August 29, 2013

I'm Going To Be A Vendor At The Fancy Flea November 2, 2013

I'm so excited to tell you about my next adventure.  

I am going to be a vendor at the Fancy Flea for the second time November 2, 2013.  The Fancy Flea is a show that is loaded with shabby vendors.  Romantic Homes Magazine listed it as one of the top 10 flea markets in America!  It started 6 years ago and has grown to over 300 vendors.  It's advertised as a 
"Vintage Home And Garden Show"

It was previously held in the cute little historic town of Lakeland, Florida, an hour south of Orlando but, the Flea has outgrown the small town of Lakeland and is moving for the first time to the fairgrounds in Plant City, Fl. 
There will be tons of parking and acres of Shabby Vendors

It will be great to be able to set up the night before instead of at 4am the morning of the show and it won't be wall to wall people

Look at this booth by "Chic to Antique" at the 2011 show, the vendors go all out with their cute booths

 The last time I did the Flea was in April 2011.  It was the first and last show I have ever done.  I was so nervous and excited, you can read about it HERE.  

Oh Don't we hate pictures of ourselves...I'm much prettier and younger now lol! 

Make the picture small so no one can see you!

The show was more fun than I could have ever imagined and I sold just about everything! 

Now, as much as I loved doing the Flea, I had to conceed that I could not do it again without a lot of help.  Those of you that do shows know how labor intensive and physically exhausting they are!

So.....I'm partnering with someone.  Yes, there will be plenty of help setting up and selling at the 
Fancy Flea

So, who am I partnering with????

OOP's ..The Blog meter just ran out, I'll have tell you on my next post.

Psst...To the handful of blog friends I've told, don't spill the beans!

Happy Creating

August 26, 2013

How To Make A BIG Paper Flower

Thank you for all of your kind comments on "Dressing the antique store window".   So many of you asked about the big paper flowers I used

 I think they would be great decorations for:
Church events
Parties........Or...Store windows

Now, after a lot of trial and error, I ended up with something that..Kind of resembles a flower

I tried making petal shapes, but that was too tedious.   So, I made circles in three different sizes.  I used a salad plate, cereal bowl, and saucer.   I now had "Petals" from large to small

I traced around the dishes onto regular copy paper then... 

...Cut my circles out.  Once I made a couple practice flowers I started cutting through 4-5 sheets at a time which sped up the process

After the circles were cut I curled the petal top with a pencil

And cut a slit halfway through the circle.  

Then  ran a line of hot glue and over lapped the bottom of the petal.  

Once the circle was overlapped and glued, it took on a petal shape

Now, using hot glue I layered the petals, I used four large ones for the bottom and then layered up three each of the medium and small petals.

Now it's looking like a flower

The center of the flower was made with cupcake papers.   The party store has so many colors and designs.

I turned two papers inside out.  The first one was glued in, then I crumpled the second one and glued it in the center of the first one

So, there you have it BIG PAPER FLOWERS
For all of your BIG PAPER FLOWER needs...I'm laughing!


Happy Creating!


August 22, 2013

Chandelier With Pearl Garland In The Store Window Display

I put two of these chandeliers in the store window,  It's your basic 80's brass light fixture....BUT...With a slight twist!

I sprayed it with Heirloom white paint

Then added chandelier crystals and crystal chains..

........HERE's the twist!!

It's 6ft of pearl garland wrapped around the light after I added the crystals

I think it adds a some extra bling? 

You can see the chandeliers here in the store window.  They look  like a hot mess up close, but from afar it adds a lot of interest.

I found the garland at Micheals in the bridal section.  I could not find it at Jo-Annes or Hobby lobby. 

I'm going to keep my eyes open for some fancy garland as the Christmas decorations come out in the stores.

It would be easy to wrap around any existing fixture in your home that needs a little fancying up.  The garland cost $12.99, but with the coupon it was around $8.  I priced these two fixtures at $58 each.

Many of you asked about these big flowers in the window display....Your wish is my command!  I'll show you how I made them on my next post....Stay tuned....Yep, I have you all on the edge of your seats lol!
Happy Creating!

August 19, 2013

A Stool And Curio Cabinet in the Store Window

Here's a few projects I did for the antique store window display from my last post

First up a little curio cabinet

This little darling started life like this

I gave it a coat of chalk paint, added a couple homemade plaster flowers (tutorial HERE), used clear and dark wax and lined it with dollar store paper.  Then I put a water slide decal (tutorial HERE) on the back side of the door with a graphic from Graphics Fairy.  I priced this curio at $32.00

The curio cabinet is sitting on a vintage farm stool that I stenciled with a Paris graphic and is also priced at $32.00

And this little storage stool got a transformation too

I did a couple coats of chalk paint followed by clear and dark wax. Then upholstered in a tan fabric that I stamped with my vintage stamp set

Goodness, I priced this stool at $32.00 also.  Now you know what $32.00 will buy you in my booth......Everything lol!  

I still have a couple more store window projects to show you....Stay tuned!
Happy Creating

August 16, 2013

I'm Officially A Window Dresser.....Dressing The Antique Store Window

My stint as a window dresser   

I got the window at Orange Tree Antiques dressed today and it went so quick!  It only took me about 20 minutes.  I did a trial run and set it all up in my living room, so I knew exactly how I wanted it to look.

OH MY GOSH...Has anyone ever tried to photograph a store window?  It was so difficult, I had to go back at night because the glare was so bad during the day

Having a Shabby French window display is unique for Orange Tree Antiques.  I don't know if I've ever told you that I am the ONLY shabby vendor in the mall.  

The mall has has been open for 17 successful years.  This is due in part to the fact that the owner does not allow multiple vendors of the same venue.  So, there is only one book vendor, one vintage clothes vendor, one shabby vendor (ME), etc.  This means there is something for everyone because of the diverse array of products.

Next month Orange Tree Antiques is doubling in size.  They have leased the space next door and they are breaking through the wall.   

I'm in the store window for a 6 week rotation, then it will be another vendors turn.  I'll share the Before and After pictures of my window projects in my next post.

  Now, I don't think it's super duper great but, I think it looks OK for a newbie window dresser.......And having this much fun...Priceless!  


Happy Creating