October 28, 2013

Altered Jean Jackets For The Fancy Flea

 Remember when I did this altered slip and jean jacket post?  Your response was so positive that it inspired me to make more to sell at the Fancy Flea in Plant City, Florida on Saturday.  I so appreciate your input into my projects, I always use your responses as a gauge to see if I am on the right track...Thank you!

I wear the longer jackets.....Now, I'm very conscious of "Dressing my age" but, when I wear these longer jackets I don't feel like I'm an old lady trying to dress like a "Hipster" ......You know what I mean?

Here is some long and short ones I've made to bring to the Fancy Flea

The girls wanted to go outside to get their pictures taken.....No fall colors yet here in Orlando

I like wearing these jackets because they are not "Over the top", I wear mine with black skinny jeans (I'm not skinny, just the jeans are!)

I will also be bringing some altered vintage slip tops to the Flea 

I'm pricing these jackets at $48.00 and will have all sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL-1X   at the Fancy Flea.  I always like to have larger sizes....Just because a person is "Fluffy" doesn't mean they can't wear fun clothes!

Don't forget to come by here on Friday, I am having one whopper of a giveaway for all of my friends that can't make it to the Fancy Flea!

Happy Creating!



October 25, 2013

Hanging And Table Top Dress Forms For The Fancy Flea

If you are coming to the Fancy Flea November 2, in Plant City Florida, this will be your chance to buy OR WIN a dress form....We will be bringing full size dress forms but also table top and hanging dress forms.   

This is a hanging form I dressed a while back. They are so inexpensive at $8 

The hook allows it to hang on a nail or cabinet knob or over a door

We will also be bringing the table top dress forms for $21.95.  Here is two table top forms that I altered.  The tutorial on making this lace one is HERE  All of these forms are also available at Barr Display 

And this one I covered with vintage sheet music.  The tutorial is HERE   AND......

....Guess WHAT....Barr Display my partner for the Fancy Flea will be having a drawing for FIVE Table Top Dress Forms at the Fancy Flea!!!

Stop by The Polka Dot Closet/Barr Display booth and throw your name in the hat!

We will also be bringing four of these table top full form displays.  They will be priced at $89 each

But, wait a minute, Don't be sad just because you can't make it to the Fancy Flea does not mean you get left out of all the fun! 

I will be having a really special drawing right here at The Polka Dot Closet Next Friday while I'm away at the Fancy Flea

Happy Creating!

October 21, 2013

No Sew Shabby Holiday Tote Bags

I made three easy, no sew totes.  Since the Fancy Flea is November 2, I know shoppers will have Christmas on their minds

I picked up these canvas totes at Hobby Lobby, I was surprised at their large selection of sizes

The Poinsettias were a lucky estate sale find.   They are hand sewn and oh my......What perfect Christmas colors!

I pulled out some great vintage crochet trim.  I just love this one, shabby, slightly stained, and oh so perfect.  I can't imagine how long it takes and the skill required to crochet this!

I sewed on the trim, but it could easily be added with fabric glue, I like to use Fabri-Tac

And glued on the poinsettia

These were done the same way I did my French Market Bags

I only made three, but time permitting I will make more before the Fancy Flea.

I'm going to price them at $22...Because I think they are adorable and unique.  I'll be making a couple for Christmas gifts for girlfriends.

Have a great week!
Happy Creating

October 17, 2013

Altered Wooden Jewelry Trays, Bags And Boxes

The Fancy Flea is right around the corner November 2.  I am partnering with Barr Display and we have been busy deciding which products to bring from their huge Orlando show room.  When I saw these stackable wooden display trays I knew they had to come with us.

These unfinished wooden trays have 15 compartments...Of course I had to do a little something with one, I couldn't leave it unfinished.....I sprayed it with a blue paint

Then added a water slide decal and used a rubber stamp to add the bird.  They could also be stenciled

These would be perfect for keeping jewelry in your dresser drawer.  Or for displaying jewelry in your booth or store

And great to use in your craft room for keeping treasured bits and pieces 

The unfinished boxes are $4.95 and will be available at the Fancy Flea and Barr Display 800-222-2702

While shopping the Candy Store (Barr Display) I spied a couple of other things we could bring to the flea

Gift boxes, perfect since the holidays are right around the corner

And organza bags

......Hang tight....There is more to show you
Happy Creating!

October 14, 2013

Altering The Baby Form

When I saw this baby form at Barr Display I couldn't wait to get my hands on her!

Here's the baby waiting in the wings to get "Prettied up".  This was  on my post about altering the child form HERE 

I applied the flowers and "Baby" with Transfer Artist Paper, which I explained HERE

Then I made her a little tutu and head band

And of course, she needed little ribbon ballet slippers 

This would be so cute in a babies room and adorable as a table center piece at a baby shower!!!!  I think she stands about 2ft high.  I love her!

  She is available at Barr Display 800-222-2702 and the Fancy Flea for $95 (Without the tutu and headband)

Of course I couldn't stop with just a baby and child form.   I had to do a full size dress form with flowers too.  So, now Barr Display offers the full........Rose Family....Baby, Child, and adult dress forms

Here's the "Rose Family" in Barr Display's Orlando show room 

Along with my other altered dress forms and a special form I made for them with the "Barr Display" logo 

I have to say....It is really a kick to be making these forms for Barr Display (You can read about our business relationship HERE)  They are just the Nicest people and I think they are having as much fun with this new endeavor as I am!

We will be bringing all of these altered forms along with unaltered forms and tons of other display pieces to the Fancy Flea November 2, 2013

I hope you will stop buy and say hi to the "Rose Family"

And enter the drawing for free Barr Display products in our booth...... I will tell you more about that soon.

I'm So Excited, I just can't hide it....Anyone remember that song?
Happy Creating!!