December 3, 2012

The Wedding!!

 The Wedding!
You, my sweet blog friends have followed the wedding preparations for months and I am so excited to share the big day with you!

The brides dress was strapless and she had the lace bodice and sleeves added.   It's such a timeless look...I'm thinking Grace Kelly

I was so honored that she carried the fabric flower bridal bouquet I made...Tutorial HERE

The groom and groomsmen wore black suits...And goofed off, boys will be boys!

They wore vintage look boutonnières..Tutorial HERE

The bridesmaids wore blush pink dresses of their choice and carried fabric flower bouquets...Tutorial HERE...The color went perfect with their dresses

(It sounds like I'm writing some society column for the newspaper) 

These two adorable girls below are my nieces, they were the usherettes...Oh, I was so proud of them, they did such a great job!  They wore cocoa brown dresses.   The new trend is for the bride to choose the color and the wedding party picks the dress of their choice in that color.  

They wore fabric flower wrist corsages that matched the bouquets
Tutorial HERE

OK, here is a good laugh for you...My nieces are 5'11 and 6'1 and they have on 4" heels....I'm 5'3 and look like I have some genetic mutation!

Ah...The actual ceremony....Grab your hankies, there was not a dry eye in the house, everyone was crying and then the minister got choked up.  She did a fabulous job and the poor dear, we found out later that she had just lost her husband of 42 years and here she was talking about the meaning of marriage and the life long journey they would take together

Meet my family
On the right, my brother in law, brothers, and Mom and on the left my nieces and nephew, sister in law, aunt, and cousin

The first dance

The brides sister gave a touching toast 

Then the best man had his turn and cracked everyone up!

After brunch the Yum Yum cupcake truck pulled up 

And everyone lined up for cupcakes...Did I mention, they forgot to bring the wedding cake...Oop's, no cake, but it was no big deal for the easy going bride and groom!

And with that the perfect day came to a close


DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

Carol, you look just beautiful and I love, love, love your dress. All the details are so fabulous and the boutonnières are just so vintage and so now!!

What a fabulous job!!

Diann said...

Oh Carol, everything turned out gorgeous! And it looks like everyone had a fun time which is the way to start a marriage in my opinion. I did the same thing at my wedding, I chose the colors of the dresses and then let my girls pick out their own dresses. And of course, YOU look stunning!

Trisha said...

Oh I just love weddings and have been waiting to see how wonderfully this one turned out! So beautiful!


Teresa said...

It's all too much.

If I had to choose a daughter for you - yes, people with genetical mutations ;) can be lucky all the times they want ahahahah - it would be this lovely young woman.

I already knew the "things" you created but to see them where they belonged and part of history is completely different and too sweet for words.

It's too much, like I say.

So I'm just sticking to one thing: so glad the minister had the chance to share your Love in this Ceremony. So glad she did recognised it - thanks to her generous heart. So glad you chose her to lift a bit of her pain. Happiness like yours tend to rub off to others and that sweet lady sure deserves her share.

Carol, you're too beautiful for the mother of the bride :D. That picture of you with the newly wed couple is WOW!!!! Glad everyone was taller - because no one looks more beautiful - we don't want to distract people ahahahah

Be Happy. Be Blessed.

Anonymous said...

Carol the wedding turned out just beautiful- like we all knew it would.

You can see the love and fun everyone had for each other in the photos. And what a sweet story of the minister and her part in this beautiful day.

That dress of yours is stunning! You look fantastic and oh so happy and relaxed! Good for you that you were able to enjoy even after all that hard work!

Forgetting the wedding cake! how very funny! Reminds me of my wedding - as I came down the aisle in my daddy arm I heard my mom say, "where is her bouquet????" Six bridesmaids and none remembered to help me remember the bouquet! Makes for a good laugh and memory though!

bee blessed

mizdarlin said...

Well! I love the fact that the choices of the bride`s colours were actually attractive and wearable the cocoa brown!
As someone who was once 5`10`(shrunk an inch in my old age) and with a tiny family, I empathize!
The flowers are gorgeous..and what a good idea to add sleeves and bodice to a sleeveless dress...I had to give those up years ago...
So happy for you that things went well..congrats to everyone and a big golld star for Mom!

Anonymous said...

The whole event was just stunning! And all those pieces you made! They are SO pretty! Wow!!!

stefanie said...

you are right!!! it is PERFECT!!!!

Deborah said...

this is such a wonderful wedding. So good to hear that bridesmaids can now choose their own dresses. Love all the special touches you added to the wedding as well. You did a great job!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What a beautiful wedding...everyone looked great. The cupcake truck was such a cute idea (first time I have seen this). Forgot the cake? Oh my...glad the couple was okay with it.


Terra said...

Now that was a stress free wedding with a happy vibe; the bride's dress is perfection, I like the lace bodice and arms addition to the dress, and the cup cake truck was a clever touch.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Carol, Congrats to the gorgeous couple. Everything looked perfect. I love the brides dress and the lace was a beautiful touch. Your son and his crew look grand in their suits.
The ursherettes and bridesmaids look so pretty in their dresses and Carol all the beautiful flowers you made and all the special touches from your creative hands, made it the perfect wedding.
You looked gorgeous too and your dress, stunning.
What a beautiful family. Love the cupcake truck. Maybe they can celebrate later with the actual cake for a one month anniversary. They sound like such easy going kids. Love it!!
Best wishes always to the happy couple!
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How beautiful, Carol! God bless that minister for getting through the ceremony after her recent loss. The bride's gown is just beautiful. I love the lace she had added on. The bouquet went perfectly and what a treasure she will have to keep from that day. You look stunning, lady! Love your dress and that little shrug.

camp and cottage living said...

Gorgeous bride and mother(you) and a handsome groom.
Everything was so beautiful!

Greta said...

Oh Carol, what a beautiful family you have! The bride looks so beautiful and it looks like a perfect day for the happy couple. I love everything you did to make this wedding so special.

Love to you all xxx

Createology said...

Carol this is such a special wedding. You are gorgeous. All the personal touches really make this an occasion to remember. Many years of happiness to your handsome son and his beautiful wife. Memories are priceless...

Connie said...

Hi Carol, the wedding was wonderful and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I too am always the shorty in family photos. I also find myself borrowing husbands in the grocery store . . . to reach those items on the top shelf that are almost sold out (you know, the ones that are way in the back).
I'm sorry about the cake, but how cool to have a cupcake truck show up. That is a wedding memory that is all their own. In fact they may start a trend.
Your vintage flowers and bracelets were awesome. You worked so hard, but I know that you enjoyed every minute. It is so much fun to help in the celebrations of those we love.
Now, get some rest :)
Your blogging sister, Connie

Anonymous said...

Every little detail is beautiful and heartfelt. I just love her dress - so, so beautiful, as is she! Many blessings to them both on their life journey together. Patty/BC

Egretta Wells blog said...

Very lovely and your creations were exquisite! What a happy day and what lovely memories you have.

Cynthia said...

It's all beautiful. Everything that you made for the special day, the setting, the bridesmaids, and especially the bride! Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

Old Time Cindy said...

How wonderful. Everything is beautiful. Congrats to you and the bride and groom!
Farmhouse hugs,

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

What a pretty wedding! Great job! Congrats to the cute couple :)


Unknown said...

What a beautiful wedding Carol and I know how long you have been working on it. Congratulations to all and you look beautiful and everything is so lovely.
Hugs my friend, Marilou

Screaming Sardine said...

Carol -

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful and momentous day with us. Everyone and everything looked spectacular!


Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

I'm still choked up about the wedding officiant, and the fact that there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

And YOU... and your KNEES... WERE SMASHING, girl! Whoa!

Wow. This is all worth a re-re-re-re-look! YAY!


Gina said...

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! May they have many, many happy years together!

Might I add, you are one hot mama! :D

Bluebirdbasketry said...


What a beautiful wedding - everything about it was so personalized and special. They are an adorable couple - the bride was absolutely radiant! Thanks so much for sharing it all.


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Carol,
I have been waiting for this and all I can say is what a lovely and very precious wedding. Your son is so handsome and the bride is so beautiful and even more so, you are just gorgeous. You were glowing and it shows. You did a wonderful job and I know you will remember this special time for the rest of your life and so will your family.


Marilyn said...

Who needs cake when you get to have a tasty cupcake?!! That will certainly be a fond memory to laugh about in the future. Great day.♥♫

Connie@shabbyforsure said...

Wow, that was certainly a lovely wedding. I love her gown and your dress was beautiful. Wishing them a long, happy life together...Connie

Unknown said...

Everything was just lovely. I know you are so proud of how everything turned out. You'll have a lot of wonderful memories. Now you can take a deep breath!


NanaDiana said...

Carol- I don't know who is more beautiful- you or the bride! What a beautiful beautiful wedding. Everyone is gorgeous. The colors and fabric flowers are so lovely. What a day to remember- xo Diana


Congrat's to the Happy and lovely Couple!
It's a wonderful wedding!! Loved each photo and seeing the Bride and Mom In Law of the Bride! Your dress is pretty! Love the brides bouquet!!!
Thanks for sharing their day with us! Happy, happy, happy!
Now you can relax!

Vicki said...

Everything is just beautiful! I love the colors and the flowers and especially her dress. So classic. The cupcake truck is a great idea. How fun is that?! You looked gorgeous my friend. I know you have been looking forward to this for a long time. What a great day.

Unknown said...

How wonderful!! What a great fun wedding, everyone looks beautiful. Your son looks so much like you. No wedding cake!! Oh well, things happen..what a great attitude to have.
Looking forward to having lunch and hearing more!!

Debbiedoos said...

I enjoyed every single picture. Just gorgeous, and you all looked beautiful...even if you did look like you had a genetic mutation LOL! Now that was funny Carol. The cupcake truck was such a fun idea!

Little Miss Maggie said...

Beautiful, Carol. I love weddings where everyone looks SO HAPPY! I can tell you are a proud mama.

Sisters Treasures said...

Carol, everything was beautiful. Congratulations on your new daughter in law and making the wedding so special with all your wonderful touches. It is so sweet of you to include the blogging world in your process and the wonderful wedding.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Oh, the wedding was so beautiful! The bride looks gorgeous--I love her dress. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos!

Dawnll said...

The pictures are stunning- and everyone looked beautiful. Love the happy couple and you are also so beautiful sweetie
Thanks for sharing

Marlynne said...

I enjoyed the pic's of the big day. Your handmade touches added so much!

Stampindamour said...

Carol - It was just like being there too!!!

-PaMeLa ;)

Maureen Wyatt said...

You already know you look beautiful from the previous comments! It's way past bedtime but when I saw 'wedding' I had to read it. I can't believe I am teary eyed over this. Everything from the flowers to the look of happiness on the couple's faces says perfect wedding! Thanks for the invitation!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a beautiful bride, groom, mother of the groom, and entire wedding party. I really like the cupcake truck idea, much less formal and tons of fun. Best wishes to the bride and groom for a long and happy life together.

Jamie @ Domestically Vintage said...

The wedding looks just beautiful. What a special and memorable day for you all! All the crafts you came up with were so amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this special day with us!! ~ Jamie

Donna said...

Best wishes to the gorgeous newlyweds! And you looked beautiful on that special day too! Whew, aren't you glad that it's over?

Melodee said...

oh my goodness Carol! what a perfect wedding! they look so happy and everything is just like it came straight from a wedding magazine! the cupcake truck is such a cute idea..and you look amazing mamma!

Unknown said...

Ohhhh myyyy goodness!!!! Dearie, what a magical moment!!! I am in love with all the sweetness you created and I think the brilliant bride and groom will be happy forever! :D


pogonip said...

Sweet. Lovely. Romantic. Your family is beautiful!

Simply Lokal said...

Best wishes to the bride and groom! Her dress was gorgeous; all your creations were lovely. What a beautiful day for your family. God's blessings abound! Now (hopefully) you can relax before starting new projects. Thanks for sharing with us! - Revis

pipigirl said...

looked like everyone has a very special day. i must say i like YOUR dress. you looked great.

Debbie said...

I love it all!! The blush pink was perfect to go with the vintage look. It gives everything an antique glow, if that makes sense. I love her dress, especially in the last photo where I could see the whole look. She was just plain beautiful.

And YOU? Oh goodness, Carol. You look stunning. Short... next to your tall nieces... but stunning nonetheless. And who needs cake when you have the Yum Yum truck?

It all came out just as I expected and I thank you again for months of great ideas for my wishful thinking self.

Perfectly Printed said...

What a lovely wedding!! You look amazing and so does your dress! Thanks for sharing your pictures, it looks like everyone had a great time!


Unknown said...

I'm just getting to know you so I had not heard about the wedding but I can relate. In June my daughter was married, it was such a special time. I loved seeing the pictures, simple beautiful!

Unknown said...

Dear Carol:
It was all so lovely! Your handsome son and his bride are gorgeous together. LOVE the color of the bridesmaid's gowns. All your creations are spot on and perfect. YOU, my friend, looked amazing. Now you can breath again!!! Such fun going thru this process with you!

hopeandjoyhome said...

Just gorgeous Carol! The beautiful bride..the handsome looked fab and your decorations and flowers are simply breath-taking and I rarely use that word!

I'm 5"3" too and I hear ya' daughter was complaining last night while watching the Victorias Secret runway show about the short legs I "gave" her. I told her some people are giraffes and some are ponies..we are ponies and everyone likes ponies so deal with it!LOL (the ushers are gorgeous too!) Congrats on your day!

farmhouse-story said...

everyone looks beautiful, including your short self, carol! (i'm 5'3", too) blessings to the couple!

marda said...

What a beautiful day you had. All your hardwork was just stunning.
Everyone looked happy and totally enjoying the wedding. You looked wonderful (and I didn't see any wrinkly knee peeking out). I'm the "dwarf" in my family at 5'2"..
my sons are tall, my grandchildren are most likely going to tower over me too. Congratulations to everyone.

20 North Ora said...

Gorgeous wedding! All of your beautiful, handmade items made it so special and memorable.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Everything AND everyone is just beautiful. It looks like it was perfect weather and happiness was in the air! I love the Yum Yum truck and it looks like the cupcakes were a hit! I love that bricked drive!

Pat C. said...

Oh, my! What a glorious wedding! The bride looked radiant... even more beautiful than her dress, veil, and bouquet (if that's possible)... the groom was quite handsome--and the two of them looked so very much ♥in love♥!

You, Carol, looked amazing--and so happy and proud. *sniffs* Your dress was beautiful and suited you perfectly.

The bridesmaids and usherettes were adorable, and their bouquets and bracelets were even more stunning in use than in the shots you posted after you had finished making them.

The venue--and the weather--were perfect. And everyone in attendance looked so darned happy!

I lovelovelove the photo of you alone with your son and DIL... you should frame an 8x10 print of it for your own home.: )

Much love and happiness to all of you.♥

Savannah Granny said...

Carol, This was so awesome. They are a lovely couple and they seem so happy. Such a wonderful start on their journey. You are one beautiful lady and your creativity is amazing. I missed the post on the corsage bracelets. They were so great, just like you. The bride is so lucky to have you for a MIL. Love to all, Ginger

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

I'm so glad I did not miss these beautiful wedding pictures. Everyone looks so beautiful and your decorations turned out fantastic. Okay your son is handsome and you Carol are adorable.


Bliss said...

Now what you gonna help plan?


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Gorgeous Carol! But then I wouldn't expect anything less. My youngest daughter did the same thing when she got married 4 years ago. She wanted her brides maids to be in black. They each picked out their own dress. Then each had a different colored bouquet. It really was stunning. She wanted it to look like a garden party. Love all of the special touches you did! Congrats to the cute couple.

kristiB said...

What a Beautiful family you have , Carol! This wedding was lovely, everything you did made it so much more personal and elegant. How lucky are they to have you?

Laurel Stephens said...

Having been away from the blog world for the past couple of months, I'm just now today seeing your beautiful wedding post. It all turned out so beautifully! Your dress was especially perfect, and you were simply gorgeous. I'm bookmarking this page and will refer back to it often as I help my daughter prepare for her own wedding over the next year. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Hi there! I just recently found out about your blog and I'm loving the tutorial that you gave for the wedding bouquet. I love it! I'm from the Philippines and I'm planning to make some DIY project for my wedding so good luck to me.