December 26, 2013

A $15.00 Cabinet Transformation

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

I wanted to share a project I snuck in before Christmas.  Since this was for a friend, it was a little out of my usual realm of transformations.

My friend picked the paint color and graphics and I love them!

"Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual"

Ernest Hemingway

What a steal this was at the thrift store

For $15.00!

Since this cabinet is for the bathroom right next to the commode, my friend picked a graphic for the side at just the right height lol!

I went over the graphics with the blender pen one to many times and the paint lifted on the top ship.  It was Ok for this project, but I have made a mental note to not over do the transfer.

I have no idea where my friend found the graphics, so if you know, I will be happy to give credit 

You can find the blender pen transfer method HERE at Graphics Fairy, along with other transfer methods. 

After I painted and transfered the graphics I gave it a light sanding to distress it a little.  Then gave it a coat of clear wax followed by a coat of Annie Sloan dark wax. 

The perfect bathroom cabinet and it was only $15.00...My friend loved it!

I feel like I have been running a marathon....Anyone else feel like that?  I think we all got caught off guard with the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

We have been so blessed here in Orlando with Perfect 75 degree sunny weather.  I'm having a ball with my 17 and 21 year old nieces that are visiting from Minnesota.....They are loving this weather!

 I have some big changes and happenings coming in the new year for The Polka Dot Closet....I can't talk about it quite yet, but I am so excited to take you all along as I embark on this new adventure !!

Have a Happy and safe New Year! 
You have all enriched my life more than you will ever know!

Happy Creating


Our Hopeful Home said...

What a cool image and quote! You did a great job, I'm sure she was thrilled. I have two similar white beadboard cabiinets in my master bath but they are not original masterpieces like yours!

Iprefervintage said...

Yes, I get a little overwhelmed with the holidays myself. Time to relax.

The cabinet turned out nice.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

That cabinet is great...your friend is so blessed to have you for a such a talented and giving friend!
Can't wait to hear whats in store for you and the Polka Dot Closet next year!
Happy New year, Pat

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

What a great makeover. I got sick this year with sinus and throat infection. So it made me relax and go with the flow. I even took the day off after Christmas to rest. Can't wait to see your new year news! Di@Cottage-Wishes

Kathy said...

Love the cabinet, dear Carol, and can't wait to find out what you are up to with this new adventure!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

The cabinet turned out great.
The price was a good one to.

Perfectly Printed said...

I'm sure your friend loved the finished product! This cabinet is great!!!

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

The cabinet's awesome!

Adventure? Adventure?? Oooo... I LOVE adventures!

Happy highways,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love it! What a nice detail to really make it a one of a kind! Loving this fabulous weather! We are getting a little drizzle this morning....that's nice, too! Hugs!

Little Miss Maggie said...

Love that cabinet, Carol, and what a bargain. Glad your weather is perfect for your nieces' visit. You all must be having a blast.

Donna said...

What a great makeover! Glad you are having fun with your family in such great weather. Can't wait to hear what your exciting news is!!

Ros Crawford said...

Terrific work! I love the finished result ...

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Carol, wonderful cabinet. You did a great job with it. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure. So excited for you.
I will be gone till the new year at Rachel Ashwells the Prairie.
Happy New Year

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Nice make over, Carol!

I look forward to hearing your surprise! ♥

Melodee said...

love it! so cute, and the quote, love that so much!! have fun with your nieces and your amazing weather :) can't wait to see what the PolkaDotCloset has in store for 2014....

Heart Vintage Design said...

Love the graphics. You stepped out of your usual creative box and the result was wonderful. What a lucky friend you have : )

Savannah Granny said...

Love the transformation. I know you friend was well pleased.
Here's guessing the nieces don't want to go back th Minnesota, I know I wouldn't.
Have a Healthy and Happy New Year.
Can't wait to hear your news. I just know it is going to be something fabulous.
Love ya girl, Ginger

GrandmaSoucie said...

Great little transformation! Can't wait to hear what your new exciting 2014 will hold!!! Thanks for sharing!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

You did it again! What a lovely transformation. I am sure your friend will get many compliments on it in her bathroom! Nancy

Estila said...

I am feeling exactly like you..., these days are very exiting!!
i love waht you did to that cabinet, where do you put it, in your home? it`s for a bathroom? it´s so pretty!! happy new year for you too!!

Trisha said...

Carol, I love what you did with the cabinet, it's so original. And what a great find. Can't wait for your news. Trisha

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Great makeover, Carol! Your friend must have been thrilled.
I can't wait to hear about your new adventure.
Have a great weekend and fun with your nieces!


I love your realization carol, nice project to finish the year ! Of course I wander what is your new project-teasing ! so happy for you you look so exited !



Harvest Moon said...

Beautiful job with the cabinet, Carol! Can't wait to hear your news for 2014. Love getting your posts on my facebook page. Have a great New Year!!

Sopa Azul said...

Amazing!!! Merry Christmas. :)

hopeandjoyhome said...

Great job Carol! I agree..this holiday season was a whirlwind!

Debbie said...

That's just beautiful. I love the soft, warm, look of it in that color, and I love the graphic and (especially) the quote.

I am so interested in your new adventure! Can I come? I've been nothing but a big old adventure dud for months now, and I need something.

Guess it will have to be a vicarious adventure through the eyes of your blog.

Hoping to be back in 2014. We'll see where that hope takes me.


`*.¸.*✻✿✿✿*`*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 SWEET CAROL * *✻✿✿✿*`*.¸

*.˛.°★。˛ °.★** **★* *˛.

xoxo from PARIS


Jamie @ Domestically Vintage said...

Carol, Not sure if my original comment went through. Anyway, I love the cabinet and you have a great new year! ~ Jamie

Connie said...

Hello Dear Carol, your cabinet is amazing . . . you are such a busy lady, I imagine that your mind is even crafting and sewing in your dreams :) I am celebrating my second year as a blogger, please come visit and get in on the fun.
Happy New Year.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

NanaDiana said...

Carol, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and viewing Lulu's video. She is kind of a shy child and never asks, nor expects, anything for herself. She is going to be thrilled with all the "hits" you got.

You are right- it was a long year for me-a week long trial for a family member (not guilty verdict) my son got divorced and moved in with us for a year and a half while getting back on his feet-my brother died, our grandbaby was so sick and we thought we were going to lose him- just a lot going on. I am happy to be shed of 2013 and looking forward to a bright new year. I wish all the best to you and your family. Thank you so much for visiting my blog during the year. Happy New Year to you- xo Diana

ps. I WANT that cabinet. You did a GREAT job and I love it!

NanaDiana said...

I meant "all the hits SHE got- not YOU got"...duh---it's late and I'm blonde!

Debbiedoos said...

Awesome job and what a score Carol! Happy New year to you and your family. May you have many more blessings and good health! XO

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

The cabinet turned out so pretty Carol. I love the graphics you used!