe. I think she is guilty. I don't know if we will ever know the real truth. I don't think that Casey Anthony knows what truth is. 30 days without mentioning that her daughter was missing..please. NOTHING would explain that. I think they will find her guilty, but I don't think it will be Murder 1. She won't walk. And of course, this will go on and on for years. I think it also has become a media circus.

Debbiedoos said...

OH My god the lady with the crotch pants...You are so flippin FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

It didn't post my comment. I will try this again.
I totally agree with Rebecca. I don't think she will get death penalty. Life in prison would be great. Then she can spend the rest of her life thinking about what she did.
I can't stand her slime ball attorney.
I love your site, by the way. hee

Sandra said...

Hi! The title to your post caught my attention. I found your blog through DebbieDoo's - I'm new @ blogging and before I forget, I'm about to become your newest follower.

Going back to your post, funny things first...the picture of the lady whose pants are stuck to her crotch is GROSS! I still cannot stop laughing...love your sense of humor!

Serious business...I have been watching the news almost daily re this case. I am a court/trial junkie (I work @ a law firm). That being said, I'm very passionate about this case.

My two cents...I think Casey definitely had something to do w/her daughter's disappearance; however, this case is based on circumstantial evidence so I doubt she gets the death penalty. I do hope she is found guilty and I very much *think* she is guilty. She's definitely cra-zee! I also think her dad and her brother helped her get rid of the body. I'm not too sure the mom was aware of it, but she knows now and is trying to hide info. After all, the nut bag is her daughter.

Ruffles n Raspberries said...

I may be the loner here, but, I don't think she killed her daughter. I do believe she knows what happened, and I do believe she had something to do with it.. I just find it really hard to believe that she straight out killed her. There are alot of answers we'd all like to get from a zillion and 1 questions, but, I don't think we'll ever know the real story.

I firmly believe in 2 things. 1.) Just not, lest you be judged. 2.) Innoncent until proven guilty.

What IF she didn't do it? Casey's life is over. There is no where she can live, there is no where she can show her face. To be honest, guilty or no, she's better off staying where she is because of everyone who's hung her before proven guilty. And that's just sad.

Again, I'm 99% sure I'm the loner on this one.. but, I keep thinking to myself, "What if it were me, or someone in my family?" "What if everyone in the country said I did something I know I, or my family member, didn't do?"

I think it's a sad case all the way around. No doubt about it, I feel terrible for the little girl, the grandparents, relatives and I even feel some sort of compassion for Casey. But, that's just me.

On a side note, Carol.. O. M. G. on the crotchety lady!!! pwa hahaha!! You crack me up.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Yes, it's on the news here (CA). I don't follow it. I have worked in the CJ system for many years so I guess I'm not as enamored of these sensationalized trials as most.

I pray for Caylee, she is home and loved and surrounded by angels.

Anita said...

My two cents worth aren't even worth 2 cents!... I loved your pants in crotch comment though...made me laugh so hard! ( I hope she isn't one of your followers) Sad for the baby and so many abused and neglected kids. I know how wrapped up a community gets in something like this...We has a little guy go missing a couple of years ago...It becomes very personal when it's in your back yard. I adore your blog...whatever the subject

Kathy said...

Oh how I enjoyed this post. You made me laugh and peeked my interest, all in the same post.
I am in La., we gets bits and pieces of this coverage, hub's is huge Fox news junkie, so I hear some. I can not hear Nancy Grace say "tot mom" one more time without throwing something thru my TV...so I can't watch her program for news. I think this girl is a certified wacko, and I think she is calculated and without feelings...I do not know if there is enough evidence to convict her. I hope so. I feel for her family (but I kinda think they DID have something to do with it to), and oh my goodness, that sweet little girl Caylee...may she rest in peace with the angels...
Your little peek into the "drama" unfolding, is wonderful...you got great pics too. Specially the two ladies, LOL...

ShabbyESP said...

Hi Carol,
I have been trying to stay away from all the circus that is going on here in Orlando. It makes me so sick to think of what happened to that little girl. Sickening I tell ya!! I think Casey killed her daughter and I think her brother helped her get rid of the sweet baby girl. She went 30 days without reporting her daughter missing? What kind of mother would do that? And then seen out partying while Caylee was missing? I just cannot watch her sitting in that chair in the court room every day with that look on her face!!!! And further more if her parents knew what happened and they are protecting Casey than they are just as bad as their daughter. She is such a player of everyone that has associated with her.
I think they should do everything to Casey what she did to her precious daughter!!!!

Sorry...but you asked
Suzann ~xoxo~

Unknown said...

Carol, what a post! I live in Kentucky and it is on the news every day, however, I am only getting bits and pieces so I can't say if she is guilty or innocent because I don't know the facts, I would lean toward guilty I'm afraid. It is so disgusting what parents do to their children these days. I saw a news program the other day and they had Caylee's room and all of her toys, how sweet that little girl was. What kind of monster will kill their own child. Sounds like you are in the thick of it down there. We usually have a few murders every day here in Lexington so unless it is a slow news day, we just get little bits and pieces.

Love your blog.

Stampindamour said...


I think she is GUILTY!

OMG! I LOVE your witty humor, esp about the crotch pants lady! Too funny!

Your post was so entertaining! My favorite BLOG ever! :)


Jodi said...

Girl! We will gossip about this at orange tree on sunday if you make it in. I squeeled at these pictures!

PAINTORDIG.blogspot.com said...

I have been watching some of the trial.I think the whole family needs help and has needed it for some time. Unless someone confesses, which is unlikely, we will never really know what happened.Though,I can't imagine if my child was missing for thirty days that I wouldn't have been out looking and begging for help, and from what I have seen she was going on with life as usual and partying a lot. Well, I belewive the child is in a better place now and that is the only thing good about this situation.

Vicki said...

Crotch pants lady really needs a friend to sit her down! lol Orlando is such a mess over this trial right now. I avoid downtown like crazy. I like what Dr. G medical examiner said - Whenever a child dies or disappears and no one reports it...homicide. I hope this little detail - Caylee gone 31 days before she tells anyone - will be what the jury needs to put her in jail for life. I know the case against her is largely circumstantial but you just can't get over the fact that she did not report it and showed NO remorse. It is a hot mess over there in the Anthony house. Who knows what really happens. I like Rebecca's theory that she was regularly using chloroform to put Caylee to bed. Maybe something went wrong and she over medicated the baby. Who knows. Hope you girls had fun today rubbing shoulders with the news crew and attorneys!

Susan said...

I have been obsessed with this trial since he began! I believe that Casey accidentally over dosed Caylee. I think she put her in the trunk so she could go party and use chloroform or some other drug as a babysitter.
I feel she is a spoiled selfish little brat who has always gotten her way! Caylee got in the way of her being free to have fun and party! So Casey gets what Casey wants no matter what the consequences. She stole from her girlfriend to buy groceries and beer for her boyfriends. She could not admit to her mother and father she was not working because all h would break loose and her game would be up.
There is a lot of dysfunction in that family but I do not believe George molested her,nor did Lee.
I do think the family knows more than what they are saying..still protecting their baby (Casey),
But the saddest fact of all is a little girl who had her whole life ahead of her, will never get to grow up. She can't party like her mother did, she can't go through graduation or the college fun that most kids go through. Caylee never had a chance. This family is focused on saving Casey and Caylee is getting lost. This is just my opinion.

La said...

OMG! I am right there with you, Carol! I am a crime news junky and this case has had a grip on me for 3 years.

Yes it is on the Columbus, Ohio news just about nightly. Of course, I have HLN on all evening and sit her blogging while listening to the pundits. I love Mark Eiglarsh!

Caylee was such a precious and beautiful child. When I listen to her sing You Are My Sunshine or ask her pawpaw if he is tired, my heart just melts.

As for Casey...WOW! She is just evil. There is no doubt in my mind she killed that baby. Holy Cow! Watching those police interviews is just amazing. Accident? NO WAY! I think it was planned, willful and I think in her mind she feels justified. That is the scariest part of all.

My prediction: She won't walk, but I don't think she will get the death penalty. She deserves life without parole, but I don't even know if she will get that.

This was a fascinating post, Carol. Thank you so much for a behind the scenes look. How cool to be so close to the action.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I have not followed the trial very closely because it makes me sick to think what happened to that sweet little girl. I do not know if justice will be served, but I do know this: God's justice is eternal. That gives me peace.

Unknown said...

Hey Carol, thanks for stopping by, the Women's Show got a lot of traffic but sales were not as good as we had hoped, however, I did sell a few of my less expensive items. After the show though, I sold all but a few items and Catherine drop shipped them for me. It was great exposure to get my name out there. I have a few items left and I will put them with my items for the "world's longest yard sale" coming in the first week in August. I will be a vendor there agian this year. Fabulous sales last year, so I am hoping this year will be good too.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

OMG- reading about the CA trial is my hobby for the summer- yes I think she did it- and no I don't think she will do jail time- She is such a typical spoiled brat- I feel awful for her parents, brother and of course poor little C who I believe CA killed in order to spite and gain control over her parents.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Carol, We don't hear much about the trial here in Virginia but my dad has been glued to the TV everyday watching it. My heart breaks at the thought of this precious little girl being murdered. I believe her mother either killed her or was involved in her death. Who doesn't report your child missing for 30 days? I believe she will be found guilty.

Mary said...

I think she's guilty ... I also still think OJ is guilty! Guilty, guilty, guilty!

Debbie said...

It's definitely on here. One of my daughters and I are very interested in it. I keep trying to tell the DA team what to do, but apparently, they can't hear me yelling at the TV.

I think that she's guilty. I don't want her to get the death penalty because her family has been hurt enough. I do hope she spends the rest of her life in prison.

I think at best it was an accident with chloroform to put her to sleep that killed her and the rest was designed (by Casey not her dad) as a cover up.

At worst, it was first degree murder. I kind of learn toward that one.

Either way, I don't think she cares one lick that that little girl is dead. Her crocodile tears are a poor act.

(Psst. I was hoping someone would blog about this.)

the old white house said...

Hi Carol! You are so observant, that woman was upset that her pants were stuck in her crotch, she is telling me that in pur phone conversation!!!!LOL!!!
We have cut out dish due to budget cuts so I have not seen any of the latest on the trial. That was another topic of the phone call. ;)
I made some of the flowers and put them in todays post, thought you might like to see how they came out. Thanks for the link! xoxoox

julie miller said...

Hi Carol,
I stumbled on your blog through Vicki's Rusty Rooster Vintage blog and almost fell over when I saw your post! I have been glued to the TV over this trial! I live in Wisconsin and follow it on TruTv In Session and HLN and try not to miss a minute! You are so lucky to have seen it all happening fist hand--even the crotch lady!
Well, I have to say that I do believe that Casey is guilty and that she acted alone. Why would her father cover this up and let his daughter sit in jail for 3 years facing the death penalty and not say anything?
Perhaps she accidentally overdosed Caylee with something, but I'm more inclined to think it was intentional because of the internet searches and the fact that she has had 3 yrs to tell someone it was an accident.
I'm afraid we'll never know what happened to that sweet little doll baby! Some of the pictures and videos of her just break my heart and I really feel so sad for her grandma especially--so heartbroken.
Thanks for this post and letting us voice our opinion. You have a great blog too!
Smiles, Julie

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Guilty, Guilty, GUILTY.. there is no other reasonable explanation... an accident would have been reported immediatly by any reasonable person.... over 30 days missing ??? before it was discovered by someone else...???
I don't think anyone will ever know what actually happened to that precious child...
I think they will find her guilty, but will not give death penalty... It has been fascinating... in like "What will they come up with next" kind of way... Just terribly tragic

Kathy@ Gone North said...

And PS... the pants lady made me laugh out loud... : )

Uniquely Ella said...

Hi there, I'm way down south in Miami and we too are familiar with the case my hubby and I are keeping tabs on it. All I can say is that I feel so bad for that Grandmother. Her testimony was so super sad. I pray for that family and for that little girl.
I also pray to God that she did not do it, it's just such a sad story. There thigns I will never understand, like why God Made her a mom????

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

As you know Carol, I'm in Utah and I'm familiar with the case, but not like you are. I think she is guilty through and through. I just feel sorry for her family and of course, her darling little girl. ~Stacy~

Cassie said...

I don't know much about it; I think they only mention it on national news here. My mom is watching and she believes that she killed her. Hard to believe that she didn't --- I can't imagine my kiddo going missing and not saying anything.

I don't know what happened to that sweet girl -- but I do know that God loves her and she is in Heaven in now with Him.

On an unrelated note - I stopped at an estate sale and saw a hand mirror and thought "now what does that gal do with the mirrors?"

Tee said...

Also an avid follower of the case (and your blog)

No doubt in my heart that Casey is flippin GUILTY. Caylee was the 'apple of her grandparents' eyes. A spoiled child will do ANYTHING to regain control and attention.

I'm terrified that because of the lack of evidence, Casey will walk on "reasonable doubt".

Tee in SW Missouri

Vagabonds Mercantile said...

Well seeing how I'm about 45 minutes away , YES it's all anyone talks about. As you know ,it's on every local channel all day! I watch a bit here and there but it's sorta creepy the way the camera never takes it's eye off Casey. I think her lawyer is a creep. The fact is , she didn't report that child missing and that's all the proof I need. As a mother of two young girls I can tell you I would have been hysterical if I thought my child was missing.Lord,I panic when they go out to play and I can't find them right away.
I'm worried people will go nuts if she isn't found guilty.

Chris said...

Since I'm not sitting on that jury, I have no idea whether or not she is guilty but that entire family is so dysfunctional the behavior of all of them is suspicious. The bottom line is, we'll never know the truth. That child should have been removed from their care long ago. Bottom line: she will pay the penalty for the actions of them all just like the gal in Tampa years ago whose 'boyfriend' assumed her ex husband's identity, killed her small son & two detectives before he committed 'suicide by cop'. Those detectives were responsible for their own deaths but the TPD was going to make someone guilty so she was marked.
Could you condemn someone to death without hard evidence???

Screaming Sardine said...

Hi, Carol -

I have to confess to not having heard of the case. (I'm sure if I was still living near Orlando, I would've known all about it)! Nowadays, I usually don't have time to read too much of the news. I quickly read what wiki had to say about it, and it's certainly a tragedy. Anytime a child is killed, it always saddens me.

Having been a legal assistant of a criminal defense attorney in Detroit (who even argued in front of the Supreme Court), I know that both sides are circumventing the truth whenever they can. Yep, even the prosecution does it on a routine basis. I know that you can get a so-called expert to say anything..."find" anything with their lab analysis. Everything can be spun to what angle you want it to. If the prosecution or defense can't find an expert to say what they want them to say, they'll look elsewhere until they find a "puppet."

So what I look for is action and for this woman to wait - what, a month? - to report that her child was missing is inhuman. If my son - at that age - was missing for more than three minutes, I'd have been frantic. What would possess a mom to not care to report a child missing for a whole month!?! That is inexcusable, which makes you wonder why she hid it so long...

Tracy Screaming Sardine

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! I basically agree with Rebecca and Vicki! She is definitely guilty or she would have reported her daughter missing instead of carrying on and partying like she did. Not sure it was murder 1, but definitely a homicide that she must be held accountable for. I don't believe in any way that she will go free. I pray not, unless some truth is unearthed that proves she wasn't involved at all.

I am, however, really tiring of the coverage.

Hope all is well with you!!

Nelly said...

I'm just as rivetted to this story and I live in PA. I have been watching Nancy Grace's show since she started covering this story and watching the trial when I ecommute from work. When I'm not ecommuting, I turn HLN and catch up the story of that day. I'm always just appalled at all of this cases that involved innocent children and when it involves a parent as a suspect; it angers me to no end!!!!

I'm trying to keep an open mind on Casey, but she sure looks guilty.

Lisa Russell said...

I am local as well, and the whole thing is just awful! You look at what IS true! You have a lying mom who does not report a missing child, a dead body odor in the trunk of her car with a dead hair in it, she searches chloroform 83 times on her computer just prior to the child's disappearance, and you have a dead baby in a bag with duct tape on her head chich came from her parent's garage. Add it al together it spells GUILTY!! So sad.


OMG! This awful women, is she human, or what?!! Even animals take care of their young! She makes me sick from just looking at her, this is so sickening that I hope they kill her!! She's sooo VERY GULTY! I hate to see that darling little girl's picture, my goodness, what a sad story the way this gorgeous little darling had to die and from her mom's HAND! People are getting sicker and crazy everyday, they just want to live the ME, ME, ME life!!! Hope she doesn't walk like that OJ did years ago! FABBY

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I have been trying really to NOT pay attention to this case.
I can only wonder how many other cases like this one are out there but have not been sensationalized by the media. Just like the OJ trial..I did not watch one bit of it because I honestly feel that these people are not worthy of my time and my interest. And I don't have a lot of time to worry about them as I have my own problems to worry about.
I can see that this is pretty much right up there and in your face though because of where you live. I would be avoiding the down town and the court house area like the plaque!! LOL!!

And Nancy Grace really rubs me the wrong way! I think she is just a glory hound!

Good post though!
You know I love ya!


Awishdream said...

I have been following this whirlwind since June 2008 and there is NO doubt Casey is Guilty! her lies and behavior are the evidence that points to only her!...I know you're suppose to think innocent until proven guilty, but that's for the Jurors to follow...public opinion is different in this case! Justice for Caylee!

Funny feeling I don't think the jury will vote on the Death penalty,I think she will serve time in prison but for how long? is the big question.

Melanie in California

Nancy said...

I am so with you my dear!! I don't think I have missed a stitch of coverage since this broke in 2008. In Tampa I get it commercial free on channel 461(Verizon). Thought about standing in line next week for tickets, but yep the 200+ temps have held us back. Cindi's testimony yesterday should get her a purgery charge, but they I am sure are just broken inside. Oh so much to say on this Story, I could write my own book!
Thanks for all the Pics!!
Huggs, Nancy

Angela McInnis said...

And what about that creepy tatoo?

The Decorative Dreamer said...

You are so funny with that crotch comment. LOL! Of course it is on all the major news channels and hard to miss. I def think she is guilty and psycho! I am not a fan of sensationalized trials like this though. It really just seems to be feeding her craziness. I personally think there is some serious sickness in that whole family!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Had to come back and tell you this about yesterday's testimony by Cindy Anthony.

I'm saddened because I think she just may have fallen on the sword for her daughter...difficult to watch.

Three little words to live by:


Three more?


Love you girly~


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Rebecca, my friend that worked with Cindy at the agency said Cindy was known for lying. she lied about everything on the job. I think this is going to come back to bite her, she is just trying to save her kid from the death penalty, but is going to perjure herself in the mean time.


Nancy said...

I think Cindy must be off her meds today, it looks like yesterdays Powerhouse Pill has worn off. Same with Poor Lee~ I don't see this as a Ping Pong effect happening, put this family back on their meds and we'll be watching Wimbleton in the Court House!
I do have to agree with the blogger who mentioned the Caylee Cocktail delivered by Mommy had become a ritual for Casey, and one night she just gave her a double. Not much is making to much sense today~ Ohhh in my heart of hearts I pray there is justice for this poor child~
Huggs, Nancy

Tee said...

Thanks Carol for continuing this conversation!

I've been off for 2 days so I've been able to watch the parts of the trial that TrueTV shows. I don't have HLN, wahh!

I was blown away by Cindy's testimony. I told my 2 dogs, "wholly spit", "did you hear what she just said?"

I cried like a baby right along with Lee. He's soo hurt.

Sadly, I don't think this family is anymore dysfuncional than most of America. It's so sad to see it 'live' though.

NANCY, I look forward to your book, lol. I'll be working the next 6 days but in the evenings I expect an update here.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Tee, I think Lee is probably the most normal of the family. How in the world did they not know she was pregnant??? Did you see the pictures, and Cindy is a nurse?? Can't wait to see what happens on Saturday!


Savannah Granny said...

Casey is guilty as sin, in my opinion. She had a practice of putting her little girl "out" while she went out and partied. When Cayle died she hid her in the trunk of the car until she could think of something. I believe that someone helped her dispose of the body. She is so sick and such a liar no one will every know for sure. I do hope they put her away forever, no parole.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

So, Court was cancelled today Saturday, I think Cindy Anthony has been busted for lying about being home and her computer searches she said she did on chloroform. I think it has something to do with Cindy and Lee's testimony?


Nancy said...

Well we tried to get tickets yesterday~ We arrived as they started handing them out which was as soon as the Judge ended early for the day, and their were 80 people already in line. So we hung around until the Defense Team came out, and I had a short convo with Aphrodite Jones. Poor thing looked so tired, I was glad I approached her with nothing trial related, as she stayed to chat with me. So Sweet!! When the Defense Team came out, I was with some other ladies at the end of the ramp next to a rail gate. Thanks for the Rail, or I would have been mowed over by a Cameraman as they rounded the corner. The Cameramen there were practically preventing the team from getting through, the yelling...etc. Ruthless they were.
At that point I was staying put until I saw my hubby. Like you Carol we went to Lunch, Hmmm, now this was the trick, I didn't ask where you ate lunch Carol. Eeny, meeny, miney, moe, picked Terrace 630. As we walked in the door, my heavens there was a Pow Wow in the center of the Restaurant.....Who else...Defense Team!! After a Good Lunch, we went Antiquing. We found a couple Antique Malls on this one Major street, very nice. I think one was called Orange Tree Antiques, and I found this one Gorgeous very Feminine Booth! In fact my hubby just had to take a picture of me in it too!! Ooh~la~la, I just had to buy a couple of things!!

Have a Wonderful Evening Carol, your Booth is just Beautiful!!

Huggs, Nancy

Teri said...

Anything can happen with this one, I thought it was an accident, but the duct tape says "NOT". I wouldnt be surprised if she somehow gets off though..My fear is that her Cindy will get desperate and take the blame for her.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Teri, I think Cindy is trying hard to take the blame, at least to spare her the death penalty, which I think will never happen. I think life in prison would be better justice for Caylee


Tee said...

SA=NOOOZE Monday. That poor jury had to endure that boring testimaony today.TrueTV cuts the trial off at 2pm here and I was kinda glad. I understand where the Defense was going but did they ever arrive?

Okay, so now we know that they postponed the trial to see if Casey was competent. OF COURSE she is. Pscho and competent ane 2 different things, lol. It will be interesting after the trial to hear what Casey said that casted such doubt. TrueTV had Casey on screen today. Half screen with the jury in the room and the other half when the jury isn't present. This woman is having a blast. ICK

Carol, I got the impression during Lee's testimoney that there was never any doubt that Casey was pregnant. I've been in a family where it's just not talked about. You know, girls from "good families" don't get pregnant out of wedlock. I think Lee was hurt because the family didn't include him in the "family secret."

My work schedule has changed again. I get to warch again tomorrow. I hope it's more interesting, lol.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

HUm, I was surprised by Roy Kronks testimony, I think he has been vilified and it seems like he had a pretty logical story and had nothing to do with Kaylees disappearance. What do you think?


Tee said...

Absolutely Roy had nothing to do with Caylee. I thought he handled himself very well considering his obvious dislike of the Defense. I do think that he was caught in one lie though. About the date that he talked to his son. Anyway, I don't think that part really mattered. So what if he boasted about becoming rich and famous??? Does that mean that Casey didn't kill Caylee? Hmmmm.

From what I understood, his co-workers kinda backed up his story. I don't think they had too much respect for him as a team mate?? They all but ignored his 1st discovery of the Skull. Why would he then tell them that he had called 911, etc. I wouldn't think they'd listen to him about that either. It was alllll about that darn snake. Boys will be boys.

Sidebar please, lol. Carol I found a link that is a live stream to the trial. I was going to post it here but I don't think it's allowed on blogs?? Anyone interested they can go to the Orlando Sentinel page and search Casey Anthony Trial.

Okay back to the trial. I worked most of the day but when I got home the Defense was trying to get the lady Professor qualified as an expert in Grief Behaviors. The State was reallllly rude by objecting each time the Pro started talking but with good cause, IMHO. She would have taken 31 more days to finish, lol. After the State started questioning her you could see clearly that the Defense was paying her. "Hypothecically"

Okay, the trial just finished for the day. The Judge asked Defenxe when they THOUGHT they'd be finished. They stated prolly tomorrow. Judge told the State they could start their rebutal. The Judge also stated that he would give the Jury the choice of wheither or not to hear the closing statements on Sunday or not; due to the 4th of July thing.

See ya'll tomorrow, lol. I have to go reasearch why George was crying today.

Thanks again Carol for giving me/us a place to talk about this. I can't find any friends that are following the Trial. Personally I find it a great diversion to the HUGE Tornado that just devastated our town.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

George was crying today because he was talking about why he wanted to commit suicide. Oh, you are right that professor lady was a big waste. I just don't see the defense pulling together all of there opening statement claims. Oh here is a bomb shell that I am sure will not come out. In the Orlando Sentinel Sunday paper they had an article on Heraldo Riveras interview with Baez the defense attorney and he said that Cindy did not ask about Casey's pregnancy because she thought LEE was the father! They tried to get Cindy to talk in court today, but got nowhere. Well if Casey is going to testify it will be tomorrow or never.....We'll see


Tee said...

HOLY COW! If she thought Lee was the Papa then she must have thought there WAS something going on????

I read the article on the Sentinel site about George. I had no idea all that had happened. Praise God he didn't get to Casey's friends. We'd have to watch his trail next.

Can't wait till I get home tommorrow, lol.
Ya'll keep scoopin' me!

Tee said...

Anything outstanding happen today? When I got home it was over :(

FOX News was recapping that Casey won't testify; big surprise. The State showed the jury George's suicide note. And some poor fool flipped of the Prosecuter. OH and that the River Cruz lady got on the stand to read her own police report.

Anything else?

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Nope, that's about it. I can't help it I really feel sorry for the kid that got arrested in court, it was the most exciting thing that happened all day. I just don't see, now that the defense rested, that they have proved Casey's innocence at all. They sure did not prove any theory's that Casey is innocent or anyone else is responsible


Nancy said...

Hi Ladies,

Sorry I am late to the Party this week. OMG, the kid that flipped off Ashton got 6 days in Jail and fines. What was the meaning behind that? At first I thought he might be wild River's son. Oh now wasn't she just a beauty?? Goes to show George was feeling Desperation. Does it look to you like Cindy might do a little time in the clink too?? I think there is testimony today from her employers on the Corporate level, who it sounded like were pretty ticked off about fudging time cards. I really, really like this Judge, butt I think the Jury may be a little upset, as he won't allow them to smell the 'Prosecutor's Can'! TTFN

Huggs, Nancy

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Nancy, look back on my comment on the 25th, I knew Cindy had cooked her goose. You can't lie about a big corporation. I think the judge just wanted to make a point with that kid. And now we are in recess???? For how long, bet the jury is mad and that is not good for the defense


Tee said...

YUP, Recess!! I was off all day today and had only the trial in mind. **Somebody call the Wahhhambulance** LOL

Lucky for me though it started up again around 1pm. Got to see how cleverly they proved poor Cindy a liar.

Did you hear the Defense ask for Aquital? OMG, the balls it took to ask. But yet, he made some great points regarding the Prosecution. They really haven't proven her guilty without a doubt. Circumstances/actions says Casey is guilty but has there really been PROOF?

The "finger guy" was hilarious! When my husband saw it he asked if the guy was kin to me, lol. The guy totally picked the wrong day and Judge!

See ya'll Sunday when they resume.

Unknown said...

Oh boy what a mess as if Orlando didn't have enough excitement in the summer time. I believe she did it and her parents knew something about it. Wouldn't you be asking questions if your daughter was acting like that and your grand kid was missing? but I don't think they can prove beyond a doubt who killed that little girl. It could have been her grandfather-I don't think so but it could have been. I believe more than one person is guilty of something in that mess.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I don't know kids, this reasonable doubt thing leaves a lot of room for acquittal! Tomorrow (Monday) we have to see what the States final rebuttal is. I am glad the State has the night to think about it. We'll see!


Cyndy's BEACH HOUSE said...

There ya go...out of all the comments received the jury is "Hung" right here. And if you look at each jurors bio its going to be a tough conviction.

Of course she's GUILTY, of course the death of lil' Cay"lee" was pre-meditated, of course the family is dysfunctional, of course duck tape with heart stickers on it was a big deal unlike Baez tried to tell in 5 hours today.

Please prove me wrong she will get more than 15 years.

BTW I just found ur blog thru Polka Dot thru Sissy's...LOVE ur Guesso recovery act.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I think Linda (Prosecutor) did a great job. I liked when Jeff said "No one makes an accident look like murder" in response to the defendants inferring guilt on George. We are officially on verdict watch


Something Special said...

We live over 2000 miles from it, and frankly I am sick to death of hearing about this trial. I am not sure why some trials and stories get so much attention, while other similar cases stay local. I wish it would get over with. It sounds like evidence has her being guilty, so why can't they just be done with it, and why can't we just stop hearing about it.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

The Verdict is in and I find myself speechless!

My heart is with baby Caylee, I am so sorry precious angel, I comfort myself with the thought that one day your killer will sit for the ultimate judgement.


Tee said...

I was thrift shopping today at a place that didn't have a public bathroom. (too much info) I had to go down a couple of doors to use a restaurant bathroom.
Did any of you ever see the "flash mob" held at Grand Central Station where everyone froze in time? I swear thats what I walked into. Waitress in mid-order taking, busboy cleaning table, owner standing with bills in his hands, customers in mid-stride. I laughed cuz I thought it was a joke! Then I hear Casey Anthony's name come from a big screen TV. NOT GUILTY NOT GUILTY NOT GUILTY?

What??? I instantly became a part of the Anthony Flash mob. Tears ran down my face and one of the customers came over to hug me. No one said a word! I peed and left.

Nancy said...

Me too Carol, Speechless

When I saw the red tape roll across the screen(I was stamping muslin)I called Nick at the Store put the Speaker Phone on so he could hear and put the phone near the TV, and sat down. I don't know when I got up but could feel my eyes fill up at her smirking a smile.

When she walks out the door I hope the Judge Orders her directly to a Psych Hospital. My stomach has just been in knots all afternoon, that poor sweet baby, my heart aches, and I could see that Vinnie's did too when he finally exploded.

That cocky 2nd Alternate that called in, I pray too that he doesn't and never will have children. The only serene moment I have is when I think of the caliber of the Jury~not much their either~

Huggs to you all,

Nancy said...

Hi Carol,

It was so nice to hear from you!! Ah, I am going to do a Blog post later today. Did you see Jeff Aston on The View this morning? Shame on me are adults allowed to have crushes?? I am just smitten with his charm & sense of humor! Now I heard she wouldn't be returning to her home, and that she still has some civil charges against her. One would think keeping a low profile would be a good thing to do, but I am sure she will want to shout her Aquittal from the roof tops. Sad though, she may not get the response she seeks!
Huggs, Nancy

Teri said...

Well the Judge did what he could do, and at least she will know the court isnt a complete pushover. I must say she looked a bit devious this morning, maybe her true colors are showing.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Teri, Did you notice she was pouting when she couldn't get out today! Oh ya, hair down and already to get to the hot body contest this weekend. Well, I for one will not purchase or watch anything she profits from.

When all is said and done, Caylee is still dead RIP you little angel


Joie said...

I live in Washington State and was obsessed with the trial. WHen I was at work, I would look online for updates, and my mom DVR'd Nancy Grace and some of the other shows for me (Court TV) to watch when I got home.

I thought the defense gave a good opening statement - IF they could have proven what they claimed. Otherwise, it was just a bunch of words.

I am sad she is out and free. I don't know if it was an accident or on purpose, but I do believe she had everything to do with Caylee's death.

Just sad all the way around.