June 28, 2013

Oh My Gosh...My Dress Form Is In Somerset Life!

When I went to the mail box yesterday I actually got goose bumps.   Yes, there it was...The Somerset Life Magazine, and right on the front cover....."How To Make A New Dress Form Look Old"

Well, it had to be mine!  The Editor contacted me back in February and said they were interested in publishing my altered dressed form but, It was over four months that I received emails asking for the story inspiration, directions, pictures, more pictures and yet more pictures, different sizes, higher resolutions, unedited, etc., etc. 

So, I thought I was in the Summer issue but, I just wasn't sure until I saw it with my own eyes.

Oh, I love Somerset Life, this is really a big thrill!

I was looking at the magazine and I thought...What is that white rock in my yard...I don't have any rocks!

LOL.... That white rock is Billie !!

When I'm outside I put Billie on her leash so she can get a little fresh air.  So, the rest of the people reading the magazine will think it's just a rock, but you and I will know it's Billie!

Oh this was so exciting...I find myself taking deep breaths....And exhaling slowly...I'm fine!

Oh goodness, I'm better than fine! 

I love what I do, but this journey would not be half as much fun without all of you!

Happy Creating!

June 26, 2013

I'm Loving My New Photo Cube

I'm so excited to show you my new $59.99 photo cube!  

I have wanted a photo cube for a long time because I don't have great natural light in my house for picture taking and when I shopped the local camera store I found the whole set up with lights was just to expensive. 

Now, I do very few sponsored posts, only when I think it is a product you would be interested in.  So, when I was contacted by the kind folks at The LA Shop to choose a product and blog about...And a photo cube was one of my choices...Heck yes, I jumped on it!

They didn't tell me what to say about this photo cube, If I didn't like it I would have sent it back.  
 I am telling you honestly....It is Fabulous!!!   

Here's what you get for $59.99 

A large 24" photo cube
2 lights that have switches to turn off and on
2 spare light bulbs!
White, blue, black, and red interchangeable back drops
A stand to hold your SLR camera or Iphone

But wait who has room for all of this......Check this out.... Here is the case it all came in....I have room for that!

My own little photo studio....All set up on my sewing table!

This is not flimsy cheap equipment, this is a sturdy set up....So, if you are in the market for a photo cube....

......When you get to The LA Shop, type in "Photo cube" and you will see a variety of different cubes...Be sure to check out all of the other photography products they have along with a totally eclectic inventory of products from patio furniture to musical instruments... at crazy...Shut the door...Low prices! And for an additional 10% off use the coupon code "Bloggers" at check out.

I'm one happy camper!!  Thank you LA Shop!

Happy Creating!

June 21, 2013

Altering a Vintage Slip and Jean Jacket

When I went to an estate sale a while back I was lucky enough to pick up a bunch of vintage slips.  I put some in my antiques booth and held on to a few to try my hand at altering them.

We have a lot of college kids that shop at Orange Tree Antiques where I have my booth in Orlando.  They love shopping the mall for vintage clothes and I have seen a few of them wearing vintage slips with jean jackets.

I started with a vintage slip and thrift store jean jacket

Then cut off the bottom of the slip and jean jacket and added vintage crocheted lace

I made a detachable flower corsage, the tutorial is HERE, I added a couple pieces of lace to shabby it up and used one flower from the trim on the slip bodice in the center of the flower

I have a question that I bet some of you would know.  A long time ago I found a bag of the fibers that are hanging from the flower.   I have almost used it up and would love to find more.  

Does any one know where to find something like this, it is all sorts of different strands, is it used for fiber art or knitting?

I really like this jacket slip combo, do you think there is an age cut off where I can't get by with wearing something like this?

Happy Creating!

June 18, 2013

On a Personal Note...One Proud Mom!

Oh, this was so fun!  Yep, this is all about bragging.  I just got back to Orlando tonight from attending my son's college graduation in Maryland

The graduation was at the gorgeous Gaylord National Harbor Hotel and what a graduation it was!

This was the grand finale of a long journey.  My son got his Associate of Arts degree straight out of high school, I had always hoped he would get his bachelors, but as many of you parents know, you can't make your kids do anything.

So over the years he changed majors a few times, took classes here and there, switched schools a couple times, had some great jobs and not so great jobs and well, I always hoped....One day, maybe, he would get his bachelors........Then....

Two and a half years ago when he moved to DC he found a school and a major that interested him and he went back to school full time and he started checking off the classes one by one, semester by semester and.... He was getting A's and more A's, and more A's. 

This was no easy task, here he was in a new town with a new full time job and going to school full time.  He had no time for friends and a social life, there was no time to play and explore his new city, no time for much needed vacations.  He kept his nose to the grind stone, his whole life was work and study.  The few times I visited I knew he was stressed.  There was times I thought he was in over his head, but he was a man on a mission!

Then the day came!

I knew it was coming.... He called one afternoon...Well, I'll never forget it..."Mom, I'm done, I just finished my last class"...Now, I'm not generally a crier and I have no idea where it came from so I surprised myself when...I burst out crying!   Then through my tears I heard him say "I got an A in the last class, Mom, I'm graduating with a 4.0

These are the buttons that popped right off my shirt as I puffed my chest with pride.....

 And watched him walk across the stage to get his diploma

Yep, he graduated with honors, in the top 1.8% of his class of 3248
Forever and ever he's earned the bragging rights of saying he graduated......
 Summa cum laude
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Golden Key International Honour Society
Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society

(Wife Alicia, Brad, Me, Grandma)

I want to share some advice that I often tell friends who have adult children leaving home for the first time.   

You can love, guide, and encourage them, (Beg, plead), and offer advice.  But, they are adults and you will quickly find you can't live their life.  You can't make them take a certain major, choose their career path, live vicariously through them, or choose their friends and interests.....But this isn't bad, 

I'm proud to say I raised a strong child who is not easily swayed by parents and peers, one that has a plan and follows through, that has strong convictions, sticks to them, and charts his own life's course....... You have to let them fly and ......They may just  surprise you!

...Congratulations Bradley!!!!

Ok, the bragging has officially ended, barf, barf, gag, gag......I just couldn't help myself, this was a really, really, big event in our lives!


June 12, 2013

Adding Jewels and Porcelain Flowers

I know what my "regulars" that shop my antiques booth like and that's a little bling.  My shelves at the shop were getting bare and I needed some "Smalls" so, I up cycled this creamer and some vanity items

All of these items started out the standard gold or silver and got a coat of Heirloom white satin spray paint

Then I spruced them up with jewels I attached with E-6000 glue

I love these hairspray holders/hiders

This one I used a porcelain flower I chipped off a damaged nik nack...Tutorial HERE

I usually price these items around $18-$20

Sometimes just a little somethin, somethin, makes all the difference

I'm off to have a few days of fun on a whirlwind getaway, I'll be back soon with pictures, have a great week!

Happy Creating!


June 6, 2013

Altering Vintage Doilies

Altering Vintage Doilies

I've been saving vintage doilies to go on an altering marathon

I often find doilies that are stained and have holes in them 

Time to give them new life

 The full tutorial on how to alter doilies is HERE.  I've previously altered them not only by changing up the center fabric but, by stamping them with rubber stamps or printing a graphic on the material before I sew it in the center, you can see those doilies HERE

You can use vintage or new fabric, it's a great way to use up small fabric scraps

This is more like a table topper...Huge!

This was a sweet rose fabric I purchased from Carousel Fabrics

So, there ya go, don't throw out those ripped or stained doilies, give them new life!

When I showed the last batch I altered, I got many emails about purchasing them and I felt bad because I had taken them all to my antiques booth.......So, this time I put a few in my online store
The Polka Dot Closet.
Have a great weekend!

Happy Creating!