July 5, 2011

Using Vintage Luggage tags

I was looking in Google images for vintage luggage tags
and could never find them

I couldn't find them, because I didn't have the magic words,
Vintage luggage Stickers..... stickers, I never thought to use the word stickers!

I found this wonderful vintage train case at a thrift store

It says Luce established 1887 the material looks like leather and I'm sure the handle is.

The travel stickers on Goggle images are free or very inexpensive

I aged the stickers a little with my favorite distressing tool
  Walnut ink

Then printed off a map from Graphics Fairy and Mod Podged it in the spot originally meant for the mirror

I am not a paper crafter.....Obviously......But, I wanted you to see the possibilities.

I think these vintage luggage stickers would be so cute on tags, scrap booking, and cards.  

Here is the link for vintage luggage stickers

I am putting this wonderful little train case in my booth at Orange Tree and pricing it at $38.00

I know your creative minds are in overdrive and you are thinking of tons of projects for vintage travel "stickers"!

Happy Creating!

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Mary said...

I'm so glad you didn't decide to paint or decoupage the whole suitcase ... I love the way you preserved it yet made it even better! What a gem! (PS: I don't mind painting/decoupaging the cruddy 60s/70s vinyl suitcases but something about leather begs to be preserved in my opinion ... ha ha)

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Carol, you are a wealth of information! The case looks so cute and it's also practical! Super job as usual!!!


Just think in less than 2 weeks we are going to do some FUN stuff!!!
More cute ideas! Does your mind ever rest!?
Have a great week.. how did the sale go at the shop?

Misty and Eve said...

Carol, I love what you did with the suitcase. The gesso repair was pretty cool and I don't have an opinion on the Casey Anthony trial. Sorry to lump my comments into one but...you know how it is. Had I been near Orlando, I might have purchased your beautiful little table. Following you back.


Gina said...

The suitcase is so cool! I think you've got a quick seller there.

Anonymous said...

thats just so special, I love this,

Anonymous said...

I have a leather suitcase that I haven't wanted to cover with paint. This is a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing. My granddaughter and I just redid an ugly overnight case. We painted it robin's egg blue and then redid the inside with fun fabrics. Crafting is such fun with people you love. Thank you for sharing.

Ruby Jean said...

Oh, Aunt Carol... you never cease to AMAZE me... I do believe I need to come over for a visit and go shopping with you.... As you always seem to come up with the GREATEST finds... : ) Oh and the map thing... Perfect!!!

Big hugs to you

Scarlett said...

This is another amazing make from you, thats why i LOVE your blog! Im sure this will fly of the shelf too! Scarlett x

Sylvia said...

Carol, you are a very crafty and inspirational lady!


Ricki Treleaven said...

I'm loving what you did with the luggage sticker. Thanks for the link, and I really like this project, Carol. The little suitcase is too, too cute!

Elyse said...

super cool, carol!!! and you're correct -- my mind is racing! lol


Debbiedoos said...

Those are really cute Carol! Love the mod podge inside too.

Deborah said...

I love this little suitcase. I bought one today too but it is a keeper. Love the green train case too such a yummy green color!!!

Laurie Brown said...

If you go here:

and sign up, you'll get an email once a week with a link to free sample images from Dover Publications books. They are all copyright free. They have all sorts of things; one thing that turns up about four times a year is vintage travel stickers. I'm sure there are other things in their samplers you could use, too.

kelly said...

Hi Carol,
I saw the story about the court case you were talking about in an earlier post. The story was on our late news. I hadn't seen any coverage about it prior to that.


Vicki said...

That is super cute! I love it. Can you believe the chaos in Orlando the past 24 hours? Got an extra room? I think Casey will need a place to stay this weekend :(

Nancy said...

This case is so cool!! Thanks Carol for the Link on the 'stickers'!!
Have a Great Week!!

Huggs, Nancy

Rebecca Nelson said...

The Case is tooooo cool! LOVE IT!

Now...you previous post was FABULOUS! LOVE IT TOO!

Now...about you know what....

I'm SICK. I cried for 2 hours.



Bring Pretty Back said...

Needed that tonight...
Are you sick of me telling you how fabulously wonderfuly talented you are!?!?
Hugs- Kristin

Olivia said...

Carol, These are just darling! You have the best ideas and tutorials. I love redoing old suitcases, I find them in great shape and they are so easy to paint at my own pace. I found the book" Marilyn Monroe: The Unseen Archives", lots of great pictures, usually I frame them, I thought they looked great on these suitcases. Have fun with this!

Kat said...

Great job Carol. You have a wonderful weekend.

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

I love this so much Carol! thinking about making one to set out at my brothers wedding for their "honeymoon fund".....Cute! Thanks,


Suzy @ Worthing Court said...

Hi Carol. I tried to send you an email this morning, but it would not deliver. I got a message saying it was "rejected by the recipient domain". Just wanted to make you aware of it in case there might be other people trying to contact you via email too.

Suzy said...

Hi Carol. Never mind about my comment regarding trying to send an email to you. I should have know it was operator error...duh!

Anonymous said...

charming as always Carol. Then I read about the case...and all the comments. The whole thing is so very disturbing. Just turning on the TV now to catch her sentencing.

Unknown said...

It's stunning girl!

Sandy xox

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Carol,
It's totally adorable--I love it!!!

Unknown said...

Hello ma'am,
I'm a huge fan of you and the polka dots too, and I love everything you write.
Cant wait to see your reply and kudos for such wonderful crafts.
From India

Kate Thompson said...

I have this same case, and I have to ask are you sure this was a train case? I only ask because on the inside of my case is a glass mirror. It looks EXACTLY like yours but where you have the map placed is where my mirror is in mine. I was curious cause I cant seem to find much more info on these cases online and I just wanted to learn more about it. Thanks!, Kate