October 29, 2012

Layered Lace And Fabric Covered Lamp Shade

The reason we rent space in an antiques mall is to sell our wares, right?  
Then, why is it when the mall calls to say "You sold all 3 of your lamps today, " I go "...Oh, NO" 

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have sales! I just didn't have any lamps ready to bring in today and having a dark booth isn't good for sales

Here's what I dug out:  Two perfectly boring lamps in need of a very quick make over

I covered the shades of this lamp with a sweet rose fabric...

...and added a little hanging bling from the center

The second lamp I layered lace over the shade... 

...using spray adhesive and Fabri-Tac

Two simple and fast make overs

I brought them both into my booth at Orange Tree.  The double lamp I priced at $32 and the lace covered one at $28

Let there be light!
Especially for my dear friends in the path of Sandy...Stay safe!

Happy Creating

October 25, 2012

French Serving Tray

I love to transform serving trays from the 70's

I snap them up anytime I can, so sweet....But, not so trendy

I give them a coat of white paint and wax, then the fun part... 

....Since it has a glass top you can use fabric, needlepoint, vintage material, paper, you can even use those vintage plastic tablecloths...

...I used Paris script fabric I purchased online HERE

I put this in my booth at Orange Tree Antiques and priced it at $20 and... Oh la la, it sold the first day!

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by I so appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day

Happy Creating!

October 22, 2012

Tool Caddy Transformation

So, there I was at the last day of an estate sale and I find this great tool caddy in the garage

I don't get it, no one else wanted it?  Maybe it wasn't great?  Sometimes I wonder how there can be neat things left the last day of an estate sale.

Maybe no one saw it?  It was full of old tools and screws and layers of grease

I used a dry brush of homemade chalk paint and then pulled out the vintage rubber stamps I nabbed at auction last year for $11 dollars...Love them

After I stamped I used clear wax and Annie Sloan dark wax

This would be a great tote for crafting or garden supplies

Oh, come on ...Who's the cutest cat...Billie!

I'm going to put this in my booth at Orange Tree and price it at $38..Watch someone will buy this thinking...."Hey this will be great after a good coat of paint!!"

Happy Creating

October 18, 2012

Vintage Wallpaper Covered Book Boxes

I pick up old book boxes anytime I can, then save them up for a vintage wallpaper covering marathon

I'm sure you've seen these at thrift stores and estate sales

They are storage boxes, I wonder how many thieves they've fooled?

Now, if you are lucky enough to have vintage wallpaper you could certainly use it, if not, you can do like I did and print vintage wallpaper from Graphics Fairy...

....Onto plain copy paper, then let it dry well...

....I used a craft sponge and applied a THIN coat of Mod Podge  before putting the "Wallpaper" on the book.   Now, I say "THIN coat" because if you apply a thick coat, the ink on the paper will run.

The pictures were also from Graphics Fairy.  There is two ways you can do this, one is to just print off the pictures, cut them out, and glue them on the "Book".  I have a Mac which has a great photo program so, I was able to merge the pictures onto the wallpaper and print it off as one sheet.

I used the picture on the book cover and shrunk it to use on the book binder as a label.   In this previous post I made separate labels.

I finished with 2 LIGHT coats of Mod Podge 

The last transformed book box I brought to my booth sold as soon as I sat it down

 On the inside I glued the picture from the front of the book

I price them between $14 and $16 dollars

 I know all of you creative people, will think of tons of fabulous ways to transform these old book boxes......I am just the idea thrower!

Happy Creating


October 15, 2012

Two French Graphic Step Stools

I used to find vintage wooden step stools all the time at thrift stores or estate sales, but they are getting harder to come by

Then last week I found two...YEA!

I did a quick dry brush of homemade chalk paint, the tutorial on dry brushing is HERE.   Then I applied a coat of clear Minwax followed by Annie Sloan dark wax   

I finished them off by adding water slide decals to the top, the tutorial on making water slide decals is HERE or available for sale at The Polka Dot Closet.  I finished with another coat of clear Minwax over the water slide decal

The French graphics are from Graphics Fairy

I put these in my booth at Orange Tree Antiques and priced them at $25

Wooden step stools usually sell pretty quick.....Are they good sellers for you?

Happy Creating!


Partying with MMS Furniture Feature Friday

October 11, 2012

Making Wedding Garters

Oh my gosh 6 weeks until my son's wedding....Wow, this is really coming fast!  We have a list of things to do and this last weekend we checked off....Making the wedding garter!!

The future DIL and I collaborated all weekend, I had so much fun making many different style......And then we got it JUST RIGHT!

In June I went to New York City and while I was there I shopped  the garment district with the wedding garter in mind, coming home with many laces and trims

Then a couple weeks ago I won this giveaway from Pam at 52 Apothecary Shop a fabulous French inspired blog...More bling and lace....Thank you Pam!

After one more stop at a wonderful local Orlando fabric store that specializes in everything bridal....We were ready to start creating!

You know I always share how to make all of my projects, but I used so many different techniques and there is already many wonderful tutorials online.  I can recommend this great YouTube video that got me started

I can't tell you which one she picked because my son reads my blog, but I will tell you she said 

"I love it"

Which one do YOU think she picked?

If you have missed any wedding posts, you can catch up by clicking on any of these links

Happy Creating


October 8, 2012

French Vanity Stool Transformation

So whats a girl to do when a friend gives her a vanity stool...

...And she just happens to have a tulle skirt she picked up at a thrift store... 

...And some fabulous new Paris script fabric...... 

Why....She makes herself a French tulle vanity stool

WOW, did you notice I restrained myself and did not paint the frame white!!!  The silver went so well with the grey in the fabric, that I saved myself the step of painting...Will wonders never cease!!

I bought this Paris Script fabric online from Carousel Designs it was $7.90 a yard. It's not a light cotton fabric, it's more like a denim weight, perfect for upholstery (Carousel Designs does not know I exist, I just love their fabric) 

I hot glued the tulle skirt onto the seat and since it was a tad to small I had to put a little cut in the top of the waist band in the back, but covered the cut with a flower and strands of rayon ribbon

I put this little cutie in my booth at Orange Tree Antiques and priced it at $32

And it sold in 1 hour.....I hate when that happens, WAIT.... I love when that happens, but then I second guess myself......Geez, should I have priced it at $64 instead of $32?  Then I remind myself..I don't want to marry this stuff... I want to sell it! 

I know I have readers that have shops, what would you have priced it at or for you shoppers out there....what would you have paid for it?

Happy Creating!