November 24, 2014

Setting Up A Holiday Booth.

When I closed my booth of 13 years last spring to focus on the Polka Dot Flea I had 6 bins of vintage holiday goodies still in storage  

This is where my friend Terrie Ireland came in.  She just opened Vintage Living Marketplace in Rockledge Florida, a short 1 hour drive from Orlando.  Terrie invited me to sell my holiday wares in a small booth space at her market.

I am only going to be there through the holiday season

I apologize for the worst pictures ever.....I forgot my camera, these were taken with my iphone and my booth has no natural light

Vintage Living Marketplace is absolutely gorgeous.  The venue was previously a high end kitchen store, so each vendor is set up in one of the many rooms in the store.

Do you ever find yourself standing on your head trying to see price tags on other blogs......No secrets here at The Polka Dot Closet

What an honor to be in a Market with so many of the who's who in Central Florida vendors.   Here's a look inside some of their booths.

I had so much fun setting up a booth again.......Thank you Terrie for finding me a space at Vintage Living Marketplace!!!

 I am so thankful for how my world has been enriched and all of the wonderful friends I have made by simply pushing ......

I wish you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Creating


November 21, 2014

The Winner Of The Paint-A-Pillow Giveaway Is......

The Winner of a free Paint-A-Pillow kit, which includes everything needed to create one fabulous pillow is.......Wait...Before I get to the winner....I want to thank you, It was wonderful to hear from so many readers!  Don't be strangers...Drop in any time.

I'm working on getting pictures together, from last weekend.  I was at Vintage Living Market Place in Rockledge, Florida (1 hour east of Orlando),  to set up a booth for the holiday season. 

I had 6 bins of Vintage Christmas items in storage and no where to sell them since I gave up my booth at Orange Tree Antiques last year to work on the Polka Dot Flea

Have I tortured you enough...... lol!

Ok....The winner, by random number, of the Paint-A Pillow giveaway is..........Janice From Curtains In My Tree Blog

I'll be back soon with pictures of my Christmas booth

Congratulations Janice...Happy Creating!

November 16, 2014

Paint A Pillow Giveaway!

I was contacted by the fine people at "Paint-A-Pillow" inquiring if I would like to try Paint-a-Pillow AND do a giveaway for my readers......The answer was a resounding YES and YES!!  Paint-A-Pillow is a sister company of Cutting Edge Stencils

I was in need of new pillows so the timing was perfect!  I went to their site where I was able to choose from over 150 stencils and choose paint colors 

I used these paint colors to play mad scientist and got the colors I wanted with the help of their handy color mixing chart

When the box arrived I was more than impressed with the packaging 

The pillow case was already on the cardboard frame with the stencil attached over it by the gold clips........All centered and ready to go....This is a no fail project! 

I was able to use either a stencil brush or a roller

They turned out perfect!  The key was the pillow case frame and the ability to center the stencil perfectly with the gold clips

Here's the beauty of Paint-A-Pillow......Now that I have the frame, stencils, and tools, I can order just the pillow covers for $9.95 and order additional stencils or paint ala cart

This allows me to custom design my pillows...I pick the pattern and colors I want......No shopping around for the perfect pillow....I create it!

So here's the deal.....Paint-A-Pillow is giving away to one lucky reader a free Paint-A-Pillow kit, which includes everything needed to create one fabulous pillow

Just leave a comment and make sure there is some way I can contact you.  I am unable to contact some Google + readers. 
Some I can, and some I can't I have no idea why?  It always makes me feel bad when you leave kind comments and I can't get back to you.
This Giveaway is Now closed
I will draw a winner by Random Number on November 21, 2014
US residents only

Good Luck!
Happy Creating

I was compensated with product for this post, but the opinions are all mine

November 3, 2014

Kitchen Reveal....I'm Done....Finally!

Yea.....I'm done with the kitchen remodel.  It was painful and inconvenient, but....Soooo worth it!

So many of you commented that you liked the old kitchen, but pictures can be very deceiving, this 30 year old kitchen was on it's last leg.  The laminate counter tops were covered with nicks and stains, the cabinets had been painted a couple times and were literally falling off the hinges, and the whole right side of the kitchen was wasted space where I was able to add cabinets and a huge counter top.

I only did one glass cabinet since I like to hide my junk lol!

This is my collection of a pattern called "Gay Fad", (What a weird name) It is such a pretty pattern

I love all of the slick storage options I have......

......And the spray faucet and single DEEP sink for hiding dirty dishes.  I also replaced the window ledge with matching granite

A nice feature is the drawers and cabinets have a soft close mechanism

Now....When it came down to the backsplash options.....

......In the end I decided to go with small subway tiles for two reasons.....

.......One was cost.  The fancy glass tiles were really expensive and since I was not brave enough to install them myself, the final cost would have been about $800 with installation.  I was able to install the small subway tiles myself for a total cost of $60

The second reason I used subway tiles is, I thought the colored tiles would be getting to trendy for the look I wanted, where as subway tiles are timeless.

To the right side of the kitchen I did a small granite backsplash

I love to turn on the under cabinet lighting and pendent lights at night

The valance is styrofoam like I did in my bedroom; The tutorial is HERE.  
It's screaming for a shabby sign to hang above it....I'll get to it.

My kitchen is painted green, but my plan is to carry out the blues I used in my Hollywood Regency bedroom to the rest of the house so.....That pretty blue color you see in the valance is the color I plan on painting the kitchen in the future......Not right now though....Because I'm EXHAUSTED!

So, I'm done!  I did it on a budget, I did not change any appliances, the foot print of the kitchen, or the floor.  I installed the backsplash myself and used Ikea cabinets (That's a whole other blog post) that were on sale for 20% off.

I realize it is not exactly a jaw dropping gorgeous kitchen, but it is the prettiest one I've ever had and I'm pleased with how it turned out, mostly for it's fabulous functionality with tons of storage and counter space.  The other day I was making a homemade salad dressing and pretending I was on a cooking show....All by myself, no one else around......The worst part is I'm telling you I did it lol!

Happy Creating!